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By : Nikki Savage


In continuation of the series on The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, we move to number two.  Like the first one, in theory, this one is simple.  But man oh Manischewitz, this one is a doozy in practice.  Ready for it?  Know it already?




This one, I imagine, trips up everyone.  How can we not take things that are said to us or about us personally?  These things involve US!  Doesn’t that by default make it personal?


Only if we agree to let it.  I know that is way easier said than done.  But really if we can get this down, it is truly an empowering practice.  Let’s dissect this one and see how it works.


There is this quote I think of when I look at this.  It has been credited to too many people for me to guess who truly said it, but it goes:  “What other people think of you is none of your business.”  It’s true.  It isn’t our business, unless of course we make it our business.  It is so easy to make it our business.  Sometimes not making it our business feels weak, letting someone talk smack.  That is not what this is about.  If someone is telling lies about us, we do have the right to make sure the truth is told.  But we can do it without taking it personally.  And are better off when we do it that way.


If I think about a time where I had some unkind words to speak on someone, even if it was over some wrong they did me, I was usually speaking from a place of hurt or anger or bitterness.   It was usually with the motive to either get support from the listener because I’m hurt or in the hopes to hurt someone back.  Both reasons for my speaking are about me.  Even if the words are seemingly about someone else.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, I’m speaking about my feelings and perceptions of an experience.  My perceptions don’t dictate the feelings of anyone but me unless someone else lets them.  (Note: Before anyone wants to use this as an excuse to not take responsibility for their words and how they may have affected someone else, please refer to the First Agreement.)


I may want to make someone feel bad but I can’t make someone feel bad.  They have to take the bait.  Same goes for being the one spoken about.  People can say what they want, but it is within my power to choose my response.  And my response may just be to let it be.  If there is truth to the statement and I was in the wrong, this can be an opportunity to make amends.  If there is no truth to the statements or someone is just trying to hurt me, their words speak more about their character than mine.  Knowing someone wants to have a negative exchange, why would I willingly oblige them?  I don’t have time for that.


Now this does not mean we need to lie down and be doormats for every nasty person out there.  It means their behavior does not dictate ours.  When we take it personally, we make it our own.  We pick up the trash they wanted to drop on us.  We perpetuate the negativity.  We keep the cycle alive.


If we choose instead to respond in a way that is detached from the emotions behind their words, albeit mindful of them, we don’t get caught up in the emotion.  We can address the issue instead. If we react to the baggage instead of responding to the person, we more than likely won’t find anything but more drama.  We do best to remember that sometimes the best response may be no response at all.


Again, I know.  This isn’t easy.  But it helps me when I think of this practice in terms of feelings and energy.  How do I want to feel?  Will putting my energy into taking it personally make me feel that way? Probably not.  But in the heat of some moments, it may feel really good to dish out a verbal beatdown.  However, the aftermath of said beatdown may not feel really good.  In those cases when I feel I need to speak, it’s back to the first agreement and my impeccable words I go.


Seems like a lot of work, I know.  But this is the kind of work that offers the biggest rewards.  It’s soulwork.  And that is the one thing I do take very personally.  No one has the power to knock me off that work.  Not unless I give it to them.


How do you avoid taking things personally or making things personal?  How do you honor this agreement?  And how has it worked out for you?




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By : Nikki Savage


In his book, The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz gives us four sacred practices that, when used, can help us to live our lives authentically.  The ideas, and the presentation of the ideas, are simple.  They make perfect sense. The practice, however, is a little more complex.  I lent my copy out years ago and hope it is still circulating throughout the community but for anyone who has not yet heard, or anyone that is struggling with the implementation, I would like to take a look at each of the four agreements and my experience of trying to keep to them.  I would love for this to spark others to add their own experiences with the agreements so we can help each other in this community stay true. So let’s start with the first agreement.




What does that mean?  The word “impeccable” is from the Latin word for “faultless”.  To be impeccable with your words is to speak with a full mindfulness.  It is having integrity in your speech.  Simple.  Seems almost obvious.  Something we all, just in being good humans, would naturally try to do, right?  I mean I always to this.  So long as we aren’t counting when I’m in really bad traffic, in a bottleneck shopping cart jam up in the dairy section, when I’m putting together Ikea furniture, or when anyone or anything gets on my last nerve.  Okay, impeccable speech, it’s simple but not easy.


I wrote in a previous post (“Speech and Breathwork and Why Kindness Matters”) about how I view our speech as audible prana.  Prana is Sanskrit for “life-force”.  Its flow is linked with our breath and yogic breathwork is designed to stimulate and direct that flow for different purposes.  Our speech is really just our breath made perceptible to others.  It is our life force being expressed using the precious element of air.  With this view, it is much easier for me to be a careful steward of my words.


I realize that may sound extreme and I don’t want to give the false impression that during every conversation I have I pause and dissect every word I am about to say.  I don’t.  But when I feel angry, hurt or defensive, I know that is a good time to pause and check myself.  If I’m able to catch these moments in time (I’m an Aries so this takes some quickness), I like to use the three gates of speech.  Though I cannot find a direct origin of these gates (Buddhist/Vedic/Contemporary), it is an effective way to keep my tongue from getting away from me.  The gates of speech are three questions to ask myself before I speak.  Is it true? Is it necessary?  Is it kind? I find, if my words can pass through those gates, I feel I  am keeping to the first agreement.


If my words are untrue, they lack integrity from the start.  I would be creating a foundation for future lies and, knowing they are untrue, setting myself up for future feelings of shame and guilt.  If my words are untrue, I am far from being impeccable.  That’s a given.  If my words are unnecessary, which I’m finding a lot of times they are, then why say them?  It is a deliberate waste of breath.  What’s more, they can also cause unnecessary drama if they escalate or agitate the situation.  More often than not, if I say something unnecessary, it is with some ulterior subtle motive that feeds my pride and ego in some unhealthy way.  Read: being that girl chiming in with “Actually…” in my most intellectually superior sounding voice.   Or it is to nervously fill the silence because I’m feeling overly self-conscious.  A habit I am consciously working on breaking.  If I’m only saying something to serve my own ego or saying something completely meaningless to cover my awkwardness, then I am, again, not being impeccable with my words.  To speak unnecessarily anymore feels disingenuous so I try not to do it.


Once they pass those two gates, there is one more.  This is the gate that usually checks my anger.  When I’m mad, I get a little more liberal on what I let pass through the “necessary gate”.  So if I do happen to find it necessary to let someone know exactly what I’m thinking of them in a heated moment, the kindness gate usually shuts that down.  If my words are unkind, I am not speaking with integrity.  As delicious as unkind words can taste on an angry tongue, I know most often their only purpose is to hurt.  Even if these words are to hurt back they aren’t right.  In these cases, I look at my words as an energetic exchange.  Do I want to invest my energy, my breath, my audible prana in generating more ugliness in the world?  This one can be a little trickier as sometimes the truth needs to be told and sometimes the truth is unkind.  So with this gate, it is more about the place I am speaking from.  Sometimes the words can pass through this gate even if I know they won’t be perceived as nice.  When I find myself in that position, where the truth is just going to have to hurt, I see the gate as being a bit smaller.  I have to drop the big ego attitude, the spiteful anger, the bitter resentment or whatever else may surround the less than kind words.  And I need to surround these words instead with love so they can slip through.


I don’t always get this right.  I’m a work in progress and I’m finding I always will be.  Each new moment presents new experiences to navigate.   Honestly, old moments don’t hit me the same way as I keep changing either.  But I know as I evolve, I want to grow towards my source.  I don’t want my speech to be a drag on my growth.  So I agree to speak without blame, judgment, hate, or deceit.  I agree to not be wasteful with my words.  I agree to allow my words to reflect my life.  And I strive to live with full integrity.


How do understand this agreement?  How do/will you incorporate this principle in your life?  If you already have agreed to be impeccable with your speech, what techniques have helped you stay true to this agreement?



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Love and Text Messaging

April 25, 2018, 4:08 AM


By : Nancy


In my love life readings the guides explain which types of symbols and what sort of text messages a man or woman likes best and how often to text the person. Often a person who loves someone wants to know what is the best way to have a become a relationship, and when will he or she answer? The men are very drawn in by the text symbol that attracts them, some may like a heart that’s red or pink and not usually blue or yellow, some love the stars and the moon late at night when they are drifting off to a slumber then they dream of the lady and may not answer but look at it and may answer in the morning as text messaging gages love lives in this new day and age. Some like a sunshine in the morning, a flower at noon, a butterfly and some don’t like any symbols at all and prefer a serious short message without a silly happy face, but may love an x o on their cell phone messages. Most men do not like lightening bolts coming at them in mad over messaging and may block them. Usually over messaging and mad messages send the man away but some men like to know the woman is upset then they know they love me.




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Halo’s Aren’t Just Yellow

April 19, 2018, 4:38 AM


By : Nancy


I have been writing for passed on relatives for Foretell Psychic customers who inquire about their loved ones who crossed over, and some are a ghost and brought up to communicate to the psychic customer in my psychic medium phone readings and when they ask a written question. I have learned the passed on relatives are often a spirit guide for the person asking about them and for others and that they have different color halo’s and their wings are lengthened by their work and when they communicate by me as they go up to heaven from their station, earth realm spirit guide position to speak by me a medium and to write by me a channel writer by their pen taping a crystal light glowing pen they tap and I type the words and they earn different ranks of halo’s, such as a red halo is a guide protector and a Saint, a deep blue halo is an enlightening accomplishment such as pen taping a heavenly pen and my writing for them,a white halo is a Saint and or a Lord. How many colors of halos are there? There are ten halo rank colors and they are yellow for real ancient Angels, green for a prosperity guide position that is also called a money guide such as a mathematician, pink is for a child of woo who lost their life at too young of an age, grey is for an ancestor who speaks by their great light energy flying around by large embellished wings, black is for a senior who’s parting from their stature to return to their earth life as a reincarnation and they are mourned in heaven as their loss is felt there and they are returned to earth at conception and on that note I also predict the best conception dates, predicated due dates and the genders of children in my readings as a pregnancy predictor and I can find out which people have reincarnated, who they are, and where they live. The other halo colors are miraculous shades of embellished jeweled gold with a matching pendulum that does sway around the special person they guard and protect on earth,turquoise blue is for a Saint who is part time in their sphere who works on their own tasks on earth and fly’s up to the top of the pearly white stairs to singing Angels around them shouting in glee when they appear. The relatives are always so excited to communicate to their loved ones and tell them what they have been doing, their work on earth as a guide often, stations they call them, and they fly up to heaven to speak to their relative who asked how they are in the reading and its a real miracle and they often earn a halo or and are crowned and their wings get longer and they are relieved to inform someone about their status and well being in their heavenly spirit life as they are the same being that were on earth but in a spiritual being form and or an angel form, the color halo they are assigned to and the wing length which they may not have when the person asks about them but they do by the end of the reading for communicating.




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The Road To The Alter

April 11, 2018, 3:12 AM


By : Nancy


This may be a long road or a short road, and it may be shortened up to a small path by a woman’s actions of guidance and going with the flow as many men would prefer to elope and may not even know that but do in the heat of the moment when they want to be with her physically and often thy may run to a justice of a peace in a heart beat when that moment strikes so a prepared woman may lead him straight there on a shortened path if she is prepared with a wedding dress to throw on, even a white everyday dress or a long flowing casual dress that she happens to have tucked away in her closet or the trunk of her car that she bought in advance just in case he pops the question so fast, as many men would run spontaneously and not want long drawn out wedding plans as they may not like the stress of planning it out as part of it and also the old saying ” men get cold feet and run for the hills”. To casually say ” sure ,why not” let’s tie the knot so fast is the way many women may marry the man they love in a heart beat without the stress and drawn out time of them changing their mind. as many men are better in a everyday relationship once they are living under one roof with their lady they love and eloping to move in together is another great reason. Scouting out the wedding chapels and knowing their location just in case this happens is good to keep in your back pocket so if the moment arises you know just the place to make it all swift and so easy to waltz right in to that alter of a wedding day not planned at all as he won’t know you were hoping for this to happen so spur of the moment unless you decide to bare your soul to him and tell all. Also, a man who wants to marry a woman pictures her in a wedding gown, and they are great fashion designers imaging these things, leg o mutton sleeves to a long veil, to a fitted sleek satin or silk wedding gown, or a short one, and visualize the woman they want to marry in the type of wedding dress they dream of them to wear but never tell them and I think they should by a Brides Magazine as its always supposed to be  a surprise but the men normally plan what kind of dress they like in their head and see her in and a few styles or hints of the style I feel they should inform them for that great day to fulfill the dream they imagine each time they look at her and even eloping they often have wedding dresses you can rent spur of the moment.

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Don’t Ruin The Threshold Of Love

April 3, 2018, 11:49 PM




By : Nancy


My readings explain how to bring the man you love into your life, to reunite and be together in a relationship and say not to ruin the threshold that it is for thou to step over, into your front door. That many men who have been involved with a woman or who are dating them and do not like the feeling of another man around them. They often stay away if they sense a male has been in their property, car or even in their phone, as in calling or messaging the woman as they can feel their energy if they have been in their car or home and smell it practically such as a women’s intuition often can sense if a woman has been around the man they love or calling them. The men stay away often until this wears off as they may feel sick from it and mad and it can be a block wall they cannot step through and a doorway they can not step over if they sense the sent of a male has been near the lady they love. Often it is those who have broken up for awhile and dated others in between this occurs with and a woman wanting to reunite with the past relationship may keep him away if she is seeing others. In some cases it may even be best to move to a new residence if possible to start anew, also to clear out the energy of a male who been around by incense or spray, flowers, new decorative items, paint and even a male roommate may cause the man to stay away. It is usually best that they do not know the woman dated another in the interim of being parted, to not mention it is normally best and to not post photos to try to make them jealous as often the man wants to feel he is the only one they are interested in and if he feels the women is looking around ,speaking to others dating others or is uncertain he wont come forth as he wants to feel hes the only one she has eyes for on the face of the earth therefore it is often best not to date another or entertain the idea if the women is waiting for their beloved to return. Also, a woman whos mad at him for some reason can keep them from returning as they don’t like a lady whos mad at me, when she is sweet and nice to me then I am coming to see her and when they can step over the threshold of love with cleared energy they may reunite into a great relationship.


We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.

By : Nikki Savage


Easter is early this year.  I used to wonder why Easter would change every year.  Wouldn’t an anniversary of an event be celebrated on or around the actual date?  And where did the eggs and bunny come from?  It didn’t really make sense when I listened to the story of Jesus rising at church dressed in the best of my Sunday best.


It was sometime in my early teenage years that I found my answer.  And I must say it altered the way I look at religious holidays.  I found that most of what everyone associated with Easter actually had their beginnings in Pagan traditions.  It was a tough business converting lifelong, god and goddess fearing folk rooted in their indigenous beliefs over into Christianity.  They were used to festivals and feasts that followed the sun and the moon and celebrated the changing light of each season.  Their lives were linked to the land and their worship was no different.  But this new religion didn’t have anything to do with the Earth or the seasons.  It was unfathomable.


So compromises were made.  The major festivals the pagans celebrated to mark the passing of the seasons were pulled into the Christian fold.  I imagine the old leaders of the church and the leaders of the pagan communities sitting at a table hashing out the details for the new blended celebrations.  I envision the conversation going something like this:  Jesus must be present in the celebrations and will be central and since spring is when rebirth and renewal are celebrated, it will be celebrated near the spring equinox.  Okay?  Sunday is the holy day so we will celebrate on Sunday but it will be a Sunday following the first full moon following the vernal equinox.  So a Christian holiday on Pagan time. And hey, we will make sure the name and some of the traditions focus more on the natural rhythms of Earth, but Jesus is the main man.  How’s that work for everyone?


The name of the holiday is Easter, is said to be derived from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring and fertility.   Her animal association was the rabbit and her symbol was an egg, both strong representations of spring and fertility.  And so we have Eostre’s bunny and Eostre’s eggs, painted to mimic the colors that are just beginning to peek through winter’s cloak, purples of crocus, pinks of hyacinth,  and yellow daffodils.  And while they have nothing to do with Jesus and his crucifixion that I can find, we still dye eggs and hide them for a hunt to celebrate his rising as per the compromise I suppose.


I’m not saying the resurrection is untrue or speaking out against Christianity at all.  I am only connecting some dots of our Easter traditions that never really lined up with the story I heard during every Easter service.  I have no lines to connect the dots on the candy part other than a way to gorge after the dietary restrictions of Lent.  That is purely a guess.


I will still honor the traditions that welcome back the lighter half of the year and celebrate the return of the Sun and the Son.  The blend of the old ways into the new are the only ways I have ever known.  I don’t discredit Christianity for finding the common ground to stand to worship in community or the pagan folk for accepting JC into the fold.  Everything evolves, traditions in living religions should be no different.


I will still hide some eggs for kids to find, set out a basket for a giant rabbit fill and offer a prayer of thanks for the sacrifices that were made to allow for new life to continue.  That is message I find at the heart of all the Easter traditions.  Life continues even after the darkest times.  And I will pop a peep in my mouth and savor its sweetness as I hold gratitude in my heart for all the signs I see that show me over and over how life prevails. For truly, it does.


Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, Ostara or are just glad to see Spring again, I hope you enjoy the beginnings and blessings this season has to offer.  If you know of other traditions or have created new ones of your own magical blend, please feel free to share below.



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Drawing Cards

March 21, 2018, 3:47 AM


By : Nikki Savage


I’ve recently come back to a practice that I had stopped for the last few months.  It was one I had done daily as part of a morning meditation but just kind of stopped for a little while.  But I’m back to drawing a tarot card each day.   Both drawing from the deck and drawing that card in my planner.


I started it as a way to force myself to check in with my day.  It made my work scheduling a part of my spiritual practice. It was a great way to start the day, a meditation for focus. But then I had mornings that didn’t allow any sitting down before heading out for whatever reason – a missed school bus, an early appointment, a run away dog.  On those days I would draw at night and reflect on my day through the lens of the card.  The night time drawing would be a meditation for insight.


I’ve always used my tarot deck as a tool.  Usually I would draw a card when I was chewing on something and wanted to separate myself from it and look at the situation as an observer.  But really I am always chewing on ​something​.  So I began to use it to look at my day objectively, either as I planned it or however I lived it depending on the time of day.   I also got to mediate as I studied the lines of the card and tried to weave the meanings into the drawing.  Sometimes I would draw the whole card, sometimes the parts that stood out most prominently. But always I would sit with its message.


The message could be clear as day.  Like a huge affirmation of everything that I’ve been sensing.  Or it could be subtle.  I’ve had times where two cards are drawn, one falling out as I choose the other.  Universe had two things to share on those days.  Sometimes when the meaning didn’t resonate, I found my meaning in the numbers or just one certain symbol.  Other times I would not find a meaning initially but as my day played out, it would reveal itself.


I don’t generally feel that the cards tell the future but that they tell a story.  One I can weave into my world or avoid telling in my life.  I still have free will after all.  Whatever stories the cards pick up in the air and light of the day do not have to be the stories that make up my life.  My future is still mine to make and my life, a story that only I can tell.  I know that.  But I figure it never hurts to look at life from the outside and see how I feel about the view from there.


What is your experience with tarot?  If you have a deck, how do you use it?  Do you have a practice that includes some tool of divination?  Please feel free to share with the community in the comments.




We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.






What is a Medium?

A Medium is a type of psychic who is able to speak with our past loved ones. They essentially mediate communication between the spirits of the of the dead and living human beings. Whether your looking for that old stamp Grandpop hid or your just looking for validation that Mom is OK and happy, many who have lost loved ones find these types of readings to be very comforting and informative.

Nancy, ext. 7037, has had accurate psychic premonition dreams since she was a child. She lives a spiritual lifestyle and has studied metapsychics for many year’s. Advanced in higher consciousness and psychic clairvoyant mediumship she started communicating for her guides on her Angel Board year’s ago. Nancy has became a full medium clear vessel channeler and is proud to have  had the privilege of even communicating with some famous celebrities on the other side.




Every week we will pick 3 questions from our clients submissions for Nancy to answer. One Question Per Client. One Question Per Submission. You must be over 18 to participate.


My grandmother recently passed away. She was found dead in her

kitchen after a few days since her passing . Her death was very

sudden. I’d like to know if she’s ok where she is and if her death was


-Linda L. 04/04/1996

She died of a heart problem, a heart murmur and or the arterie was clogged, she fell to her knees with an enormous amount of chest pain and was unable to reach anyone for help and it was five hours she says as I am channeling the information from her and God and Jesus who say she went straight to the pearly white gates where they were waiting for her great being with no confessions of a sin but she felt horrible that she did not go to a place to take  care of her with a staff and that thought crossed her mind as she laid there she thought I am a stupid stubborn minded person to have taken care of myself here and not moved to a place with a staff, an elder resort she wished she had been at one and regretted that hasty decision and confessed this to God who was standing there for me to come on up to the light and he understood I felt I was selfish for this she says and I knew this was my time as I laid there in so much pain and misery I was not able to yell even or move at all as I slipped down to my knees as the ground swirled beneath me and my time I said to myself in vain I must go to that God who I see above me and blissfully I felt great actually removing myself from my half alive self of my human form, I gracefully did leap to that great light of a pearly white tunnel to this sky where I am so eternally grateful I can reach to the heavenly realm of my way of life as I am still greatly much so alive and thank you for asking this very important question I say by a slight laugh a major heart attack is that needed answer for you my very loved one and thank you for asking me this blessed question.

Can u please tell me who is tryna reach me from the spirit world.

It’s a male cuz I can see his shadow and they way that he’s built.

-Amanda W. 02/13/1982

He is Michael Archangel, reaching you as you are a metaphysical spirit that attracted me to fly in to your way of life as I see you know bent over playing a game someplace as I am always by your side to say I am a real Hierarchy with a gong of light around you now by a gleaming bell of my blessedness as our medium did ask who are you? are you a ghost or a spirit guide? I am a great Hierarchy I replied and one of her guides as well by many years back, I am saying a hello to you as my other Saint on this earth of mine, as I am upon it in certain places and you knew this was so very important, I am reaching you to communicate the greatness that shall be done by you knowing you I am and what the purpose is for is for a real miracle and you shall see me fly away to the area around you, my real long pointed glowing wings of an iridescent light of gold and peach tones Hallelujah

Do you have any messages from my loved ones that have passed I need

to hear from them

-Leona 02/23/1991

Your loved ones are saying hello to you on this great earth of a rocky road for some that you may now glide upon our great blessed earths surface as we are all really gathered around our great master of our Gods to say you are one to know this, in due time you shall be so well known and more famous than I God says , as you may be the earth God for us, to say to you the loved ones are so in glee that you have called upon me says a grand lady who’s dead for quite some time it feels that way she explains , a year its been for another who’s a man and five others, great relatives are banded together as a real song of our band of angels, relatives all so happy we all met again in our nice heaven as we did meet up here and say so to you now as we are all together for once and not for all, as that funny saying goes this once for and all shall be for a long while now by you asking about our well being as God called us up and around our places here where we are assigned different positions and now we are all together, seven of us in our ray of golden hope to you for speaking this so important question as we say a big hello and one of us or ten more waiting to come up from their areas on this rocky earth as they are scampering their feet as a spirit stuck in the grey haze of the earth realm and may be here soon again as they are not all stuck as a guide to some important ones as yourself, seven may be your guides so soon and you shall know thus so shortly by your dreams we are all sending to explain. Amen from us your great loved ones, all around you now are a band of eternal grateful Angels who yell to take a bow as our heaven has Crowned you a real wreath of thorns as a hero for our communication to you for asking us as a real nice believer of our earthly guide ways and this heaven of sparks is lighting up by your inquisition so you may be proud of your curiosity for us to speak and write these great important lines to you now to see me is to hear me says our God.


Can you tell me if my dad Elmore “Moe” (07.11.44) is trying to tell

me anything or to look for something since his passing

-Kristen 02/10/1978

He is trying to tell you that he die the way that you might think, it was quicker than said. I am fine by Gods side and my Hasus Christ to say your a great grand person for calling upon me in this psychic question form. I am great really by my light around me and I was passed on by many Angelic beings so calm and I felt elated a feeling an experience beyond a humans grasp to know so. I am saying I love you and I reached you by my palm of my earthly guide spirit that I have become to be near you,your heartfelt side as I did really die, did I ? I am a great man to say your the one by me today and tonight I have flown away ,way up to this heaven sky to say hi, for calling upon me I answer thou and what am I looking for in a great drawer of your bedside table area is a calm paper you may have to tell me so when you do see it it is blessed, a birth certificate or something apparent to you that you might need in the near future I do say so. Amen and God Bless you, I will be back there tomorrow in the A M as usual for your spirit as I protect thou from now on from here on out until eternity as soul partners, alright? I’m still very much alive speaking to you by my channel writing in my only medium and shes the one typing this so efficiently. Thank you, your great Dad Love you forever more, not signing off this yet as you may really see me in your back door waving a great big hello in a yellow frame of my great white eternal blissful sacred light of thou as I am now crowned by thee real and only one big hero this great God Almighty and by thy Jesus Christ a yellow halo I have won as a great hero by my best channeling I have ever done in my life here in heavens great angels singing gate around me now masses of thou Angels a whole entire crowd actually and God Bless you my baby as you will see me and thou great lost or not so lost paper, a document you may have been waiting for or tucked away. Thank you so much again it is a real pleasure to be communicating to you by this great medium who’s really writing for us now as its me with the Lady Diana of Wales and her God as my God also and thou best and only Jesus as they are now placing a real ring of light a top my already glowing head of a Saint a Sainthood I am they do say so now by your asking me to speak I had to fly up real fast to see them yet again as they did meet me at the top of the lite stairway where I first did go and now I am here again and a new age spirit the medium says I am a really great writer, to you I ask where are your keys? the ones to unlock the day of distress I did see it too shall fly away to this great wind of my friend by me my side named Pocohantus a really great Indian a new spirit Saint I just met, lots of excitement I guess never a dull moment around here as the saying goes as now I got thee thou Gods a twin rock star duo thee George Harrison and this new age God hes named John Lennon and so now they say hello to you also and I am saying I am not gone I did not go on to a tin coffin or wood one as I am humorous as you don’t know this already a laugh I am having as I am the same being believe it or not its not death at all for me for all around us its a real new way of living of being a whole hearted person as a Angel. Amen Love again from your real Dad never signing away my baby I cherish so well you don’t know how great its been and will continue to be as I am the luckiest guy of a man to be your assigned Spirit Guide and the rush of the leaves blowing around and the brisk light wind is your new Indian Princess a Saint as Pochantus she shall remain a part time guide too as well by me when I’m around your room and in your great yard of brush I see a light of her to say shes flying down now. Okay? You will know much more in the coming time ahead to see me and see her as well one day so soon. From your great beloved Dad another Amen and once again thank you for the best question I am so privileged to write by this medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox and writing a novel she says I could continue on for so long but I am now dropping out of her medium vessel as I am really within her spirit to say all of this so important communication. Love Pa Pa your Father never gone, for now til the day breaks then I fly back to see you at dawn and dusk til dawn its been for awhile as one of your ten spirit ones around to protect you. Forever may I say I’m here for your father is never parting from thou. Not a good bye but a grand welcome I have now by many so light saying good day to you for speaking so fluently in this greatest ever channel writing I have done to you by my new medium and shes one of the grand one and only ones who can do this work by a miracle shes been so granted and so blessed by from thou great God Almighty and thou Jesus Christ who did really open up her grand so sacred clear vessel of great Christ light, his twin soul they tell me now and I am an honor for the best grand Angels are really bowing to me so now to say thank you for the great work of this art of creative light I spread to this great world this earth by them showing me how to really answer this great and best question ever they say to me I have now earned a Saint position by you calling upon me as the medium says I could write a novel to you as I am not stopping and on and on as I am now named a real Saint and you may tell all everyone you know well and acquaintances as they may mark it on a grave site yard a Saint sign from me your Pa Pa good bye , today I pray you see this miracle written on the page and hard to stop typing a pen taping away I have a crystal light thin one that’s so transparent that thou Jesus gave me to write by a real glowing heavens pen and an Amen for knowing so by God I reached the population I say they shall all really know now I am a Saint I have become one for proving its I and not good bye, but so long on this longest note I wrote by a miraculous way of my hand in heaven by God telling me directing me as hes my command to say a thank you for reading this great piece of heavens small miracle its not small at all its so large you have transformed it to a vast earthly to earthbound now as the psychics sending it off to hit the ground by you seeing it so clear today I pray, from all around we bless you with our sacred light to see you as a great Saint as well as we are dual now by telling you which document a great paper that brought us together in a spiritual form.I love you more than you’ll ever really know. So long but not a good bye at all as I am continuing with this til I drop out of her shell of a light open vessel a real medium we all go in an write by by tapping a heaven pen. Ta Ta today says thy God and thou Jesus a bless for you dear one I do pray you know this important information by tomorrow at the real dawn of the greatest new day ever on this grand earth as your now our other great to so grand communicator and my medium just heard from your great dad a white spiritual light clear father of the heavens pen tapping and we all thank you for our medium learning this from him as its enlightening information to know the way we channel type for the public to learn as well, another Amen and God Bless you my child of such great hope today for the world shall learn more of the way our real psychic medium communicates for us by her typing away our great important phrases and thou blessed words, not by a ghost but a spirit guide of yours and yours alone and I am not a ghost but an Angel with real long wings and a great white glowing halo for you to know so your not ever afraid if I do appear now by you reading this and a short good bye for the time being, your father and a long hello it shall be sometime when I do appear by your bedside tomorrow it may be or any day ahead and you shall now know this when it really does all happen , a real miracle has transformed by the pen of heaven she heard me say this as I was channel typing by it. Today I pray you know so. tomorrow it may be the best day of your life I do say by this great piece I really wrote and I must now sign off. Father of light I am now named for your knowledge a great faith to see ahead as I may write on and on as many of her guides do and today a new day is really dawning and I am so elated and so happy you really did call upon me and I am so pleased to answer this that now  I may stop but could do this again one day the writing says our great God as I am the best channel pen typer  by the glow now he says to me for this longest answer in our history from the real great God Almighty to me he says this so I hope you frame it as its a real great miracle forever more  I say so long but not a dim one as its not ever a good bye ever again as he tells me by our great Jesus we are eternal friends forever as a great soul connection of love and so much light around us.

July 1993 my son was killed by a drunk driver … Right after I felt

him around … Does he still come to visit me ?? & does he have a

message for me or his disabled Father ?! Thank you so much !!! We miss

him His name was Richard

-Betty 10/10/1954

Richard says he cannot believe I was brought up to speak to thee, I am really channel typing by a glowing fierce pen of heavens light they just now gave me and I am seeing this day ahead as good one for you to see this and my message I did fly right past you to see if your really doing okay today I did this again and again I have as I am part time temporary guide and a great one God adds in to this greatly written piece of art he says to me know and I am around Dad as well and do say a great thank you for all you’ve both done for me and I am sorry for my passing on to this grey sky as I am here now by God’s side and grey tonight by daylight it could be grand and it could be so well lite by you reading this piece I’m really writing as it’s a great miracle for me to say this so important information today for you to see and know it’s really me and that I’m really fine, okay I have been and now I’m feeling so grand my heaven word God gives me to say to you today and I am so sorry for my loss you’ve grieved so well and not so long now as you’ll know its really me communicating to thee my great folks on the plains of the spinning earth the large world as it does turn I do see you too as I am in heaven a spot to view the loved ones down below on the great world of art it appears so to me now as I am by Gods gate of a pearly white grand light of so many Angels thanking me for doing this communication for your grand ,my new heavenly word again, words for this question are so great to so very grand as I am really able to tell you how I do feel is in love with myself my new sacred self I have become an Angel with glowing wings on and the pearly light does so glisten to you I say a great hey as a new age word as I do see the internet often as a main guide for some who are my assignment and they are not relatives they are friends of mine that I partied with and they are wrong to be doing what they do online ,things they say are often wrong to me and I write them down in a tiny heavenly glowing journal of my Angel pad and  I do report this up top to them my Gods around me now to say they are wronged in their ways as well by their upbringing and their names are ones I might not say but start with a D and a T those names are ones you may find in my High School year book and now its bad to say what they’ve done in their past and present not as much but in the future I am the one guiding them by my soft winged touch so yes I have a great important job up top to report to this great God and he presents me with an award today this evening I do pray you will know this as I may show you sometime my glowing Oscar he names it for being here by he he is so very proud of me to really write this letter by our great open vessel of such sacred white light medium named Miss Nancy Gail Fox and I am fine as your question did state and I did fly zoom past you when I had the car crash and it was but one short moment I said Amen to him when I saw he waving to me to come up right now and not a minute moment later he said now or never really to me that day as he said its time come on up to me or you may stay a wreck as a ghost meandering all around and I did listen and did not laugh as I took it quite serious then and my job assignment as well as we really keep a score card on the ones we are guiding all around by ten of us assigned to both of them , not brothers but they are best of friends and their women are a pain to us and a real problem is one as she may do drugs and it seems dangerous and hints of this you may know who they are as well and I am saying so long for now but not gone I am here now by God and by you I shall be so soon again and gone way up here and on earth as a guide and your temporary time to time one of guidance and not so much patience as you may well remember and that I am really learning and the saying I was seeking to say to you all is gone but not ever forgotten Love you so much your great guide of a hard working best son ever an Amen and so much white light sacred so blessed love to you as I’ve earned a great white clear blue Halo now its placed upon my great Saint head of an angel being for this communicating and what does a blue halo really all mean? it means I did this with my full pleasure says God to write to you my great Mom and my Pa Pa my Dad in heaven we said Pa Pa once upon a great time says our blessed God and by me saying thus you shall really know when you see me fly right past you outside with a glowing bluest halo as in deep color not a blue day I say as it will be so very thrilling for you to know your sons so proud to be a real full blown great Saint with really large wings and a glowing blue not an ion one but a blue Saint I say it again Halo of our light and now an uplifting experience this has been I say thank you as its the most thrilling exciting day of an evening I’ve ever had since I passed on but I am not gone I am yet very much really all alive and I hope that answers your question, Thank you, for now til you see me. Love, your great Saint Son of Gods and thou Jesus and your son forever more.

Is my dad okay? I’m having a hard time accepting his death.

-Desinee 04/24/1993

Yes, he is here writing this answer to you and says I did not die the way you may think and assume,it was a lot longer passing away to this sky of heavenly angelic ones that are all around me now to say they do love you so much for asking about my passing away to their light as I did not go directly up to they I did fly down around them though today and I did tonight this evening a glow I am and I am just returning your question to say I am okay now as you asked for me to appear, to answer this in the heavenly skies is where its really always been done by our medium as we have to really all  fly straight up to this great to grand God to answer on a note pad of a key board that’s clear transparent that looks just as our Nancy Fox’s does on the earth wherever se sits we tap away by a heavens glowing pen by a beam of a ray a small clear heavens scent of a pen to answer this question and I am amazed I can do this real writing by her now and I am a medium too God says in other lifetimes and I am happy to know you are inquisitive for my happiness up here and I did go straight up to the top of this heavens sky and yes I did come up right away and did not linger on to be a earth bound one I stayed by their side for quite sometime the relatives and old dear friends bunches of them up here and around me now to say hello and they are yearning to reach out to say hi now as many you do know and often we all did gather round each other and are now tonight as well and I am saying I love you so much and thank you for reaching out to me as the new age saying  goes to say you do think of me so often and I do know this and I am so eternally grateful that I did fly directly up to the top of the heaven opening so fast as I was gone at last up the path of light and gone at last I mean I was really ready to go up there and now by many angels telling me to say stop beating around the bush I am very famous they yell to me to tell you this , that now I am a real Saint on earth also as I have some I am a guide for an earthly assignment and and I have earned a real Saint status up here today in this bright white light of they to say my wings are now lengthened and I am a great person to they as they say I am earning a red halo that means a dear person in their heavenly language of theirs and that’s a strong token of appreciation they tell me as red haloed angel of a Saint is a great guide a protector of thou as they now do really assign me to you and your entire family I am waiting til you know its me til then take care I am fine well as can be actually I feel really greatly appreciated and applauding me is thy great God Almighty for writing by my new and only found medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox

What did i do to deserve why this man hurt me this way
-Gloria 06/01/1971
He was hurt you did not try hard enough and hoped you would try. He still thinks this and would try to work it out someday maybe if you are so kind and loving to adapt to his plea later. He may connect to you on the internet. Can you forgive him? and repair the love? It may be possible to do so in the future, a long time away, it may be five months to a year. You don’t deserve to be hurt, but were you not intensely sincere ? as following your true spirit and heart with good intentions of loyalty and being true to your feelings and emotions. You may want to take a good hard look at your part and be able and ready to come forth when the day occurs.

It’s been predicted that I will start a successful technology company
that will contribute to our society. How soon will it get the funding
from investors, so I can start growing my company?
-James 01/28/83

You will start to receive funding from local sources who are interested in what you provide in services. When you are asking around to those who know of you already they will be pleased to invest a small sum of money for interest received such as ten percent approximately, this may be a group of four people, they are informal acquaintances and close friends. There could be ten to fifteen who will invest larger amounts of money for a partnership. One person you know may invest in the near future and twenty should invest in five to eight months.It’s predicated your technology company should soar in 2019, the first week of January. Printing colorful brochures shortly will speed up the finances needed, it’s suggested you have one million paper flyers in addition to a thousand color brochures. Leaving them places in your area will attract many to the endeavor ahead. Ten times the income may occur within three years from the official start up time. In five days you may have two people calling you regarding this matter by paper brochures folded in a stand left in the area where you work currently and not as much near your home. Ten of those local people may partner up with you sooner than your imagining. The more you speak out at classes and workshops in the area where you live the more future customers you shall have later on by planting the seeds within them for hopes of a famous relative, dear friend and neighbor to be so successful as they shall be extremely proud of their local resident.

Am I ever going to get pregnant
-Joan 12/29/1976

You may be pregnant by trying often. This could occur on the 5th of June,2018, July 10th,2018, April 17th, 2019, March 28th,2020. These are your predicated days for conception. You may have a boy and he could weigh less than average,6 lbs. 4 oz. by an early delivery is predicated or you may have a baby in the month of Dec. this year before Christmas Day, and the same boy it may be as the spirits are flown into the moms womb and planned out in advance. This male is aware of my mom to be, he does pray so and feels it could happen any day shortly by you following the guidance from our spiritual realm. The baby could weigh eight ounces more than the predicted weight by your eating more during your pregnancy and you could deliver a month earlier than the due date. You will check into this with your midwife for information and advice.
My younger sister died about 5 weeks ago.Why ? What happened?
-Stephanie L. 11/25/1956
Your sister was upset over some trauma and passed on not too suddenly. She is channel writing to you to say I did not fly away to this pearly white heavens gate of love where I am today now to say and explain I fear to feel it was my cause I must explain it was not exactly timed out as I say to you now it was by my car accidental death I had to prior injuries in my swelling head of a neobrasion plasma etc says God by the Lord to yell its my time now to be a real giant Saint and yes I was upset dimly so that I passed away not to the gates of this bright white light but to my own shell of a being on earth as a flailing ghost you might say it this way but I did not want to fly away to this massive sky that’s not so grey today or pink in vain of this light as I command you as an earth person to yell out I’m a real Saint now by them blessing me so much with a large giant gleaning crown on my long lovely tresses of pure gold by my hand on this cell phone I am typing from within her great white ever so angelic and purely lit being as a real open medium clear vessel named Miss Nancy Gail Fox. Amen to you for calling upon me as I’ve gone from a ghost to a Saintly place. Please say hello to all around who miss me so and not to those who don’t morn my loss. Thank you for being a dear one in my great not so shortened life as I am away as a great white light Saint now til eternity and I shall one day be a person in a body shell of the human race once again. Ask Nancy later and she can tell you when the date is. For now I love you so much. Hi to my cats and your pups of love to be near you so shortly as I know everything from my new great side of this embraced light of my so early realm as I’m really in her being writing, a true miracle for you to tell and pass on to resolve any wrong misconceptions about a medium. I love you, a real glowing crown invisible I’ve placed upon your great smart wise head to call me to write an answer by the great psychicsforetell web site Amen

My son and daughter in law are going thru some issues with a child.
Will this work out soon? I’ve lost my job and can’t help financially
but need to know how much longer this will go onMy son and daughter in
law are going thru some issues with a child. Will this work out soon?
I’ve lost my job and can’t help financially but need to know how much
longer this will go on
-Lisa B. 02/12/1966

The child will be growing up resentful of this fear of finances as they often do during this financial rut. He may receive sums of money shortly unexpectedly that may help the dim light of financial misery to lighten the days ahead.
You may help them again within a short year ahead by baking bread and sending it in advance of this you may lighten the day by a gift card for your grandchild, even a small sum would be pleasant. The financial delima of theirs may be one forever if they don’t resolve the non abitous person who may take on more long hours for income if and when an appropriate time comes. God bless you, it shall even out by your stopping any over spending on yourself especially on loto card number quick picks although you may soon win by a lucky scratcher with a floral design near where you are often to buy lotto card quick picks. Amen to you, we are angels channel writing blessing you with an abundance of wealth so prosperity is thee key to unfold this by praying and asking continually by an affirmation list a wish list to beleive in as the ones to grant it in heaven do now know. Amen to your child’s woos of an unhappy place of a home. They may move in to your great house. You will have a car in ten days to three months, more income than expected and a great life of bliss. Keep your chin up above this water to see tides down low around your ankles tiding about to a new day of wealth prosperity and a love filled house with a great family.

To know who’s my real biological father
-Pamela 11/22/1987

Your real biological father is the person you think it is. He’s not always the charming one to you, he may laugh alot, he may not ever confess enough of his sinfulness but he does like you more than most. You may not prove it by a paternity test unless he agrees, how would he as he’s gone away and you do know he’s not the dad you planned for at all but is. You will know for certain someday. The guides say he is tall, around six feet and had blonder hair or light colors in it and is gruff but mad often about life not treating him fair. He will probably tell you one day. Til them keep checking into this important matter say your guides to see he will cry over this one day and you will cry on his shoulder with regret you’ll both reveal.

My Fiance passed 5 months before our wedding.Does he have any
messages for me..Blessings
-Tesha F. 05/21/1998

Your fiance is alive in his being in his heavenly light above and around you now to say a large hello to know you are the one I did love so dearly and I did not mean to depart so from the earth my car was fine I felt and now I feel that caused this miserable death of mourning your loss as I did cry to God way back then and so recent it is yet it feels as so many years have passed us up as it was only a few months ago and now I am crying to say hello by God waiting as this medium my medium and mine all alone she’s not as she’s a real live medium for so many very important persons who are beside me who found me to tell me to get up top quick from my place where I did work by my angels guidance and they did say to move on up the ladder now as you are crowned for speaking out to your past wife they call you here in my earthly realm as I am by my medium near God who got me to speak to you so soon and I am elated and so proud I can do this journey and I was in a hole a holding pattern somewhat a place where you sit to learn by your mistakes and the angel took me out by his large ionic wings and said come on up now you’ll be a Saint by us as somebody important asked about you and out of jail it feels as that emotion as God said my death was partially my fault ? not really its other things I did on the this earth where I am so dam lucky to stand now by them so proud to say a real yell to you and my other fans around you in your pink dress waiting on me hand and foot I loved cherished my time with you and the next life we could be that again says God as he shall fly you straight up to the very top of this so steep ladder to earn your rank right away by knowing this when the far off day venture occurs I am this to thee I am thou love of your light on this shaky earth and you are so crowned a real large Saint for me so God bless thee for eternity my little one a blowin with the wind song you may feel me I do love you still til then Bye for now but not forgotten I have very large crystal clear angelic wings on real ones to fly past you now to say okay I got the message forever and a day we shall meet again for my dear love of my lifetime and our next one around I do so pray to you now. Don’t ever forget to say you want me back in the next one so your guardian angels shall know to tell God and thou Jesus to remind them so we may return as one union again sometime in forever. Dont wait for that late day thou you many love another one now until then when that time comes as I am not that selfish and you may see thee again today even a taller man is not that , he’s shorter than average not that either hes around my height and you may see him soon as I do love you so set your human form wings so free to love thee and we may again return again to be one again. Amen, Dont write back to me dear put a note out on the ledge for your Guardian Angel so wise to get the message to he thou great God by thy wisest Virgin Mary to say Amen to you he says thanks for doing this getting me out of this prison cell of heavens gate I was in. Now I have a really nice gleaming crown on to top it off I am with God hes leaning on me believe it or not so happy to see you writing to they for prosperity today you will be reaching out to many to inform them of your great long lengthy letter from us, all of us around hovering around a darkened cloud to light again to say a really big giant Amen to our fallen Angel who’s landed on her head in her earthly form as she’s not in heaven but a earthbound one who says too much gibber gabber is so nuts for us to take in a zen mode as we are so tranquil a reminder that many this way want to fade away from urgency and say its not so, a quote for you my love of my life to pass on. Amen again, for now til then when we meet again for really God says it will be another journey way in the far off future sometime as to love again in this life is so fine for you to know this is okay by us saying so, thats my prayer for you to love a new person and be with me again someday but the spirit of the light of ours is fine for today to light a spark on this earth for me is to say it now to all you know, my so important letter of love for you to see the new age world so aglow by my communication to you my dear forever more we are so grey to see the dark lights out now on the earth by your really great earth bound endeavors of saying our words now to the public so the light may go on that heaven is real for all to see the dear ones departed is misery who did not need to be returning so soon to us says God

Hello my name is LaDonna the father of my 1month old son his name is
Joseph.B d.ob. is 7/22/1986 he left us a lil over 2weeks ago and ran
off with another woman in the we hours of the morning due to an
argument and I’m wondering will he come back into our lives before I
make the decision to move to another state.
-LaDonna 07/13/1984

The answer is yes he will be back ,return to your angry arms out of sorts you may seem for he but its really a matter of such game playing as the other woman may be a dear true friend of a old classmate and he may be the one to be around you so soon, in a minute it could be if you are nice to see is that really a woman of love or just a game, a friend maybe I do pray to you, if you say this to he , he may be back so much sooner and quieter to speak to you and say sorry I was upset , I up and left too soon without telling you I do love you and you alone and that’s the truth as hes been away too long to yell again as he needs to be home with you and your new son and he will be we pray its soon.It should be within a day or so you hear from he and a year to be normal in a love bond it could take that long to iron out differences in such strong opinions as he does not want yelling ever again in his life. We say he will move in again or near there for a year and back and forth it may be from another place, a dear old friends house, a male he knows he may reside with to raise your great child so hang on tight and try not to scream and fight ever if you can hold your tongue from blasting him ever again please sit on your great wise hands to say an Amen , I shall reside here by him until he moves back in as we have a nice son to love together as one. Amen

Hi I’m having trouble understanding were all of my bad vibes are
coming from. I try my best to help but it seems like I can’t get the
job I want and my mind is always thinking negative thoughts even
though I know I can do much more. I need help to reveal who is not in
the best interest for me and who to stay away from
-Stephanie 09/20/1981

The negative vibes shall dissipate now by us calling thus out to remove them, your great heavenly guides say a new job is coming , its on the new horizon by a wonderful job application and its one person or a group you met with it already and spoke to in person at a really round table and Amen to you to know so we say it is so. It shall be the ringing of your telephone so soon and not a land line but your cell by a text it may be that way that it so occurs so soon by next month, the great July. The date may be March 15th 2018 when a friend you met made an error in your life by your standards, around that time you may know he is, a negative emotion it may be so be pleased to say hi to the other who is not a negative person really at all but may seem like one and thats a woman who’s tall and the other a man. The sunlight around you is so still now it shall shine out shortly in the dew of the great morning when the new day dawns around you dear one from your great spirit of light and wisdom guides, the man may be a friend thats mentioned above but he is is negative in some ways by what he says and may say again today or tomorrow or June 29th this year and hes kind inside but may stir up a heavy heart of woe some days in you and he’s not meaning to so forever in your mind you shall find that I your great spirit guide was the one by your light side as the spirit of mine as I am an ancestor not in a deep grave but by your dear side. I do love you so and now I’m able to say so. Thank you for calling upon me, you shall see your true to self spirit of light so set free by this great new energy. Amen from us in heaven earthbound now and many times, your guides above and around you now to call upon us we shall really grant you three wishes. The three are great and you shall know its us returning your heartfelt deep wishes of woe to disperse it all over the earth of ours now as we are all really standing upon it as to know us is to be so new in this day of great light you have that stops earthly negativity for all.

Is Jose Garcia Padilla (8/5/1995) my soulmate?
03/18/1981 Abidah

Yes, and you know this already we say from our heavenly realm a great state of our on inner light on and about the romance land of our still in the light love sense, we are your great guides speaking to answer this for you to see the love of a great whitest light around you on the white earth plains of our time to see you in love and say I do, we all wish the best soul mate connection for you.
Does my crush gary cook from Safeway still have a crush on me at
all?i feel I messed it up
06/19/1985 Mailyn

The answer is yes but more as an acquantace kept at an arms length in person and from afar may be more of friendlier gestures as it may the workplace ambiance or fear in person of a crush feeling serious could be why they seem to back away therefore to keep contact nicely with gaiety may be so pleasing as fear of a cute casual seeming crush turning into seriousness may be reason. Light touches of an air of friendly messages may occur when its this next phase on cell phones to an occasional email and it may turn more of a love tone by mid July to late Fall or past that into the winter months. Amen to be free of a rut feeling of stagnency of waiting for a great flirtatious one to become stable into a new light of love, our messenger of love is saying thought patterns are crossing of you and them thinking of each other at midnight, good to know for the past is almost over in the flirting manner to romance land ahead, to follow this great white light romance guides direction to say Amen and know thus if I love they I can speak this to my peers to roll off them to the great romance around this town to create a paved way to a love stone of such solid concrete, for you to be away at bay is seeming a bit off, for you to stay away is wrong, for you to be yourself with honesty is best to create it.Amen Your Blessing is to know this, a great song and a prayer is to be yet heard but shall lite up this very room by you saying that truth ,in a prayer all alone, I want to be close and have a great love life transpire by he.

Will my ex ever leave me alone will I meet someone special
06/06/1982 chamaine

He probably will become mean in an angry way or bolt out of a talk in person. If you wanted me back you would say so as to now it seems rather wrong to care at all for him its vengeance to make it fair and square. If you ever live away from each other and have seperate lives in the future maybe, if he falls in love and leaves the impossible of dwelling upon it then maybe years later.






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Opening to angels

March 7, 2018, 3:10 AM



By : Nikki Savage


I began the process of trying to connect with my guardian angel as I said I would back with my previous angel post.  I’m still not positive how to do it but from all I’ve read thus far, the first step is being open.


I’m open.  After reading the similarities in the angel evolution story and my most beloved vedic philosophy, Samkhya, I genuinely want to give this a try.  If what I read was true, our guardian angel is an energetic entity that accompanies us, somehow tied to our own energy.  This energy is of the same energy as our own soul but isn’t moved and altered by the world, not pulled in the same way.  I see the angel as perhaps what we commune with or resonate with when we are in a state of Buddhi, a reflection of ourselves above the ego.  (Again, I’m new to this and trying to work the angel energy into my own understanding of all energy.  I encourage anyone with a different understanding to share!)


So with this understanding, it made sense to start with the recommendation of mediation.  For this one, I chose just to ask my angel to be present with me.  I started by grounding.  I like doing a tree meditation to ground.  I envision my roots tapping into the Earth’s core then drawing the energy from the core through my being and projecting it outward like a shield.  I lit a candle I fell in love with at the thrift store that I recently added to my alter and found some angel music online to play.  The particular song I chose was actually a frequency piece, specifically a song called “5Hz Sync”.  Not the catchiest title but it was excellent to slip into a nice trance-like state of awareness.  (Note: Look out for a piece on sound healing and music frequency coming soon.)


I didn’t ask for any answers or try to really communicate.  And I didn’t make it a ritual.  I just sat, open to anything that I might receive, and asked for a sign of my angel’s presence.  The flame, that was burning low when I asked, leapt.  I can’t say it was definitely the sign, but I’m not a big believer in coincidences so I’m going with it.  I asked and I saw.


I got enough to want some more.  And during my meditations since I have been aware of a certain loving kind of vibe.  A warmth.  My lazy dog even got up to inspect all around me out of the blue while I felt it.  Maybe it was just from me meditating.  Either way, it is good.  But I am leaning towards some connection.  That’s been the extent of my angel experience thus far but I’ll keep working and listening and will post again once I have a new experience.  And I do believe I will.


If anyone has had an angel experience, I would love for you to share it below.  Let us know if it was a deliberate connection or out of the blue.  And if you work with your angel, how do you connect?  What advice can you offer beginners in working with these elemental beings?



We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.






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