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Love With A Weather Gage

February 19, 2019, 3:53 PM


By: Nancy


Riding out the storm in a love life of gusty winds and turbulence feeling cold instead of warm and secure is sometimes necessary especially in this cold stormy weather season as some are separated due to the weather as its often a difficult to drive in the weather of storms outside and some are stuck inside or travel plans may delay their love life plans due to the stormy weather and even a phone line could be down or a power outage could occur so everyone worrying about their love life could think it may just be the weather instead of assuming its the other person not caring as maybe they don’t want to drive in the fog or slippery rainy roads around and prefer to have the love lifetime when its sunny out in a blissful day with clouds a rainbow is shooting out of it to see the pot of gold that’s been waiting beneath the hazy stormy days. Many feel in the mood for their love life to resume when the birds are chirping and rays from the sun shoot down upon them to feel warm and happy inside and to say the dark thunder I heard was a scary sound with black clouds all around and without a call may be the case for some who are stuck in the rainy stormy weather without a sound of call from the one they love. They may call and say I can’t make it. I’ll see you next week and time apart may just be the weather of being stuck away and stuck inside waiting for the storm to blow over to see them again remember may just be the circumstances unless you have the opportunity to cuddle up by a fireplace with hot chocolate or tea it is sometimes the weather causing misery in the ones waiting on love. It could be best to wait til the sun is shining again when all feel more cheery inside and are out and about saying let’s meet up, I’ll stop by the park when your there and so on. Others may feel so in love walking in the rain together watching the dark clouds roll over the moon in a romantic tune. You may be the one to help this occur by suggesting a walk outside under a beautiful drizzling starlit half moon or full moon night with hot chocolate afterward arm in arm could feel as romance together feeling warm with a throw on a gift one gave the other or that the woman made for them, some men are attracted to women who could make a beautiful throw and delicious food with their feminine wiles, others prefer an elegantly dressed woman with a plate of lovely horderves and to not be at the stove in an apron and food can be the way to a mans heart for some but some prefer a classy lady with store-bought desserts on a silver platter than getting greasy wearing an apron as men are different in what they want and like and to know how they are can help to draw them in. To some having dinner together sitting close watching a show may be what’s important to them, a woman to cook for them, keep them company and sit with them. Others prefer a dressed up lady who gets food to go and serves in on a china plate with crystal and all are different in what makes them feel content in love as one who loves a full meal served to them by their woman they watch cooking with their apron on and for some its a turn off believe it or not. So the insight in love life readings is a way to learn how to lure them in and to keep the fire burning in the relationship or to turn time together into a love life union which help be created by a person attitude with a positive outlook with ideas to lure them towards you by what you say and suggest and the weather could draw you closer together or further apart. Also, in caring about the person you love you may say I don’t want you driving in this weather, let’s see each other when it clears up could show you care about their safety instead of selfish needs it could be better to be understanding with words you explain which may make them love you more for caring about them and absence makes the heart go fonder sometimes by waiting without ignoring the person but to send a love message to say it’s so cold, I really miss you, I can’t wait to see you when the weather clears up may make them long for you even more and some may feel ignored by a statement such as that and would prefer the woman to see I really need you here to plow some snow away, I am so afraid in this thunderstorm, can you stop by ? I could make us some dinner and we could sit by the warm fireplace and so on. Some may run for the hills from a forward woman and would rather have them a little timid with a subtle message as all are different and the stormy weather may bring your love life closer together or apart in waiting with hope absence can make the heart grow fonder when we have a sunny day together in the near future.




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