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Sagittarius Career

November 21, 2014, 11:53 PM


By: Erin




Like other fire signs, a Sagittarius is full of energy and thrives in environments with lots of stimulation. Sagittarius is a sign that loves adventure and are freedom-loving people. They like to be around people and feed off of other peoples energy.


Sagittarius is the sign of The Archer so naturally they aim high when it comes to their career goals. They are very reliable people who are good communicators and are well-liked so this is a sign that is born for a leadership role.


This is a rather unique sign as those who fall under this sign tend to be the kind of people who fall into careers for the sheer passion and not the paycheck. Money and materialistic things are not the main motivators when it comes to choosing a career path for a Sagittarius. They will put in extra time and work to help a fellow worker simply to lend a hand not thinking of the extra hours. This is a sign that loves to help people with problems on any scale. No questions asked.


1. Recruiter for Peace Corp / Military- As a Sagittarius in your youth you may want to get out and travel the world and help those less fortunate as you were born to do. You are a born leader and have so much love and knowledge to give and pass on to others and by exploring this field as an option gives you the ability to do this while securing your future.


When you come back from your own adventure you can help recruit and inspire groups of people like yourself who want to help others and explore the world and themselves and maybe don’t quite know the steps to take.


2. Veterinarian- The archers love for animals is great and the day to day interaction with animals will be a great spirit lifter for any Sagittarius. Sagittarius people love to learn new tricks of any and all trades and to use that knowledge to advance medicine and care for animals would make any Sagittarius feel complete.


3. Promoter- Using their creativity and attention to the littlest details, Sagittarius makes for a great promoter of goods and services. They are very outgoing people and can spark up a conversation with anyone and always have the latest information on whatever is going on. They are always in the know. People find them fun and like to hear what they have to say so getting a Sagittarius to promote your product is a great idea because they will take it all the way to the top and make sure it really gets its name out there!



November 19, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Adam




Picture, if you will, a fearless serial killer who does not harm people but destroys any and all stereotypes–a serial killer of stereotypes! If you can picture that, then you will understand the Scorpio-Sagittarius-Cuspers; Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter energy: brute force, unbridled fearlessness, and disdain for limitation. Similarly are the Baby-boomers; they thrived on rebelling against authority in their younger years, but now that they are in the autumn of their day they find that they are the ones holding the talking stick. Ironic, isn’t it? All mountains are formed and developed along a similar life-path: great upheaval and rebellion followed by generous beauty and majesty and dominion.


Don’t let the rebellion or destructive tendencies scare you. The Pluto influence is a profluence of death and regeneration, death that is the antecedent of change and growth. Consider the great Sufis and Whirling Dervishes who sought to die a thousand times a day. The fine art of burning away the falsehoods so that truth can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. William Blake, an English Romanticist and poet, also one of my favorite Sagittarians, requested that his burial epitaph read: “Here lies a man who has died a thousand times.” I want to be like that, and I know you do too. Growth and then surrender to a newer and more evolved version of one’s self. Scorpio-Sagittarius-Cuspers are oh so good at this.


Date Range: November 19th through November 24th.


What they need: They need balance, they need a focus or a mission or it will seem as if they are running wild or are looking for a fight (e.g., Billy the Kid).


Relationships: Scorpio-Sagittarius-Cuspers make dynamic and loyal lovers, especially when they believe you love them, and they happen to have a lifestyle that is a balanced one. What will stand out is their open mind and a highly evolved sense of humor. Half-of-love does not appeal to this character–this means they are better suited for the all-or-nothing monogamous style of relationship or no relationship at all.


Strengths: Adventurous (i.e., wild), passionate, sophisticated, blunt, Generous (with a capital G), energetic, profound, self-reliant, progressive, spiritual, didactic.


Weaknesses: Selfishness, bluntness, compulsiveness. In their younger years they often appear wild (don’t worry, when they get older they will be boldly self-disciplined and fearless), bossy, self-centered, restless.


What they love: They love freedom, for themselves and others. They like seeing others expressing freedom or breaking out of being boxed in. They love to be in charge, especially if they think they are carving a new path through the jungle. They love most things that are egalitarian.




Cusp of Beauty Famous Personalities: John F. Kennedy Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Billy the Kid, Voltaire, Bjork, Meg Ryan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jodie Foster, Indira Gandhi, Larry King, and Calvin Klein, etc.




By: Andrea Back



Remember the time your lover couldn’t keep his hands off you? and now, it seems, his hands are strictly for holding the remote, and he has eyes only for the tv.


What went wrong, besides the fact that lifestyles today are more stressful than ever (a definite romance buster). Most relationships go through predictable phases – from intense passion to a warm friendly glow to possible eventual indifference. All couples, however, do not end up with indifference towards each other. Some even retain intense romance and passion for as long as they live. These relationships are not instances of chance or luck – the continued intimacy is a result of working on the relationship and not giving up on each other when the things look bleak.


If you are looking for more than just “holding on” to each other out of habit and wish to rekindle the flame of the early days of your romancing, here are some tips that will help you reach that goal.


Chores and additional responsibility: The greatest difference between the dating days and the living together days is the drastic change in responsibility levels. money matters, household chores, and decision-making are the major areas of conflict. For instance, you have never discussed who does what around the house, and when you see your partner sprawled on the couch while you are hard at work, it angers you. The best way to sidestep this hurdle is to work on communication. In this example, it would help to discuss division of chores and responsibilities before you start living together. Also, discuss money matters beforehand – who will spend on what, how much will be saved etc. If one partner puts in efforts to save money, and the other partner spends lavishly, the relationship is heading towards troubled waters. When we stop communicating, resentment builds up.


Resentment: Unresolved issues lead to bitterness and resentment and when we resent our partner, we tend to start shutting him/her out of our lives. This is the beginning of indifference. Snip indifference in the bud by recognizing its signs and talking about the unresolved issue. Seek a closure.


Fitness & health: High profile and highly demanding careers mean that we have little emotional energy to “give” at the end of the day. When both partners feel this way, they may end up snapping at each other for non-issues. If you have been neglecting your health by eating junk food and not exercising, you feel constantly exhausted and irritable. So when both partners maintain a healthy (and fit) lifestyle, it helps their relationship.


Babies: Some say that the greatest test of the health a relationship is how it survives the entry of the new family member – the baby. Newborns can add to the stress of an already stressed relationship. If you don’t want your relationship to fall apart on account of the baby, make sure you are working on it before the baby is born – again, the key is open and honest communication.


Familiarity: At some point in the relationship we get comfortable enough with each other to burp in front of each other. This familiarity sometimes extends to not opening doors for our partner, and not carrying bags for her – little courtesies are forgotten. Even if we are comfortable with each other, behaving in a gentlemanly manner (or ladylike manner) when the occasion demands, keeps the romance alive.


Bickering: Most bickering is a reflection of a bigger problem – it is never really about the socks on the floor or the toothpaste tube cover- it is about how these gestures show that you don’t care enough about your partner to put in the effort. Bickering only increases your frustration because while the issue does not get resolved, you get labeled a “nag”. Talking in a constructive and positive manner about what bothers you is the best way to sidestep bickering.


Always remember to talk in a place that is free of distractions such as the tv or the baby. And while we’re going on about honest communication, remember the golden rule of speaking to your partner – it never hurts to be diplomatic. We’re saying, “be honest”, but that does not equal “be harsh”. Talk in a considerate, gentle and positive manner; and your partner will reward you by being responsive. And that is the beginning of rekindling the romance.





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Buddhas Magical Numbers.

November 12, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: J Nighteagle




Four Noble Truths – an Eightfold Path.


In our action-directed world, most people think there is no point in sitting still. Modern individuals might feel that we are more in touch with a slower, more cosmic rhythm – but are we?  Even in metaphysical circles our lives may be overly busy, filled with daily obligations that seem to leave no time for calm reflection. For improved concentration, clearer connection to our inner selves and a deeper sense of compassion, one Buddhist teacher offers excellent advice: Don’t just do something, sit there!


Although in the West we think of Buddhism as a religion, it is essentially a technique for understanding our essential nature and ending suffering. Substitute the phrase :true will: for  essential nature and you will begin to see That the traditions of East and West might not be so far apart.



The Noble Truths:


1. Nothing lasts forever. Expecting to be miserable when things come to an end. This is called impermanence often stated as Life Suffering.


2. This suffering starts because we are attached to the idea that things will last forever or if we can just fined the magic formula, we can make things the way we want them to be, always. This is called craving or attachment.


3. We don’t have to be miserable. We can teach ourselves to let go of our cravings and attachments so that we don’t have to suffer as much when things change, as they inevitably will. This truth is called freedom from confinement or extinction. It is like getting the key to our jail cell or blowing out a candle burning us.


4. There is a path to liberation from suffering and getting burned by our expectations. This path runs between the extremes of hedonism and asceticism.



The Eightfold Path:


Right Understanding, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.


My First Pet Psychic Reading

November 10, 2014, 2:39 AM


By: Michelle




In the early morning hours of Friday,October 10th of last month, I unfortunately had to have one of my cats put to sleep. I got him when he was a kitten and he was three when he passed. He should still be here. His name was Dances with Toes but everyone called him Little Toes or Toes. I wanted to give him a Native American sounding name and he used to mess with people’s feet.


He had bad anemia and the vet didn’t know for sure what was causing it but it was something bad. I couldn’t afford a lot and it wasn’t easy but I had them put him to sleep. I had a reading about Little Toes with one of our psychics, Spirit. One of her specialties is pet psychic readings. The first thing I will say that Spirit said regarding Little Toes was that he was a “looving cat”. She emphasized loving like that. That is true about him. She said that he has a girlfriend as well now. She also stated that he was born with what he had-the condition or disease that is.


She thought that it was like parvo that puppies get. Spirit stated that no matter what I could have done, he would have passed when he did anyway. I also asked about my other cat who is still alive. Her name is Luna. I asked her if she knows that Little Toes passed. She said that she does and she sees him sometimes. Spirit stated that Luna misses Toes and she is very sad about his passing. I told Spirit that I get sad sometimes too. She told me that Little Toes wants me to remember him by the goofy things he used to do. Things that make me smile or laugh.


She said that he is happy where he is. Luna licked Toes’ head before we took him to the vet that night. So I asked Spirit if she was kissing him goodbye. Spirit stated that she was and she knew he didn’t have long. She told me that he was glad he belonged to me. I told her that I love him and she said he knows. I do love him. I am including a picture of him with this blog. Rest in Peace Little Toes. I Love You.


Want Your Ex Back?

November 4, 2014, 10:02 PM


By: Debbie M Blackburn




A breakup might make you feel free initially but you are bound to feel low eventually. Breakups necessarily do not indicate that one has dumped the other or one fell out of love. Basically many a times circumstances are to be blamed or maybe the involvement of a third person. In that case there’s high chances that it might be fixed.


But, then, the basic truth is that the few days leading to a breakup is always stressful. So, soon after your breakup don’t try engaging in dating online or speed dating, instead give yourself time, try doing what you always loved to do. However, turning on melancholy tracks isn’t a good idea.


Once you have cooled down, it is time to think about the breakup. Yes, where you went wrong or what went wrong, whether you want to fix it or get over it. The best time to do so is within two weeks. Else, you might regret it a year or two later and screw up things, even more.


In two weeks from the breakup your ex might try getting in touch with you. This is a positive sign. If you want to get back and have no sign from your ex, it might indicate that your ex was unsure about your feelings. So, firstly, try knowing if she is at all interested to talk it out with you. You could ask mutual friends or siblings to help.


If you have a negative sign, it is better to leave than try calling her over and over again. But, if you have a positive sign, meet your ex. It is best to fix a meeting during the lunch or at s coffee shop, for a light conversation. In the mean time you ought to check where your faults were, who were you when you had won your ex’s heart. And work on it.


You could try a makeover, wear something your ex had complimented you on. Don’t try to make him/her jealous  how to get your ex back. Make sure you don’t start a conversation with you want to get back into a relationship and so on. Don’t show you’re nervous or down, control your tears or try not to get hyper. Prepare your first words. Try cracking in-jokes. Once you both are comfortable with each other, you could try talking your heart out.


Don’t start with apologies because it might restrict your ex from confessing important things. Save the apologies for the next step. However, keep in mind, it is either you are in a relationship or you are not. It is of no use being just friends, it is never possible to be friends with someone you love. However, if things went wrong because you or your ex could not trust or had been found cheating on you, it is better to stay away from that relationship instead of fixing it. So, if you have recently had a breakup, take a vital decision asap.


All the best.





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Clear Thinking – Ten Ways

November 3, 2014, 12:21 AM


By: John Cipriani



Does your mind sometimes feel like a television station you can’t quite tune in? You know there’s an interesting program on – or several, but everything is mixed with static. What if you could “tune in” at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some of the following.


Ten Clear Thinking Techniques And Tips


1. Take a walk. Science will eventually prove this to be a great way to improve the quality of your thinking, but don’t wait for the proof. Aren’t there enough other reasons to take a walk anyhow?


2. Stay away from sugar. If you want to understand what brain fog is, eat a sugary donut on an empty stomach, then do math problems twenty minutes later. What you will experience, along with the “sugar blues,” is brain fog. At least lay off sugar and simple carbohydrates when you need to think clearly.


3. Organized space means clear thinking. It’s rare that a person can actually work better in clutter. Organized working space means you won’t have the thought “where is that…” distracting your mind.


4. Get better sleep. Sleep requirements vary, but the minimum for most is somewhere around five hours. Some suffer if they sleep less than eight hours. The research, however, indicates that after a certain minimum quantity, the quality of sleep is more important to normal brain function.


5. Try meditating. No time? Just close your eyes, relax, and watch your breath for a while. Accept that your mind will wander, but continually return your attention to your breath. Five minutes of this, and afterwards you’ll feel a boost in your brainpower.


6. Resolve your “mind irritations.” Watch your busy brain. Maybe a call you need to make has been bothering you, just below consciousness. Find these stressors, and do something to let them go. For example, make that call, or put it on a list, and your mind will let go of it for now. Just seeing a problem and saying, “There’s nothing I can do about this until Friday,” will often stop unconscious worrying.


7. Don’t drink alcohol. At least don’t drink too much. While moderate amounts can be conducive to creative thinking, all the evidence says that it is bad for the long-term health of your brain.


8. Make decisions quickly. Nothing gets in the way of clear thinking like a dozen decisions hanging around unmade. If nothing else, decide when you’ll make the decision.


9. Get some fresh air. Go outside and breath deeply through your nose. You’ll get a good dose of oxygen to your brain, and the change of surroundings can help clear your mind.


10. Satisfy your physical needs. Clear thinking is easier if you aren’t too hungry, thirsty, or hot.


You can think more clearly starting today. There are certainly more than ten ways, but you really only need to make a few of them a habit to have a more powerful brain. Why not try one or two right now?





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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Erin



Halloween is on Friday this year which means more of us will have the chance to get out and enjoy the holiday this year. This is my favorite holiday and I usually start planning my costume before the current holiday is even over but this year I am slacking. If you’re like me and in need of some last minute costume ideas hopefully one of these will help you.


For Kids:

Kids are easy because they’ve already got the cute factor so nobody is going to judge a kid by how good or bad their costume is. If you have a kid that is of school age or just want some cute pictures to have the memories then here are some ideas for the little munchkins that won’t break the bank and will leave a lasting impression on all who see them.


Carl Fredricksen from the movie “Up”




All that is needed for this are a few balloons, some PCV pipe, 2 tennis balls, and some thick framed glasses. I’m sure that by now your cutie has the rest of the outfit or close to it somewhere in his collection.




Jelly Fish

Chances are if you have a little girl between the ages of 2-6 she has at least one ballerina outfit or tutu of some sort. Add some stockings and a matching top and you got your kid covered now comes the fun part. All you need is to find a transparent (can be colored as long as you can see through it) umbrella, some streamers, tape, and either 2 big fist sized googley-eyes or if you can’t find them at your local craft store then draw some on construction paper and tape them to the umbrella.




For Teens and Young Adults:

Often times we see this age group dress a bit too risqué for their age group simply because they feel there aren’t a lot of options maybe for them or maybe they just like to, who knows. But that’s what I’m here for, to give them ideas for clever alternatives for this year on costumes they can put together last minute and still look great and probably turn even more heads and get the right kind of attention.


Sexy Sheet Ghost.

Taking the whole “sexy” thing to a new level – a hilarious and clever one! I promise that anyone who wears this will surely win whatever contest they enter or be the hit of whatever party they go to! Just get a plain white sheet cut some eye holes and two tiny holes for your nose so you can breathe and get some of your best undergarments and put them on over top. This would be extremely funny for either gender.



Grumpy Cat.

The internet sensation will surely get you some laughs and leave a lasting impression for the low price of some face paint. The rest of the costume you probably already have. You will need a tan or brown colored top and white gloves if you have them but they are optional, some brown, black, and white face paint and put on your best frown.






Wear a black or white undershirt then take the opposite color shirt to wear on top and cut out a pattern of a skeleton. Wear with black pants or black leggings with skeleton legs on them and black shoes or sneakers. Paint your face with black and white face paint how you wish.





For Everyone Else:

Here are some clever last minute ideas for the rest of us that need something quick, simple, but yet clever to throw together at the last minute.


Bob Ross and his Masterpiece.



This is a great couples costume. You basically just need a wig for one of you to be Bob Ross and get a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a paint pallet and put some colors on it and carry a paintbrush. For the other half playing the painting you can just wear plain colored clothing and deck yourself out in leaves and flowers.



Your Location.



This is a funny costume idea especially for those who always seem to get lost or are always late and get asked “where are you?” You can get an old t-shirt and some yellow duct tape and mark off some street names and landmarks and you can use either red felt or red construction paper for the head piece.






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Tom’s Return

October 27, 2014, 12:13 AM


By: Alex



Kat, (one of Foretell’s psychics), had a dog named Tom who suddenly had to be put to sleep in

January. It was devastating. We had known him in many of our previous lives, and he was a very

special dog. Tom was very intense, a real character, and if you ever wanted a dog that would defend

you, he was it. I always had to keep a tight grip on his leash when we went out. If he ever saw or even

smelled a cat or a squirrel he would go crazy. And if a raccoon got into the back porch, well he wasn’t

going to leave that alone either. It’s a good thing houses have doors!



Tom and one of the other dogs would sometimes do what we called “Mouth Jousting”, where

they would snarl and snap at each other, showing their fangs, but they would never bite each other. It

was mostly a territorial dispute I suppose, but it was hilarious to watch.



Kat felt that Tom would come back to her very soon. Sure enough, about two weeks ago, he

did. She had been looking online for a Miniature Pinscher to adopt, and found one. The moment she

looked in his eyes she knew it was him. While he is a MinPin, he looks more like an Italian Greyhound.

He has a very sleek, narrow body with long legs and his coat is the color of honey. And he loves to run.



Although he had a name, Kat wanted to call him Ramses, after one of the Egyptian Pharaohs. After about a week we both realized that he didn’t really seem to respond to that name, so I told Kat to

ask him what he wanted to be called. She didn’t get an answer right away, but eventually it came to her. His name was Horus, one of the Egyptian gods. He seems to be happy with it.



This dog is incredibly beautiful. He is a very sweet, bouncy puppy and will jump into your lap

with no warning and no hesitation. If you could put all your stereotypical ideas about puppies into one

dog, he would be it. Playful, spontaneous, boundless energy, total innocence and complete love. What’s not to like?



Well, he has been a complete terror to Kat’s other dogs. So much so that for the first week or so

they would go hide when he was around. I called him the Chew Monster. He chews everything. He

chews plastic bottles, he chewed the stuffing out of one of the pillows, he chews on the other dogs. I

even brought over a pair of work gloves, but he seems to like chewing on my hands more. I just grab a

toy and throw it to distract him, but eventually he just comes back.



I saw him chasing some leaves that were being blown by the wind the other day. It was so

funny it made me laugh. It was surreal, like a scene from a movie. But he didn’t know what they were.

It was all new to him.


Careers of The Zodiac– Scorpio

October 23, 2014, 11:13 AM


By: Erin




Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac chart. These people are born leaders and have very strong, bold personalities. Scorpios are very ambitious people and are very intelligent so they settle for nothing less than the best for themselves.


Scorpios are no-nonsense people and do not deal well with people who do not take their work seriously. They do like people and enjoy the company of others but when it comes to the workplace they prefer to do their job in a secluded space and get the job done quietly with little to no distraction and noise.


Here are some careers I believe any Scorpio would find much happiness and stability in.


1. Researcher: Scorpios love problem solving. Researching involves digging to the root of an issue and finding a resolution to it and Scorpio will make sure they find the best solution. Their strong attention to detail, drive and passion will surely put them at the head of the research department in whatever field.


This career can go deep. Researchers can go accordingly to Scorpios passions in life. Science, medicine, government agencies, journalism, and so forth. If you are a Scorpio and you have that drive and passion you can do it! Make your love for knowledge and digging for dirt and information work to your benefit and turn it into your career.


2. Forensics: Scorpios are not easily spooked and are actually fascinated by the dead. They love to investigate crime scenes and figure out what lead to the cause of death. The would work around the clock to find their answers and not rest until the job was finished. A job like this takes a certain kind of person and Scorpio is it. They are tough and their emotions will not get the best of them when it comes to the job. They know they have work to do- they’re going to do it.


Scorpios love science and with this career they are mixing science with their other passions of investigation and delving into the mind of a surgeon.


3. Sex Therapist: Scorpios are one of the boldest and sexually driven signs of the zodiac chart. There is no shame in their game and they have no set backs when it comes to sharing about things in the bedroom and encourage others to do the same.




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