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By: Erin




I decided to write todays blog on my favorite sexy singing, dancing, drumming, former mullet rocking fire sign; John Stamos. Today he celebrates his 50th birthday and this Leo just keeps getting better with age. Since Stamos is rumored to be on the market right now, I wanted to take this opportunity to do something kind of fun and different and go through some of his past and present costars and rumored flames and do a compatibility report based on their astrological signs.



First up, Jami Gertz:

Jami and John stared in the TV show Dreams in 1984. Jamie was born on October 28th which makes her a Scorpio, one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. The combination of John’s fire sign and Jami’s water sign is interesting but very short. They would face a lot of jealousy and manipulation within the relationship had they gotten together. As a Leo, John needs to feel like he has a lot of power and that would not bode well for Jami. Her stinger would surely pierce Johns beautiful heart.
My Opinion: No Scoprios for John. Leave Jami to her Lost Boys costar Keifer Southerland. Side note: John’s EX-wife Rebecca Romijn was also a Scorpio…



Next we have the infamous “Vanity”:

Denise Matthews aka “Vanity” was known to be a bit of a trouble maker. Vanity is an ex-model, singer, dancer, and actress with exotic good looks who specialized in playing the role of the sultry bad girl. Vanity has since given up her bad girl ways and converted to the ways of the lord but back when her and our guy costarred in Never Too Young To Die in 1986 John could have easily fallen for the raven haired vixen. Vanity, a Capricorn, would have probably stricken his fancy by paying him endless compliments and praise, but only because she knows as a Leo, that’s what he wants. Had they started a fling it would have been very short lived because this particular Capricorn is very devious and troubled and John is a man who knows what he wants and let’s little get in his way…even the most beautiful temptress.
My Opinion: Back then, “Vanity” was a poison for people’s careers. She was toxic. John is lucky he didn’t get sucked into her ways like Nikki Sixx or Adam Ant.



“Aunt Becky” Lori Loughlin:

Now, John and Lori costarred on one of the biggest TV shows ever as America’s favorite Aunt and Uncle. John and Lori had actually been an item before they were ever costars on Full House. They were on a few soap operas together in their teen years and they broke it off because the timing was never right according to Stamos. Now to the chart. Lori was born on July 28th which makes her a Virgo. The combination of Virgo and Leo is a good pairing… for the most part. I can see why Stamos said the timing wasn’t right when they were teens. This combination of Fire and Earth has a very strong base but there are factors that can be a bit combative. Virgos tend to be perfectionists and critical (even when there is nothing to really be critical of) and they are very practical and conservative. Leo’s on the other hand are the opposite. They are very extravagant and like to live on the edge and rarely plan out minor details when they can just wing it. This may have been the cause of their problems. As teens they probably just gave up on the relationship not wanting to deal with the issues but as adults, this combination could easily balance out. There is a lot of passion between Leo and Virgo. Even though Lori is now married with her own children John admits that she may very well be “the one that got away.”
My Opinion: She’s like the Mary-Kate to his Ashley. No disrespect to her husband but I think they belong together… but hey, I’m a child of the 80′s, I’m a bit bias.




The Rumored Rebound, Renee Zellweger:

Renee, a Taurus the sign of the stubborn Bull. They were doomed from the start. John hadn’t been reported to have had any serious relationship since his divorce at that point in time and Renee had a long strand of heartbreaks in a very short period of time. They are both die hard romantics and love love which is all well and good but I think the two of them getting together at that time was a bad idea. Renee is the type of person who jumps from relationship to relationship without allowing the proper time in between each heartbreak to really reflect or be by herself. John is the total opposite. He was devastated after his split from his ex-wife (Rebecca R.) This relationship was only rumored when they were spotted together in 2011 looking cozy in Disneyland.
My Opinion: It could have been that they were just friends having a good time in a magical place but if the two were dating, it’s a good thing it didn’t last long because with Renee’s track record John would have been setting himself up for another major heartbreak.




The Other Lion, Jayma Mays:

John and Jayma costarred together in the hit TV show Glee. Jayma was born on July 16th which also makes her a Leo. Usually, Leo on Leo relationships could work. They know how the other ones mind works, they share the same passions, same goals, but they also share the same stubbornness, and ego which could lead these 2 fire signs to combustion. Sure, there’s passion, romance, and they would have a lot of fun together but if this relationship were to have happened it may have had some serious issues in the long run. They both sing, dance, and love to pull pranks which would keep their relationship fun but I think that’s why they have great chemistry on screen.
My Opinion: I think they are probably really good friends in real life. It’s almost like Jayma is the female version of John! They should definitely pair up again on screen or do a short web series to show the shenanigans they could get into together.




The Younger Triple Threat, Tika Sumpter:

Tika and John just wrapped filming “My Man Is a Loser”. In the movie, it has another female listed as Stamos’ love interest but from the info I gathered on her she’s Rebecca Romijn’s doppleganger and there wasn’t much info on her so I decided to go with Tika. She’s beautiful, talented, well spoken, and fun. She’s definitely got all the fixings to make our guy swoon. Tika was born on June 20th so she falls under the sign of the crab; Cancer. Now, she’s 17 years younger than John but personally, I think age is just a number… depending on the situation. John is still young at heart and like I said before he’s a prankster and keeps it light and spontaneous so I think a younger woman might be a good fit. If John were to spark up a romance with a Cancer woman, Tika would be the one. She’s right on the cusp on Cancer and Leo so she has some of the Cancer traits in that she will be may not always know how to express herself in a way that’s up to Leo’s standards and might be a bit vague at times which could lead to a bit of a road block. However, Cancer’s are very loving people and she would definitely make John feel like the King in her world but if she doesn’t express this feeling all the time John may feel like she is losing interest and give up. Cancer’s are usually homebodies but I think Tika is very driven and seeks out adventures and new experiences which would work perfectly in a relationship with a Leo like John.
My Opinion: Hmm, the combination of Fire and Water. Usually, I would say this speaks for itself and that it’s probably not a good combo but in this case; I think it would work… at least for a while. I don’t know if it would be an everlasting love but I think it could have potential. It would definitely be interesting to see how the relationship would go. Plus, their babies would be painfully good-looking!



After doing some research, I think the best fir for our guy would probably be either a Libra or a Sagittarius. The reason why I came to this conclusion is based on a few different factors.


First I’ll start with Libra. Libra’s are very bright and creative people. They  aren’t too keen on being the decision makers so John will be able to take the lead and be the decision maker and a Libra would gladly follow with whatever he throws at them. They are open to new experiences because they love to learn about new things and stay active which is key when you’re involved with a fire sign like Leo. A libra would give him the admiration he needs and deserves and be enthusiastic towards all of his goings on.
My Libra picks for John: Anna Camp, Gillian Jacobs, Amanda Detmer.



With a Sagittarius, again you have the mix of two fire signs but in this case it works completely! With a Sagittarius John will get everything he needs; adventure, passion, fun… total fulfillment. They can stimulate him intellectually as well as emotionally and this is what he needs. Sagittarius doesn’t like to stay in one place too long and thrives on constant stimulation and they definitely have all the personality traits that would make John want to fall in love with them and share a life of love, fun, and all of the above.
My Sagittarius picks for John: Jennifer Carpenter, Krysten Ritter, Katheryn Winnick.


When it all is said and done I know that people across America were beyond excited when this happened a couple weeks ago on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”


Leo and The Compatibility Factor

August 12, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Ann



Leo & Aries – Two egos in a relationship… Fire and passion only. Can two strong signs such as these ones get along? Of course they can. You – one of the best specimens of humanity, made to shine and be the first. The Aries – a brain full of ideas and a heart full of passion. How could you NOT get along? It is true that the sooner two fires catch light the more volatile future becomes. Aries has much the same flaws as you have, and when you argue, there is fire literally. Neither of you stops in the middle of things. This means enthusiasm when in action but stubbornness in discussions.



Leo & Taurus – In a few words? Conflicts and conflicts again. That means too many personality conflicts. Taurus has to have it his/her way all the time. Taurus is as stubborn as a bull and moreover, Taurus is a fixed sign, just like you. Not to say that Taurus constantly refuses to acknowledge your true value, to admire you as any mortal should do. Taurus also needs too much commitment that you cannot give to such an ungrateful person.



Leo & Gemini – Fire and Air. Have you put your royal claws on a Gemini? You’d better hold him/her tight then – or better, hold “them”, because Gemini has so many personalities that (s)he will surprise you every day. Leo and Gemini like the same things: socializing, spending, buying expensive things, having many friends. The absent-minded Gemini doesn’t take love or life as seriously as Leo does. This might bother you sometimes but there are so many things that fascinate you that Gemini deserves being forgiven for it. With Gemini, you will know both complete happiness and utter despair.



Leo & Cancer – Fire and Water? You’d better not… but you’ll see for yourself. Every time you try to have a conversation with a Crab or make him/her express and explain his/her feelings, you’ll get the impression that Cancer doesn’t know what (s)he wants. Cancer is very vague in anything (s)he does, but especially in expressing him/herself. To you, dear Leo, a relationship that is not exciting, that does not stimulate you and in which you are not the centre of the universe (as you deserve) is not worth trying. On the other side, Cancer, although (s)he is willing to make you the Sun of his/her galaxy, is a more domestic native and (s)he won’t be able to satisfy your taste for adventure or keep up with you. Although you are the most passionate of the natives, you’ll get bored with his/her demands very quickly because, let’s be serious, who can offer so much love every day, for years?



Leo & Leo – Definitely yes. A Leo-Leo relationship can be excellent provided that you don’t forget the Leo next to you feels the same need for compliments, admiration and adoration as you do. Therefore, you have to give as much as you expect. It shouldn’t be too difficult because just like you, (s)he is passionate and ardent, full of ideas and desirous of living life to the full. In fact, two Lions can only live the love story of a king and a queen. A great love, but sometimes, a great rivalry, too. Any time you have an argument, neither of you is willing to give in for the other one’s sake. Although you both are very romantic, lively and sexually prolific, the basic problem will be: who’s the boss?



Leo & Virgo – Fire and Earth? Maybe for a short while… Leo is a strong creature, while Virgo is a perfectionist and a master of criticism (this will lead to most of the problems!). Of course, we could look at it in a different way: Virgo, being such a perfectionist, could think (s)he found perfection itself (that any Leo represents exceptionally). But Virgo has an often exasperating sense of detail and (s)he criticizes even when there is nothing to criticize. Virgo is practical, prudent and conservative. You, dear Leo, are extravagant, sophisticated and spendthrift. You enjoy the highlife and Virgo doesn’t like that very much so (s)he will cool down your enthusiasm immediately.



Leo & Libra – Fire and Air. A good combination from many points of view. Leo’s creative nature goes with Libra’s artistic inclination and Libra will always be delighted at your personality, dear Leo. Libra is not good at making decisions, so (s)he won’t mind you making them, for (s)he has the tendency to dominate, but (s)he also has a subtle way of manifesting it. A Leo-Libra relationship will be an active one, full of bright conversation and going outs (Libra is a very sociable sign) in which both partners spend a lot. Libra is willing to give you all the admiration you deserve and will be so delighted at your enthusiastic and ardent style of living your life, coming up with ideas and making plans, that (s)he won’t be upset if (s)he is dominated. Therefore, in a Leo-Libra relationship you will be appreciated. Follow this road, you won’t be sorry.



Leo & Scorpio – Fire and Water. Beautiful, fascinating, but… short. Scorpio, even if (s)he sets you upon a lofty pedestal, will never tell you that. Not only because (s)he is mysterious, but because Scorpio thinks this is the right thing to do. Leo is most often the easiest sign to manipulate, precisely because (s)he is so sensitive when it comes to praise. And, as a Water sign that has a good intuition, Scorpio knows that and (s)he will take advantage of it. On the other hand, Scorpio is possessive and jealous and you won’t like that very much. From your point of view, Scorpio is simply a difficult and temperamental native. If you, dear Leo, could overcome the tendency of fighting for being the boss and if you both knew how to listen to what the other is saying or wants more carefully, the Leo-Scorpio relationship could become a fervent one. If only!



Leo & Sagittarius - Fire and Fire. Yes, this is a relationship in which you will feel fulfilled! Sagittarius can offer you very much. You both have the tendency to take love as a great adventure, you are both passionate and neither of you doesn’t control him/herself for long. Sagittarius will stimulate you intellectually and emotionally. This is what a Leo needs to become faithful. Your open-mindedness regarding everything that means life and adventure goes with Sagittarius’ extrovert personality very well, and (s)he will truly appreciate your qualities. Problems? As Sagittarius is the same element as you are (i.e. Fire), (s)he has almost the same flaws, meaning that it is possible for you to have problems if you do not agree: strong arguments, harsh words and other such things could come out.



Leo & Capricorn – Fire and Earth… hardly had it begun, when it ended. However, there are some chances… if you manage to convince this Capricorn of some significant details, such as constantly acknowledging your merits. he prudent and practical Capricorn, who is often a little snob and always a little conservative, will burden Leo’s romantic and enthusiastic personality. Capricorn is a very stubborn Earth sign and it is very hard to convince him/her to open his/her heart. You will need much patience especially since Capricorn is also devious… You will always move in a roundabout way with a Capricorn. Capricorn is very analytical and sensible, which will inhibit your exuberance, and Leo does not accept this. If you are ready to put aside your pride, to accept Capricorn’s rather frequent and precise criticism and make him/her open up to you, then this Leo-Capricorn relation stands a chance.


Leo & Aquarius – It is either too good, or too bad. The physical attraction between you two is fantastic. It was probably love at first sight… But Aquarius’ tendency towards analysis and criticism will hurt your ego. Aquarius is often distant and seems not to have feelings, because (s)he lives in the Air, and to a decent Leo this resembles rejection! Aquarius is very individualist and too independent for you, dear Leo. Aquarius is meant to change the world, and these people are not to be kept at home. Aquarius will often say you are too conservative and you don’t do enough. Maybe your Aquarius will respect you, but not as much as you need.



Leo & Pisces – Fire and Water. Don’t even think about it! Leo is shining, ardent and dominating. Pisces is mystical and a little too dreamy. The differences between you two are too big. Leo is a Fire sign, Pisces is a Water sign, two elements that cancel each other. Pisces is sentimental (even sugary!), emotional and very romantic. Pisces doesn’t show his/her feelings, and from his/her point of view, communication can be done in many ways, but not through words. Pisces will surely admire you and make you feel the most important, (s)he will understand and humor you. But, somehow, you feel you can’t communicate with him/her. It is as if your Pisces is always living in a different world and the things that are most important to him/her don’t interest you at all.



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By: Erin


Aries: This fire sign is all about red. They tend to accent black and white outfits with bold red accessories or pieces. Aries love getting attention and boring isn’t allowed in their vocabulary or their closet! The Ram signifies this bold sign and they like to explore new trends involving their heads like hats, headbands, wraps, etc. They like trying new looks all the time and are born trendsetters.


Taurus: Taurus is pretty down to earth and practical. They tend to focus more on the quality of the fabrics and accessories they wear than the name on the label. Taurus likes to play it safe and go with earthy tones and tend to stick to wool, cashmere, corduroy and silks as their main pieces. They are very put together and all of their clothes fit them as if custom made for their bodies. In the rare occasion that they want to be a bit bold they will wear something that is a bit fancy – but not flashy – around their shoulder or neck area.


Gemini: Gemini, the sign of the twins. Their lives can get a bit chaotic at times and the same goes for their closet. Walking into a Gemini’s closet you might think it’s a shared space since there is a lot of different things going on in there. They like bright colors, funky patterns, and rare accessories. They often find themselves at a loss when they try to dress because they often can’t decide if they want a more put together look with a couple fun accessories or if they want to go with the flower print leggings and bright yellow top. Whatever they feel that day they will step out wearing an outfit to match no matter how eccentric it may be.


Cancer: Cancer’s much like their ruling sign of crab tend to be a bit reserved and hide behind the comfort of their shell. In this case the shell would be a pair of flannel pajamas and cotton slippers. If they had their way they would stay in their pj’s all day but they know this is not the case. When out and about, Cancer stays modest and tends to stick to classic or vintage materials like a simple lace or linens. Even thought they tend to stay on the comfy casual side in their day-to-day life they still look forward to getting home and nuzzling into those sweats for ultimate comfort.


Leo: Another fire sign that likes to be noticed! Leo’s are all about the bold, beautiful, and bling! They enjoy everything from prints, furs, leather, sequins…anything to get those heads turning in their direction. They stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and love to flaunt their trendy threads. They enjoy bold colors like reds, and oranges but when it comes down to it, Leo is all about the gold. The sun rules Leo so it’s no surprise they like to shine bright in their day-to-day style. Shown above is birthday girl Charlize Theron demonstrating the perfect style for a female Leo. Gold hues all around!


Virgo: Virgos are practical in their fashion taste and like to keep it classy and very put together. They like high quality material matched with the perfectly matched accessory. Virgos tend to stick to earthy colors and never get too bold with their fashion choices. They tend to be very analytical and this goes along with their style as well. They like comfort but not looking sloppy. A nice fitted pair of jeans with a silk shirt with little frill is their ideal day-to-day outfit. They feel comfortable when they have a clean, classic look that seems like they didn’t put too much effort into their look when in fact it was planned out very carefully.


Libra: Libras by nature are very fair, graceful and peaceful beings. This really reflects in their style choices. Often you will see Libra’s in floral patterns or pastel hues in pinks and violet. Their style is balanced like their personalities and enjoy the elegantly comfortable look.


Scorpio: One of the most daring signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are fearless and like to show their power to have all eyes dare to look their way. They like to make their presence known and are not ashamed to flaunt their stuff! They tend to stick to dark shades like purples, bark reds, and black, black, and more black. Scorpios are very passionate beings and they radiate sexuality. Tight jeans with an open toe stiletto, halter-tops, anything form fitting and when it comes to skirts – the shorter the better. Scorpios have no shame in their game!


Sagittarius: Sadges are very freedom-loving individuals and this really reflects in their style. They don’t have a set style. One day they are wearing a pair of worn out jeans and the next they are rocking a leopard print camisole with a black blazer and stilettos. They don’t like to be tied down or classified as one of the pack. This fire sign is always on the go and not into keeping to one task or place too long so their closet looks like a suitcase packed for someone being whisked away on a secret vacation and they were told to pack for everything and anything.  A few bold colors, a few prints, some sequins/sparkles, and a wide array of jeans and plain tops, this sign is very unpredictable.


Capricorn: Generally Capricorns are very cautious. They don’t like to take big risks and tend to go for the sophisticated yet somewhat stylish look. Capricorns are very driven people and they tend to dress for success in their day-to-day look. A pair of trousers and a simple blouse covered by a sport coat or blazer is not an uncommon look for this sign. They stick to darker colors like charcoal, navy blue, brown, and black. They tend to put comfort before style.


Aquarius: Aquarians are very individualistic. They keep with the trends yet put their own twist on things. They usually stick to bold dark colors but they do like to throw the burst of color into their outfit from time to time. Instead of a normal cheetah print top they might have a rainbow colored cheetah print top. Their style is much like a Sagittarius in that it’s hard to pinpoint a specific style because Aquarians like to change things up when it comes to style. They like to be fashion forward and take risks with trendy pieces by adding their own twist.


Pisces: Pisces are hopeless romantics and their style tends to be very soft. They are drawn to light pastel shades of blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and lilac. They enjoy light airy fabrics and typically can be seen in light shorts and breezy top or a sundress. The color blue is probably most dominant in their wardrobe and in their jewelry box.

By: Office Staff



With summer in full swing and lot’s of people traveling, we wanted to give a bit of insight to those of you not sure where to go this summer. Plan your perfect summer getaway based off of your sign and you are sure to have a wonderful experience! Here are some of our recommendations for Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Check back on Wednesday when our focus will be on the red hot Fire Signs; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.





For the fun-loving and laid back Taurus, find something that is slow-paced, easygoing, relaxed with no set time schedule. This is a great sign to be with if you really need to unwind and relax because the comforts of home and solitude is what this sign enjoys the most to rejuvenate with.



US: Pacific Northwest.

Internationally: Orient Express through Europe.





Down to Earth, this sign offers a very well planned and thought out vacation. Be prepared to enjoy your vacation by actually advancing your knowledge as well of whatever plans they come up with. Since Virgo’s typically like to cook, be prepared to learn something new for the kitchen by the time the trip is over.



US: The Napa Valley.

Internationally: Italy (Sicily).





As a Earth sign, they like stability, security, and safety. They enjoy taking charge of their own schedules and like to plan things on their own. They are into history, especially international history. If you want to experience history, vacation with this sign, but also read up on the destination so you can get an idea of what to pack for your grand adventure.



US: New York (The Pierre Hotel).

Internationally: South America.



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By: Office Staff



We are excited to announce our latest press release. Check out the full release here.



In April, Foretell announced the launch of their new age product site Inside Utopia where their customers could go and browse through the best new age products on the market. The feedback has been great so far and they are offering customers the chance to win one of the products during their birthday month just for calling in and speaking with a psychic. has been offering their customers 5 complimentary minutes with a purchase during their birthday month for the past twenty-one years, but this year they wanted to offer something to really show their gratitude to their best customers by offering them one of these amazing products that they can enjoy on a daily basis.



One of the offered items is the very popular Constellation Swarovski Crystal Necklaces, normally ranging from $78 – $110, Foretell is giving it away for free to the best customer during their birthday month. The company is also allowing customers the option to choose from their aromatherapy section if they wish to pamper themselves with some of the wonderful bath products or enjoy the soothing ambiance of their aromatherapy candles. Lastly, Foretell will offer the choice of one of their products from Inside Utopia’s health and wellness section for customers who are interested in healthy lifestyle.



The more you call the better your chances! Cancer signs call between June 22nd and July 22nd. You definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to win one of these products!



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Celebrity Profile – Lena Dunham

May 13, 2013, 12:30 AM


By: Erin



Today I’d like to focus on the star of HBO’s hit series Girls Lena Dunham. We see a lot of her these days, and I mean a lot of her! Lena can do it all; act, write, direct, produce, you name it. At only 26 years old she’s recently been named one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine. Personally, I love her and I am very excited to write this blog and learn more about the inner mind of miss Dunham. Her chart is very interesting. It’s a bit all over the place, much like her character Hannah in Girls.



Born: May 13, 1986

New York City, NY

Birth Time: Unknown



Sun Sign: Taurus:

Sharing the same sun sign as our other featured celebrities we really don’t have to go into too much further detail on this one. With her sun in Taurus she too proves to have a strong work ethic and great career goals.


Lena sticks to her guns in true Taurus fashion and can be a bit hard to get her to budge on some of her ideas so the stubbornness of the bull definitely shows in this feisty girl.



How Others See Her: Ascendant: Capricorn:

In general, people see her as someone with a lot of perseverance and ambition. Lena seems to be wise way beyond her years. She has a very unique way of thinking and general outlook on life, which seem to draw a lot of people towards her.


She is very sarcastic and some people might be a bit put off by this if they don’t know her on a personal level. She is very witty but it’s not a generic type of wit, she is very smart and so is her humor and if you don’t get it, you might think she is a bit egocentric.



Her Inner Personality: Moon: Cancer:

She tends to seek comfort and cling to things she feels most familiar with like her home, family, and friends. She is a bit insecure and this is why she tends to cling onto these things for security. Lena doesn’t deal with change very well and is a creature of habit.


Due to her underlying insecurities, if she feels like she’s being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of watch out; she can be a bit manipulative. Most likely she won’t confront the person directly, she will get their attention in a roundabout way and become pretty irrational. Sometimes she might be a bit hard to deal with. On the other hand, Lena for the most part is pretty easy going. If you treat her with respect and kindness you will get it back times 10. She is a very caring person. She just doesn’t have time for people who are going to treat her like crap.



How She Communicates To the World: Mercury: Taurus:

People like listening to what she has to say. She is very smart, witty, and has a lot of creative and unique ideas and thoughts. Lena is very animated when she speaks and it shows her passion for what she is talking about.


She has strong opinions and she voices them well. She is a great thinker and she knows how to get people to really listen to her and get them to understand her though process.



Her Relationships: Venus: Gemini:

As much as she craves love, she is a bit resistant of relationships simply because she fears getting too comfortable with a person too quickly. She might be a bit overly cautious at times. She has a lot of love to give and wants to be loved but she tends to be a bit detached on an emotional level.


As you can see in the other parts of her chart, Lena has a lot of different sides to her and this really reflects in her relationships. She has so many different interests that her tastes change very quickly so she might not exactly know what she wants in a partner. When she is in a relationship, it’s hard to know what to expect from one day to the next.


She needs someone who can keep her stimulated on a mental level and a go with the flow kind of guy. She can talk for hours about anything and everything so her partner needs to be able to do the same. Lena likes to tease and be playful with her mate. She likes to have fun and keep things light.



What Motivates Her: Mars: Capricorn:

What motivates Lena most is her need to stay in control of everything. Perhaps this is why she dabbles in many different areas of the creative world. She is in no way a “control freak” but she definitely likes order or even a little bit of chaotic order. Again, going back to what has been mentioned before, she is very wise and she knows she will go far because she has a lot of common sense and she has realistic goals for herself.


Lena puts herself into her work whole-heartedly. She uses it almost as a form of therapy or anger management. By playing these roles she is able to show her real self to the world, good and bad without really feeling like she’s actually exposing herself. All the quirky, traumatizing, hilarious, victories, failures, are all out there and by people showing they can relate to these things that’s really what makes her want to continue doing what she is doing.



We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.



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By: Erin


He may play a dancing, singing jock on feel-good TV show Glee but this Taurus definitely has some bad boy qualities. With a mix of Aires, Leo, and Gemini it’s no wonder he has a bit of a wild side in real life. Let’s take a look into this multi-talented Canadian’s chart and see what we come up with.


Born: May 11, 1982

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Birth Time: Unknown


Sun Sign: Taurus:

Cory is obviously a hard worker. It shows in everything he does. They even joke about it on Glee; the kid can’t dance but he still tries. This pretty much sums up all Taurus’s. The more you tell him he can’t do something, the harder he will try to prove you wrong and show you he can! The stubbornness of the bull shines through sometimes but it’s only because he takes his craft very seriously. He wants to prove to the world that he is capable of anything.


How Others See Him: Ascendant: Leo:

People have a lot of respect for him because of his honesty. He is very open about who he is. He doesn’t hide his faults and people find that refreshing. By being so self-assured, Cory is admired by many because no matter what obstacles may stand in his way, he still sets his mind on achievement and lets nothing stand in the way of his success.


His Inner Personality: Moon: Capricorn:

He is very kind and warm-hearted. He cares a lot about what others think about him and how they see him. He has a strong desire to feel needed and respected. Cory, for the most part is pretty good at keeping his emotions in check; on the outside, but inside there’s a bit of an emotional battle going on.


He tends to get down on himself a lot. He has a lot of mood swings but doesn’t show this side of himself to others. He is very hard on himself; too hard at times. He needs to learn to let go a bit and let up on himself a bit.


How He Communicates To The World: Mercury: Gemini:

He is very interesting that’s for sure. He is very witty and a fun way of communicating. He is very engaging and can spark up a conversation with anyone about pretty much anything with no problem.


He has a wide variety of interests and his thought process is so quick therefore sometimes when he speaks, he might come off a bit scattered. He gets bored easily and might seem a bit detached sometimes but he does not do it in a cruel manner, it’s simply because he is a quick thinker and needs that constant stimulation.



His Relationships: Venus: Aries:

Again, he requires a lot of stimulation; for Cory to feel like his relationship is still in the new “honeymoon phase” there needs to be plenty of it. He is all about the chase at first. He wants to prove that he can win you over.


He is a kid at heart and has an innocent kind of charm and it reflects in his relationships. He likes the whole young puppy love feeling and the playfulness of that kind of relationship. His partner needs to share his high energy level and be open to exploring fun and exciting new activities.



What Motivates Him: Mars: Libra:

Cory’s main motivation is to live a balanced life. He wants to be able to keep everything in check; his career, his personal life, etc. He has some issues with procrastination and indecisiveness but it’s because he want’s to make sure he is making decisions that will eventually work in the favor of those around him whom he cares about. Much like his character Finn on Glee, he is kind of the peacemaker and he just wants everyone to be happy.



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By: Lulu Gleason


So Valentines days is coming and we’re all freaking out about what to do, where to go, and what to wear. I can’t hold your hand through the process; however, I can help offer suggestions with the items sold on the website. To take advantage of the items just simply call in or email for more information.

The next installment is those sexy earth signs of the zodiac which include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.



How to sweep her off her feet: She’s a bit stuck in her ways, but never think for one moment she wouldn’t try something new. A romantic gesture will get you far with this lady.
How to sweep him off his feet: If you fulfill his basic needs he’ll remember that day’s like Valentines is a day for the person dear to his heart. He’ll be romantic in his own way.
What to wear for Him: Go through the closet and pull out something that screams feminine and romantic. Find something little, sheer and lacy it will never steer you wrong. Anything that signifies ownership like a pair of handcuffs would also be a good choice to keep around.
What to get Her: The trick with a Taurus is they like the finer things in life. So get her something that says it’s expensive yet sinfully divine like the Vera Wang Lovestruck by Vera Wang EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY.
What to do: A good way to go is classy. Taurus like’s the finer things in life so make reservations at that new 5 star restaurant and make it a night to remember. Just remember they’ll show their appreciation to the work you put in through out the night by touching intimate places like the neck and shoulders.









How to sweep her off her feet: She needs to trust you, but once that trust is established she’ll rock your world in her organized way. Be prepared for the practical.
How to sweep him off his feet: He’s a perfectionist. He likes it when his partner plans everything out and won’t mind a little upset as long as it’s nothing too crazy or messy.
What to wear for Him: Plan something cozy and cuddle ready. Try a nice plush robe over that beautifully selected outfit of lace. Show him perfection is achievable on all levels.
What to get Her: She’s the type who will appreciate what you do if you make all the plans a head of time. Try a romantic outing and when the time comes give her the Woman’s constellation Virgo Romantic Swarovski Necklace. This beautiful gift will give the inclination that you thought everything out perfectly.
What to do: Plan a get away or simply plan out a lovely dinner with good food just make sure you plan it out first. Natural scents like sage, lemon and clean linens are a good way to set the mood. Foreplay is a definite necessity so try to set off the imagination.









How to sweep her off her feet: She needs someone who’s willing to put the time and energy into getting her. You’ll need to coax her out so plenty of foreplay is needed.
How to sweep him off his feet: He likes a woman who can be a lady but behind closed doors a sexy vixen. Don’t stir his pot unless you’re willing to follow through. He’s not one for a tease.
What to wear for Him: This is a sign all about textures. So wear anything luxurious like fur, satin or some leather. Or you could get really creative and have a little bit of everything by playing some role playing games which requires some costume changes.
What to get Her: She’s one who loves texture and a good time. Get her something that will set off those senses like the Essential Oils Aura Cacia by Euphoria-essentials oil blend. And provide a sensual massage to go along with it.
What to do: They like structure, so try planning something fun that will lead into something sensual. Set the mood by lighting some incenses like sage, sandalwood or jasmine. Laughter is key component to melt their serious side and it could open the doors of sensual delights you weren’t aware of before.









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Capricorn Hair

December 18, 2012, 12:00 PM


By: Tammy


Capricorns love to exude class and sophistication. They will always buy good quality makeup over the cheap stuff, and will rarely choose a vibrant, trendy look over a timeless, classic one. Capricorns are known for having clear skin and wide, luminous smiles, so all mountain-goat ladies should highlight these assets. Princess Kate is a perfect example of a classic Capricorn stylista.



Keep your hair on, ladies, but the Duchess of Cambridge has a new do. Or, to be more accurate, some of the long, luscious locks which we are accustomed to seeing swept back from her pretty face have been snipped into a sweeping fringe. Kate may have left only a handful of hair on the salon floor, but her new style has caused a sensation, dividing opinion and no doubt sparking a wave of copy-cat cuts. Adding a fringe is a great way to update your current hairstyle without having to take to cut too much of your hair.  A bang can be an exceptional way to frame a Capricorn face, bringing out the radiant piercing eyes that Capricorn’s are known for.



Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge has worn her long hair since the start of 2012 till now. Aren’t you glad to hear, i mean read that? Of course, you’re! I’m pretty sure that many of you are like me have a total crush on Kate’s hair. Actually, who aren’t?! Anyway, let me start our topic and that’s by mentioning the hairstyles worn by our young, gorgeous Duchess this year. Or tell you, I’m not going to do so! Instead, I’m going to let you start it by asking the following question; ‘Which hairdos come across your minds when you hear the name; Kate Middleton?! Huh, give yourself an opportunity and think for few minutes! I do imagine some of you are currently saying; ‘the down dos’. How smart are you? Definitely, they have been of the most worn hairstyles by Catherine this year. And like usual, she has worn the curly and wavy down dos which have had so soft, feminine and attractive look.



The second hairdos that you can definitely see the wife of Prince William wears this year are the half updo’s which come in stunning and glamorous styles. I have to tell you that you can definitely add the word creative to these words at least from my point of view. If you don’t believe that, let me describe them! Most of us know that the half up half down hairstyles are just the result of combining the ponytails and down dos, but Middleton has changed that idea! She has replaced the ponytail part with a knot or twist which has made these half updo’s look awesome and eye catching. In fact, I love them! I have to tell you that Catherine has also styled her hair in a different way which may not be so far from the last mentioned hairdos. Specifically, she has pulled it up partially! I told you not so far, but it has given her fabulous and alluring look.



In addition to all of the last mentioned hairstyles, Kate has surprised, stunned and charmed us by wearing a super, super and yet another super elegant, chic, glamorous, stunning and true eye catching updo’s. Specifically, she has worn a loose bun which has been embroidered with the braids. I know it’s so rare to see the Duchess of Cambridge styling her hair in that way, but it’s happened! One thing is for sure Kate will be one to keep an eye on, with her trend setting way reminiscent of her late mother in law Princess Di.


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Money And The Earth Signs

October 14, 2012, 4:54 PM


By: Lulu Gleason


Oh yes, the Earth signs of the zodiac. As promised I’m back this week giving some insight to the signs and money. In normal circumstances Earth signs are the stead fast and hard working group of the zodiac. In tough economic times they’ve been known to be even more stingy and selective in their purchases than any other group of the zodiac. Don’t get me wrong, there still an air of extravagance and a want to have the finer things in life. But this group knows how to do this as well as save a pretty penny. Shall we take a closer look at how true this can be?


Money in General – This is the sign that just knows what to do with money. They can hang on to it better than any other sign. They’ve got the key wisdom to how money works and how to keep hold of it. Some suggest that they are stingy or frugal and as a side note of caution Taurus you need to share in order to gain the full benefits of happiness with money and people.
Spending Habits – Money is something that is constantly on the mind of a Taurus. Being secure is something that is very important to them and what better way to have security than financially? It’s all about quality more so than quantity, investments, and estate holdings. Even if you find a Taurus who’s terrible with money chances are they have a partner who makes good money.
Career Advice – This is a hard working sign and can endure long hours of patient study with plenty of details. Security is the most important factor when it comes to career options. No security, no Taurus.


Money in General – Oh Virgo, stop taking on work that won’t pay you a living wage. You should be making sure you can serve others by making sure your basic needs are met. Not to say Virgos are not a hard worker or incapable of saving money but seriously Virgo don’t let others walk all over you just so you can get the gratification of helping.
Spending Habits – This is a person you want to go shopping with if you are on a budget. They can literally smell a great sale a mile away and are capable of getting more for their buck than any other. Virgos are savers and usually VERY picky about what it is they will spend money on. My only word of caution is be careful who you loan money out to. Remember, don’t let others take advantage.
Career Advice – There’s an air of great love for the outdoors for this particular sign. They love to see things grow and they love to nurture things so that they can grow. You’ll most likely see these individuals in a field where they are either taking care of people or animals. If given a huge responsibility like a leadership role and you might not get the best from them. Being in the spotlight seems to make things weird and complicated to Virgo.


Money in General – This is a steadfast sign and is more than capable of making sure nothing goes wrong financially. But I must say they should not confuse money and love! Feelings and finances don’t mix and my biggest suggestion to you is keep them far away from each other.
Spending Habits – Most people would classify this sign as very cheap. They are very careful about their money almost as well as Taurus. They can live within their means and usually very cautious of what they will spend money on. Sure they can be stingy with money but when it comes to the people they love those purse strings literally open up wide. Deep down they are an extremely generous people.
Career Advice – This is one of the work-a-hollics of the zodiac. I say this mostly because they have been known to ignore family and friends for the sake of their social or professional status. You’ll generally seem them in such positions as surveying, politics, or farming because of the strong connection to traditions and social norms. You’ll see them in top positions of any field due to two things. They are not insecure and they can make practical decisions.


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