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The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2016

December 27, 2016, 1:49 PM


By: Alex



ByWe’re in the last Mercury Retrograde of the year and it’s in full swing. I first started feeling it on December 5, a few days before we entered “The Storm.” So far it has been living up to its reputation. Everything feels slow and there are problems and delays all over the place.


My biggest concern when Mercury goes Retrograde is having enough money. So generally speaking that’s my first priority. This is the first time I ever got a payday loan when I didn’t think I really needed it. It felt really strange. Well it turned out to be a good thing. We went to dinner with my girlfriend’s family and I was also able to buy a few Christmas presents as well.


Then yesterday I went to get my paycheck. What an adventure that was. The office had been waiting for them since the day before. The checks were “guaranteed” to be delivered by 2PM but I heard my boss on the phone at 2:15 with the delivery company, explaining that it was past 2 and the checks still were not there.


I went to get some lunch and when I came back I heard that when my boss asked to speak to the girl’s supervisor, she hung up on him! I went and got my check today but got some more surprises when I tried to wash the car. The carwash I usually use was backed up due to the nice weather, so I tried to get a carwash when I got gas. When I finally got up to the carwash, the machine would not recognize my card and I had to get a refund. The cashier said the line for the carwash had gone around the building since 10 am. I ended up going to a manual carwash down the street.


While we can’t generally change the circumstances we are in, it is often useful to try to change our attitude or emotional state. One way to do that is to change what we focus on. Sometimes I will do or say stupid things around people who are in a bad mood just to break their state. It really helps. When I worked in a manufacturing plant a few years ago, I found for that if you take the empty part trays out of the buckets (that had soapy water in them) and put them in front of the fans, you can blow huge bubbles! That’s always guaranteed for a laugh and a few weird looks from the other employees.


Another time, I was talking to an ex-Marine at work. We were both bored. So I took a box and put it on my head and saluted him. He put his rubber gloves on his head and saluted back. Just then, my boss walked out of her office and gave us both the strangest look. “What are you doing?” she yelled. “Saluting!”, I yelled back. You had to be there.


Well, you know the saying – When God gives you lemons, make lemonade. Mercury Retrograde is always a good time to go over things you have done and correct your mistakes. It’s just incredible to me how there’s this meticulous energy that allows you to slow down and go over things with a fine-tooth comb. It’s good to try to learn how to use this energy to improve things, and just knowing about how Mercury Retrograde affects situations can help to avoid problems.


For example, knowing to look for problems and delays during this time can help you refine your decision making abilities and you can look for alternatives like I did with the car wash. Other habits I have cultivated are to look for other things to do while you are waiting, and to develop patience when things are not going the way you expected, and compassion for other people who are having a hard time.


Last night for example, a woman showed up at the dealership where I work. She had just driven nonstop from Montana to Colorado and was excited because she had just bought a brand new car. I tried to help her find it. She said “I did a good job. That’s a really nice car.” I was glad that I could help her to finally see it after all this time, even though she had to come back the next morning to pick it up. It was a very nice unexpected event during a very difficult time.

For The Last Minute Gifters.

December 20, 2016, 9:24 AM


By: Erin



For the Kids:


Make the fact that you got them socks fun for them with this cute twist.


1. Take any small container or cup and decorate it accordingly.

2. Take the socks and roll them up.

3. Place the socks in the container you chose and pull up from the center a bit to make the illusion of a cupcake.

4. Top the whole look off with a tasty treat like a lollipop or candy cane coming up from the center of the rolled socks.






For the One Who Enjoys Comfort:


Give this person a gift that will allow them to enjoy a nice in home pamper session.


1. Get a pair of cheap yet comfy slippers from Walmart/Payless/Target, etc.

2. Stuff each slipper with beauty and bath accessories. You can find bath bombs, face masks, bath salts, and beauty products pretty cheap at dollar stores and again; Walmart or Target.

3. For an extra treat slip in some tiny tasty treat they can enjoy during their relaxation like chocolate or hot coco mix.

4. Top it off with a cute bow.





For the Adventurous One:


Have you been on a special road trip together? Would you like to plan one for the near future? This is the perfect gift to give that person you would love to take an adventure with without shelling out the money ASAP.


1. (If you’ve already taken a memorable road trip with them) take a map of the trip and some needle and thread and stitch the path you went on together. For a little extra, if you had a particular funny thing happen or a great memory that stood out somewhere write it in next to that location.

2. If you want to plan a trip with someone, maybe you’ve tossed a few ideas around with them about possible road trips to take, do the same thing…grab a map, a needle and some thread and stitch your possible route and destination. As an added bonus you can get a couple different colored threads and stitch multiple destination options or different routes to take so you hit some cool places on your journey.

3. Finish it off by putting your Road Trip map into a frame and gift it to them.




For the Homebody:


New parents that don’t get to go out much? New couple to enjoy a nice relaxing night in together? Or anyone on your list who just likes to stay in and veg. This is the perfect gift.


1. Dollar stores and party stores sell plastic pop corn buckets. These are great and inexpensive.

2. Grab some pop corn mix, a few different types of candy, and some drinks and place them in the pop corn bucket.

3. Top it off with a movie they can enjoy for their night in.






This last one is perfect for anyone on your list you may have forgotten to get something for. It’s also great for office gifts or Pollyanna’s. You can make them in bulk and spend about $5-$10 total to make a dozen or more of these little gems.


1. Go to your local dollar store, craft store, or Walmart and grab a box or 2 (depending on how many you need) of clear plastic ornaments.

2. Grab some hot chocolate mix, some mini marshmallows, and any extras you may want like candy canes, peppermints, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

3. Remove the top of each ornament and grab a sheet of paper and roll it up to create a funnel so you can pour your ingredients into the ornament with little to no mess.

4. Start out with your hot chocolate mix. Fill about half of the ornament with the mix.

5. Take your accent treat (crushed peppermints, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc) and add a small layer on top of your hot chocolate mix.

6. Grab your mini marshmallows and fill the rest of the ornament up to just below the neck (where the top goes).

7. Place the top on and finish off with a little ribbon and you got yourself a great, thrifty little last minute gift.




If you have any other great last minute gift ideas to share, comment on this post!


Happy Holidays from us here at Psychics Foretell.



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The Mystery of Predator and Pray

December 13, 2016, 1:32 PM


By: J Nighteagle



Choose an incident from your present, positive or negative. This can be an event, an outburst, anything that seems to stand out for you in the past three months. As you focus on it, close your eyes, and envision your totem approaching you.


Allow your totem to lead you back to the day of that event. Observe it, replay it in your mind. Then allow your totem to lead you further back, to show you something that helped lead to that event. Do this at least four times.


Some people find that there are large jumps in time in this exercise. They go back five, sometimes even ten, and find themselves replaying a situation from the past that does not seem connected at all. There is always a connection though. The emotion or before in the past event may be part of a pattern that led to what you experienced recently.


Simply observe. When you return you will have time to contemplate and make the connections. Agin let your totem take you back to the present, past those events. You may wish to have it speak to you, but do not have it melt into you to heal and strengthen, to bring clarification, in the days that follow, on the relationship of events.


It is a good idea to write down the events you encounter in this visualization. Writing them down will help you to draw their essence out of that ethereal mental realm and help you to clarify them in your own mind. Do not be discourage if you do not active results at first.. Persist. As you develop your relationship with your totem through such exercises as these., the ability to use them for both past and future exploration will develop.


Eventually you can use the same process to explore the impact present events will have upon the future. This is a little more difficult, because it is difficult to be objective. There can be a tenancy to project what we want to have occur upon your mind, rather then see the effects that are actually set into motion.



We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.

Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.


Augury and The Meaning of Landscapes

December 6, 2016, 12:02 PM


By: J Nighteagle




One of the ways you can come to understand Nature and what she says to you through animals is by examine the symbolism of the habitats.  The landscapes, the habitats, the countryside in which animals are observed and experienced can add much to your understanding of the role they will play in your life as totems. Keep in mind that the inner, spiritual forces often unfold as forms within Nature. This means then a mountain crest has much greater significance then just being on top of a big hill.


Different worlds-different landscapes-reflect different states of beings. We can discover much about our own state of being by orienting ourselves to the landscapes within our live. Many societies recognized the importance of landscapes and spatial shapes and forms. They saw them as dynamic symbols. We can discover much about our own life situation by orienting our selves to our landscapes and life within it. To do this appropriately, we must consider:


1. The predominate elements and character of the whole, natural and artificial, i.e the trees, flowers, the ground, etc.

2. The spatial symbolism.

3. The form or pattern of the terrain ( soft, hard, broken, sloped, etc. )

4. The relationship of a specific area to the whole region.

5. The general cyclic pattern( seasonal, yearly, etc. )

6.  The predominate colors.

7.  The predominate wild life.


Continued next week.

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