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Capricorn Style Blog

December 29, 2013, 1:56 PM


By: Erin



Capricorns have a very sophisticated sense of style and tend to lean towards an almost business casual look for their overall look. It’s no surprise that Capricorns tend to lean towards put together looks. By nature, Caps are very driven and determined individuals and they pursue their goals very diligently.



Capricorns usually stick to the basics when it comes to their fashion; they choose comfort over style and lean towards darker colors like dark gray, navy, and black. They often will add a hint of red to an outfit to make it pop if they decide to add a bit of color.




Everyday Fashion for Capricorn Woman:



I chose Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the celebrity inspired look for a number of reasons. This Capricorn woman is the leader of the pack in my opinion. She is the definition of a Capricorn; ambitious, creative, witty, practical, warm-hearted, and she has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that people respect because it is clever.



Julia is wearing the basic fashion of the everyday Capricorn female. She’s keeping a certain flare of sophistication while rocking a pair of jeans and a blouse. The dark denim jeans are form-fitting and she is wearing a simple open toe black pump. Capricorns admire a good pair of comfortable pumps to compliment their outfit.



She tops off the outfit with a beautiful black top with sheer peasant arm short sleeves, a low (but not too low) cut v-neck with little ruffle lining, and a delicate horizontal pattern going around the midriff of the top. Julia adds her color with her red handbag. Nailed it!





Fashion for a Capricorn Womans Night On The Town:



Fellow Capricorn Naya Rivera is the inspiration for this look. This beauty is no stranger to the spotlight starring as Santana in the hit show Glee; she’s the girl we all love to hate and one of the only people to give Lea Michele a run for her money with her pipes. Naya is super sexy and let’s face it, this girl could put on a trash bag with those legs and make it work. Nonetheless, Naya stays in true Capricorn fashion and keeps is classy and adds a bit of sassy for a night on the town.


Capricorns know how to dress according to the occasion and although they are mostly reserved people and like to be covered up, they don’t mind showing a little bit of skin. They have their limits though; if they wear a strapless dress or they will bring a blazer to wear over top or if they wear something low-cut they will do the same. Naya chose an excellent look that is perfect for her star sign of Capricorn! She’s wearing a short, silk black dress with black lace overlay that has long sleeves and a cute white collar. The fact that she’s completely covered up her top half gives her the comfort she needs to show off her long bare legs.


Naya looks amazing in this look because her hair is loose and natural same with her makeup. Also, notice how she has her natural nails painted ruby red to match her simple red velvet pumps. Capricorn night out on the town look complete and aced by miss Naya Rivera!





How a Capricorn Woman Accessorizes:



When it comes to accessorizing Capricorn women aren’t like a lot of other signs in that they don’t have a signature or statement piece in their closet or jewelry box. Much like their fabrics, Capricorns tend to choose dark hues when it comes to their jewelry and don’t normally wear plain gold or silver. They like jewelry with unique patterns or that match their outfits.



They have very diverse taste in accessories and like all different kinds of looks. Capricorn women love vintage or retro styles of jewelry and handbags. When it comes to handbags you will most likely see them with a unique piece they found at a flea market, a basic black handbag, or an over-sized handbag that matches their outfit or is red in color.






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Sagittarius Style

November 22, 2013, 2:00 AM


By: Erin



I am very excited to be writing this blog. Being a Sagittarius with little to no fashion sense I have learned a lot in researching how to incorporate the zodiac into my style. So, for all of you fellow Sagittarians out there, this blog is for you.



Those born under the sign of The Archer love to experiment with styles and fashions. They are not prone to one type of look. One day they might wear a pair of jeans and a nice blouse and the next a floral dress and a pair of stilettos. A Sagittarius is all about keeping people guessing.



Some of today’s most notorious celebs are Sagittarians; Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Britney, Christina, Snooki… their looks have changed more in the past year than Lady Gaga has in her entire career. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but you get where I’m going with this.



Basic Fashion For the Everyday Sagittarius

I decided to spotlight one of my personal favorite celebrity Sagittarians for this piece; Christina Applegate. She’s the ultimate Sadge female – empowering, compassionate, funny, and very carefree. In this photo she’s spotted at an event wearing one of the staples in every Sagittarius females closet: purple.



Every sign in the zodiac has a color that is associated with them and what brings balance to their sign. Purple, mauve, violet… all shades, whether it’s their whole outfit, a tank top, an accessory, mani/pedi, etc. you will almost always see a Sagittarius wearing some shade of purple.



Christina’s shimmery light purple open blazer is a great touch to her sexy all black tank top, skinny jeans, and heeled boot ensemble.



Fashion For a Night on the Town

When it comes to a night out, a Sagittarius knows how to do fashion right! Whether they are sporting a sexy dress or a pants suit and flats they still turn heads. They have a very good sense of perception and judgment and therefore always know exactly what to wear to every occasion.



Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson is the perfect example. She’s seen here at a red carpet event in a gorgeous solid white dress with black ruffled trim and coordinating black sparkle belt, clutch, and pumps. Typically when going out, a Sagittarius female will choose a solid color dress with a black heel. Comfort trumps fashion though with the typical Sagittarius, so if they are in a dress it’s usually fun and light like Ashley’s.



You will often catch them wearing a nice pants suit or skirt with a nice blouse with flats too, because as I said before, no matter what they are wearing, a Sagittarius has a way of pulling any outfit together to make it appropriate for any and all occasions.



Accessories for Sagittarius

Reality TV star turned star of Glee and The New Normal Ms. Nene Leakes is the perfect example of how to accessorize like a champion Sagittarius female. She is an all star when it comes to accessorizing.



Sagittarius women love handbags. They like to mix things up and usually have a variety of different sizes and styles for every occasion and outfit. They especially love oversized handbags in dark or bold colors.



As for their jewelry it’s all about silver and gold. You will notice more often than not that Sagittarius woman will be wearing big gold or silver cuff bracelets or bangles. Also gold or silver rings that are very eye catching and make a statement much like the one Nene is sporting in this picture.




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Scorpio Style

October 22, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Erin



Scorpios are known for being very powerful, mysterious, intense and fearless people. They have confidence for days and are not afraid to try new looks and show some skin. Scorpios radiate sex and danger and their style shows it. Scorpios are very mysterious beings and they like dark, bold, and solid pieces are staples in their wardrobe. One of the things that Scorpios love the most is to strike when people least expect it so and it shows when it comes to accessorizing. They love to push the boundaries of fashion but always look fierce!



The Everyday Look


I decided to use Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning as our celebrity inspiration for this look for a number of reasons but mainly because she radiates sex and intensity. Taryn, who’s birthday falls on November 6th, is a great representation of Scorpio style. She chose a very low cut shimmery mini-skirt dress that shows a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg. Scorpios will take any opportunity to show off some skin, and this low cut dress is doing just that.


For most Scorpios, black needs to be incorporated into their outfit somehow. Taryn’s black cropped leather jacket adds an awesome “bad girl” touch. When it comes to their feet, Scorpio women love boots. Boots of any kind will do. Scorpios have to have a couple pairs of boots in their closet. Taryn’s low cut black boots are a great touch to the outfit and she looks absolutely amazing.




A Night On The Town


Expect to see a lot of bold fashion on the red carpet from our next celebrity Scorpio Jena Malone. She’s staring in the second installment of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In this picture Jena is on the money with her short sexy black dress. The top of the dress has bold, unique embellishments that add a very creative spin to the “little black dress” that every woman should have in their closet.


She’s got Scorpio’s signature look down by showing off her shoulders and long legs. Scorpio women love a great pair of heels. Stilettos, pumps, sling backs, you name it – the key is, they like unique looks. Jena chose a very sexy and fun strapped-heel sandal with a cuffed ankle to add a bit of edge. The shoes are perfect to show off her colorful pedicure to keep it fun.






When it come to accessorizing, Scorpios reign. Much like their outfits (and their personalities) their accessories need to make a BIG statement. Scorpio females love belts, scarves and they’re known for their variety of oversized handbags to go with every outfit. Scorpio women love to draw attention to their seductive eyes and often wear cat rimmed classes or Jackie-O style sunglasses.


Who accessorizes better than the star of E!’s Fashion Police Kelly Osbourne? Well, In my opinion, nobody. This woman is the Queen of all Scorpios. She has it all; the mystery, magnetism, creativity, and she is adventurous when it come to trying new styles. The female Scorpio loves to compliment her outfits with big, bold jewelry like bangled bracelets, huge arm cuffs and large rings. In this picture our purple-tressed goddess is rocking a huge black stone studded ring that matches the studded embellishments on the top of her black dress. Even her manicure is an accessory in this case. She has come a long way from her teen years and now is a style star. Go Kelly!

Libra Style

September 23, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Erin



Lucky number 7. In the seventh position of the zodiac, Libras bear the symbol of the scales. They are, by nature, great decision makers because of their even-handedness and are very logical. Libras are also great judges of character and because of this are very well liked and usually have a large social circle. Libras can adapt to pretty much any situation or surrounding they are thrown into and own it.


This all goes for their style too. Let’s look at it this way… The Scales: One side is the sexy siren, the other side is the modest maiden. Libras find the perfect balance between the two at all times. Let me break it down for you.



Every Day Look:
I chose celebrity Libra and style icon Gwen Stefani as an example of the perfect look for the every day Libra female. The typical Libra lady is all about looking glamorous and sexy – but comfortable. Libra women are natural fashionistas because they have that balance of the scales working in their favor so they tend to always make great fashion choices. The typical outfit for the every day Libra female would be a comfortable pair of dark, form-fitting trousers, and a light, open blouse maybe with a pattern… and shoes; when it comes to shoes, Libras will almost always choose a pair of pumps, wedges, or high heels over a pair of flats. Gwen’s look definitely says “I feel comfortable, sexy, and I’m rocking it!”



Libras are very creative. When it comes to accessorizing they get to show their creativity by the pieces they choose. Take Leo’s for example, they are all about the bling – sequins, diamonds, glitter, etc. Libras like to take the non-traditional route with their accessories and will often choose ones that are more realistic and compliments their outfit. When it comes to handbags, for a night out on the town you will most likely see a Libra woman with a small clutch matching her outfit and around town they like oversized handbags (usually faux designer) because Libras are all about looking stylish but being frugal. Quadrupal-threat Christina Milian is the perfect example of a Libra women’s choice in jewelry. Like most girls, they enjoy pearls, diamonds, and all of the above, but Libra women like to tip the scales by adding eccentric jewelry pieces to their outfits when the time is right.



Night On The Town:
It’s time to dance the night away and as a Libra woman, you know you want to look sexy and stylish but with all that dancing you are going to want to make sure you are going to be comfortable and there won’t be any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Typically choosing a short, strapless dress with a floral pattern and peep-toe heels, ensures they can’t go wrong. Catherine Zeta-Jones shows is the perfect example of a Libra lady ready for a night out. At the premier of Rock Of Ages, this Libra leading lady proves she’s the star of the show by wearing a short, sheer, form-fitting dress with a black floral design that leaves one arm bare and the other semi-covered so that she is turning heads but it’s not over the top for the occasion. Her black, strappy, peep-toe heels matched with the length of the dress is ideal for a Libra woman because they like to show off their athletic physique. A+.




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Virgo Style

August 23, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Erin


Virgo’s are known for being perfectionists in all aspects of their lives. This is no different when it comes to their appearance. I wanted to switch things up a bit with this blog and get into the different qualities of Virgo females and their style in general. They like to keep a very primped and polished look when it comes to fashion. I tend to view most Virgo females as beautiful dolls as they usually have a very youthful look and small, petite facial features, a great set of lips, and very pristine hairstyles. In this blog I will give tips on how to get the flawless looks of some of our favorite trend-setting celebrity Virgos.



First we have Nicole Richie.

Nicole has been known to make some rather bold choices in some of her ensembles but I must say, she rocks everything she wears. I love this girl! Nicole can pull off any look she tires and this one here is difficult to pull off but she looks amazing. The white high-waisted, almost MC Hammer-like pants were a bold choice, but Richie pulled this look together famously. She wore a low cut black satin bra-top under a white vest with a unique cut and single button bottom closure at the navel that added a bit of sexiness to the outfit showing too much skin. She really pulled the look together with the bi-color pointed-toe heels and simple updo.



Next is Jada Pinkett.

This woman is an enigma. Does she ever age?! Jada is the perfect example of what I meant when I used the term “beautiful dolls.” Her skin is absolutely flawless and her jawline could cut glass. Jada’s eyes are absolutely beautiful and she knows that she doesn’t need to layer on a bunch of make up to make them pop. She sticks with a simple liquid liner and a dash of mascara and uses gold, yellow, and white shimmery hues when it comes to her eye shadow. Her eyebrows have a great, natural arch and aren’t too thick or thin. Jada uses the tiniest bit of bronzer and blush on her cheekbones for a natural look. She accentuated her perfect lips with a natural light link base with a light gloss finish. I love that she pinned back the sides of her hair too… wouldn’t want to hide that beautiful face.



My final Virgo example of beauty excellence is Maggie Grace.

It’s pretty common for Virgo’s to stick to haircuts that are universal that will allow them to pull off multiple styles. What I mean is you see a lot of Virgo female celebs that have medium to long layered hair, often with a bang or some type of angled fringe like Lea Michele, Jennifer Hudson, Melissa McCarthy, and Cameron Diaz are just some examples of what I mean. This allows them to be free with experimentation. Maggie chose a fresh, easy style that’s as modern as it is timeless. Because of the asymmetrical silhouette, it gives the look a young, flirty vibe to the otherwise classic look.


Here is how you can copy Maggies look.


Step 1: While hair is still damp, run a tiny bit of smoothing creme through your hair from root to tip.
Step 2: Use a round brush to blow-dry your hair smooth and straight. With this step you want to really focus on the top sections of your hair.
Step 3: Once your hair is dry, use a large-barrel curling iron to create nice waves in your hair. You want to do this from the ears down because you want the top of your head to stay smooth and straight at this point.
Step 4: To add a bit of height and volume to your crown, GENTLY tease the hair around your crown with a fine-tooth comb. It is very important not to over-tease. You just want to add a very little bit of lift to the top of your hair.
Step 5: Gather your hair into a low ponytail and begin to twist it along the nape of our neck. Using bobby-pins, start pinning the hair as you go.
Step 6: Once you have reached the end of the neck (just behind your ear) begin to shape the remaining hair into loose curls and pin the, back over the twist. Spritz the strands into place using your favorite hairspray.


Extra optional options are if you want to add more texture you can gently finger-curl or scrunch the wispy ends and add a decorative accessory like Maggie did with her flower hairpin.

By: Erin


Aries: This fire sign is all about red. They tend to accent black and white outfits with bold red accessories or pieces. Aries love getting attention and boring isn’t allowed in their vocabulary or their closet! The Ram signifies this bold sign and they like to explore new trends involving their heads like hats, headbands, wraps, etc. They like trying new looks all the time and are born trendsetters.


Taurus: Taurus is pretty down to earth and practical. They tend to focus more on the quality of the fabrics and accessories they wear than the name on the label. Taurus likes to play it safe and go with earthy tones and tend to stick to wool, cashmere, corduroy and silks as their main pieces. They are very put together and all of their clothes fit them as if custom made for their bodies. In the rare occasion that they want to be a bit bold they will wear something that is a bit fancy – but not flashy – around their shoulder or neck area.


Gemini: Gemini, the sign of the twins. Their lives can get a bit chaotic at times and the same goes for their closet. Walking into a Gemini’s closet you might think it’s a shared space since there is a lot of different things going on in there. They like bright colors, funky patterns, and rare accessories. They often find themselves at a loss when they try to dress because they often can’t decide if they want a more put together look with a couple fun accessories or if they want to go with the flower print leggings and bright yellow top. Whatever they feel that day they will step out wearing an outfit to match no matter how eccentric it may be.


Cancer: Cancer’s much like their ruling sign of crab tend to be a bit reserved and hide behind the comfort of their shell. In this case the shell would be a pair of flannel pajamas and cotton slippers. If they had their way they would stay in their pj’s all day but they know this is not the case. When out and about, Cancer stays modest and tends to stick to classic or vintage materials like a simple lace or linens. Even thought they tend to stay on the comfy casual side in their day-to-day life they still look forward to getting home and nuzzling into those sweats for ultimate comfort.


Leo: Another fire sign that likes to be noticed! Leo’s are all about the bold, beautiful, and bling! They enjoy everything from prints, furs, leather, sequins…anything to get those heads turning in their direction. They stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and love to flaunt their trendy threads. They enjoy bold colors like reds, and oranges but when it comes down to it, Leo is all about the gold. The sun rules Leo so it’s no surprise they like to shine bright in their day-to-day style. Shown above is birthday girl Charlize Theron demonstrating the perfect style for a female Leo. Gold hues all around!


Virgo: Virgos are practical in their fashion taste and like to keep it classy and very put together. They like high quality material matched with the perfectly matched accessory. Virgos tend to stick to earthy colors and never get too bold with their fashion choices. They tend to be very analytical and this goes along with their style as well. They like comfort but not looking sloppy. A nice fitted pair of jeans with a silk shirt with little frill is their ideal day-to-day outfit. They feel comfortable when they have a clean, classic look that seems like they didn’t put too much effort into their look when in fact it was planned out very carefully.


Libra: Libras by nature are very fair, graceful and peaceful beings. This really reflects in their style choices. Often you will see Libra’s in floral patterns or pastel hues in pinks and violet. Their style is balanced like their personalities and enjoy the elegantly comfortable look.


Scorpio: One of the most daring signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are fearless and like to show their power to have all eyes dare to look their way. They like to make their presence known and are not ashamed to flaunt their stuff! They tend to stick to dark shades like purples, bark reds, and black, black, and more black. Scorpios are very passionate beings and they radiate sexuality. Tight jeans with an open toe stiletto, halter-tops, anything form fitting and when it comes to skirts – the shorter the better. Scorpios have no shame in their game!


Sagittarius: Sadges are very freedom-loving individuals and this really reflects in their style. They don’t have a set style. One day they are wearing a pair of worn out jeans and the next they are rocking a leopard print camisole with a black blazer and stilettos. They don’t like to be tied down or classified as one of the pack. This fire sign is always on the go and not into keeping to one task or place too long so their closet looks like a suitcase packed for someone being whisked away on a secret vacation and they were told to pack for everything and anything.  A few bold colors, a few prints, some sequins/sparkles, and a wide array of jeans and plain tops, this sign is very unpredictable.


Capricorn: Generally Capricorns are very cautious. They don’t like to take big risks and tend to go for the sophisticated yet somewhat stylish look. Capricorns are very driven people and they tend to dress for success in their day-to-day look. A pair of trousers and a simple blouse covered by a sport coat or blazer is not an uncommon look for this sign. They stick to darker colors like charcoal, navy blue, brown, and black. They tend to put comfort before style.


Aquarius: Aquarians are very individualistic. They keep with the trends yet put their own twist on things. They usually stick to bold dark colors but they do like to throw the burst of color into their outfit from time to time. Instead of a normal cheetah print top they might have a rainbow colored cheetah print top. Their style is much like a Sagittarius in that it’s hard to pinpoint a specific style because Aquarians like to change things up when it comes to style. They like to be fashion forward and take risks with trendy pieces by adding their own twist.


Pisces: Pisces are hopeless romantics and their style tends to be very soft. They are drawn to light pastel shades of blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and lilac. They enjoy light airy fabrics and typically can be seen in light shorts and breezy top or a sundress. The color blue is probably most dominant in their wardrobe and in their jewelry box.

Leo Style Star 1 – Mindy Kaling

July 24, 2013, 2:27 AM


By: Erin



Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun so it is no wonder they shine so brightly! The universe literally revolves around them. Those who fall under the sign of Leo often crave attention and love being in the spotlight. With that being said, I have decided to dedicate an entire series of blogs dedicated to some of today’s shining stars that fall under the sizzling sign of Leo.



First up, birthday girl Mindy Kaling; best known for portraying pop-culture, boy crazy, fashionista Kelly Kapoor on The Office and now starring on her hit show The Mindy Project. Mindy is the embodiment of the typical Leo. She is flamboyant, self assured, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky, artistic and charming.



Much like some of her on-screen personalities, Mindy definitely has a great sense of style. She likes to be noticed when she goes out and she makes sure she picks outfits that will get attention.



The lion symbolizes Leos and those who fall under this sign sometimes have a habit of being a bit to flashy and not being able to “tame the lion” as I like to say. Sometimes they overdo it. Mindy doesn’t go for the overly flashy look. This girl knows exactly how to turn heads with a few simple pieces.



This is one of my favorite looks for Mindy. She nailed it with this outfit! The short, bright blue satin jumper brings out the beautiful warm golden hues of her skin. Normally when you think jumper you don’t think glamor but the colorful sequin embellishment around the collar and bust really add that bit of flare and jazz it up. Mindy added a tailored black blazer and shiny black heels to bring the outfit together.



This girl is rocking the yellow carpet! It’s super important to always remember to dress appropriately for each situation. In this photo Mindy is at the premier for Despicable Me 2 and she did a great job dressing for the occasion. Her heels are high enough to satisfy her sexy side but not over the top and her shorts aren’t too short; she’s flawless in this look.



Leo’s like to pick styles that people will be talking about for weeks and feature them in the “best dressed” section of magazines, maybe even get a thumbs up from Joan Rivers…they want that approval in everything they do – especially fashion.



Congratulations Mindy, you win my vote for best dressed this week.

Leo Hairstyles

July 22, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Erin



It’s clear that those who fall under this sign have a striking head of hair, after all it is what they are kind of known for. Leo’s are bold and always make a lasting impression when it comes to their style. Think volume, shine, and glorious in every way, the lioness locks are sure to make a statement.


Anna is a very low-maintenance girl but even when she’s rocking sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt her hair still always looks amazing! Her luscious Leo locks are very beautiful and here’s how you can get Anna’s look.



1.     Flip damp hair upside-down and apply a volumeizer to just the roots then flip back over.


2.     Finger-comb through your damp mane with a texturizing lotion.


3.     Blow dry hair using a round brush.


4.     To create the loose, soft waves you can use the round brush then finish off by loosely wrapping just the ends of your hair around a wide barrel curling iron.


5.     To break up the waves and curls you can finger-comb through your locks to create fullness in the hair.


(Using a brush is okay too. Note: if you use a brush you will get a bit of a different look – more beachy waves not so much curl.)


6.      Finish the look off with a lightweight hairspray for hold.



The best thing about this look is that it’s not only super easy but also it works for any face shape. If you already have really thick, wavy hair like I do, I like to use a product called beach wave for just a bit of added texture then finish it off with the wide barrel iron.



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Cancer Hairstyle

June 22, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Tammy



Cancer women are sensitive, romantic and determined, and usually choose a classic hairstyle. Blow-dried hairstyles, retro hairstyles, and the classic bob haircuts complement these gracious women. Cancer women are known for there round faces leaving hairstyling options pretty much endless and anything will look amazing on you!



To really enhance your great facial features, consider adding layers around your cheekbones, lips or chin and a side – swept bang, which will draw interest to your face and provide you with a pretty frame. A chromatic palette with red shades, from brunt orange to bright copper, but also different shades or brown might be the perfect choice for the Cancer women.



Fellow Cancerian Selma Blair’s quirky personality and sense of style and her hairs reflex that. We all remember when Selma dramatically cropped off her bellybutton-length hair and went for the asymmetrical look or her ultra short cut with wispy baby bangs is a fresh take on the classic pixie.



Selma’s recent bob cut has all sorts of attitude without a lot of bells and whistles. The blunt edges throughout the perimeter and slight texture in the fringe are all that’s needed to give this bob some spunk. Adding some stylish waves to her sassy bob is a great way to dress things up a bit. Sexy and sophisticated is the style of any Fabulous Cancer Girl.



We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.



Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.

Gemini Hair

May 20, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Tammy


Gemini women are one of the luckiest in the zodiac, it’s common that they look at least a decade younger than their actual age, and are blessed with sparkling eyes and good facial symmetry. Just look at Gemini celeb Angelina Jolie. What does this mean for their hair? For one thing, they can pull off the most fashionable, youthful and trend setting styles well into old age. Gemini’s love change, so more often than not they will be constantly changing their hairstyle, length and hair color.


Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie is as well known for her box office success as she is for her humanitarian work, but on top of all that, we are totally in love with her hair! With her bee-stung lips and chiseled cheekbones, it’s no wonder Angelina Jolie needs very little in the way of cosmetics. Although in her youth she experimented with platinum crops and pitch-black extensions, these days the mother of six sports an easy-to-style long dark mane. In fact, despite her show-stopping red-carpet appearances with partner Brad Pitt, it has been said that the U.N. ambassador is at her best without any enhancement.


We love her lush brunette hair; it suits her peachy complexion and gorgeous sparkly eyes down to the ground! She has experimented with length and style and for a while she went a few shades darker too, but she always returns to her trademark look – chocolate brown with caramel hues.


To achieve Angelina’s signature look (the sexy mysterious waves); use some mousse at the roots of your hair, and a silicone-based product on the rest of your hair. Divide hair into two sections, a top one and a bottom one, for easier blow-drying. Pin the top section up and begin drying the bottom section. Blow-dry your hair straight. Use a large vent or paddle brush and dry sections of the hair from the roots to the ends, keeping the nozzle of your blow-dryer aimed at a downward angle to prevent frizz and flyaway hairs.


To increase the volume at the roots of your hair, capture sections of your hair with your brush and lift the hair upward 2 or 3 inches. Hold the section there while you dry underneath with the blow dryer. Unpin the top section and repeat the drying process. Flip your head upside-down once more and spray a light-hold hair spray at the roots of your hair. Remain upside-down for a few seconds to allow the hair spray to dry, and then flip right side up again.
Apply a very small amount of smoothing shine to the palms of your hands and then run it through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.




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