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By: J NightEagle



If your shelves are not stocked with objects of art representing frogs, eagles, cats, horses, elephants, or any other creature in particular, then perhaps the simplest method of acquiring a totem animal–other then being born with an animal surname– is to accept the symbol of your birth sing as your spirit helper.


Of course, those of you who know that your birth sing is Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius are already complaining that you have no animal representation. Great Spirit provided me with animals to fill this gap. It is, of course, up to those who are born under those signs to accept or reject the totems revealed to me– but remember, you had none before.


If the animal designated as yours by virtue of your birth sing intrigues you but still leave you a bit uncertain check any animal dictionary for additional information about that particular animal.


Aries, The Ram: March 21 to April 20.


Taurus, The Bull: April 21 to May 21.


Gemini The Dolphin: May 22 to June 21.


Cancer, The Crab: June22 to July 22.


Leo, The Lion: July 23 to August 23.


Virgo, The Lamb: August 24 to September 22.


Libra, The Owl: September 23 to October 23. Scorpio. The Scorpion: October 24 to November 22.


Sagittarius, The Horse: November 23 to December 21.


Capricorn, The Goat: December 22 to January 20.


Aquarius, The Eagle: January 21 to February 19.


Pisces, The Fish: February 20 to March 20..


Next week : Native American Zodiac.


Tarot Birthday Correspondences

January 25, 2016, 9:58 AM


By: J Nighteagle




The Major Arcana:


The Major Arcana of the tarot are all of those cards with big, fancy titles. The Emperor, Death, The Tower, the Sun, Temperance,   etc; all fall into the same category. There are 22 Major Arcana cards, and each one corresponds either to an element, a planet, or a Zodiac sing.


It will be the Zodiac sing that we will pay particularly close attention to, at first. My sign, for example is Pisces, which corresponds with the Major Arcana card entitled – The Moon.


For the first card corresponding to your birthday, simply check out this list. Aries – the Emperor, Taurus – Hierophant, Gemini – The Lovers, Cancer – The Chariot, Leo – Strength, Virgo – The Hermit, Libra – Justice, Scorpio – Death, Sagittarius – Temperance, Capricorn – The Devil, Aquarius – The Star, Pisces-The Moon.


The Minor Arcana:


All of the cards which are assigned numbers and objects, Such as the 4 of Pentacles or the 6 of Coup’s, fall beneath the banner of The Minor Arcana. Occultists and astrologers will regularly reference the influence of the four elements — .fire, water, air, and earth.


As you may have noticed, there are four different suits found in The Minor Arcana. As such, they correspond to the four elements as follows: Fire – Wands, Water – Cups, Air – Swords, Earth- Pentacles, (Known as Disks or Coins in certain tarot decks).





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June 17, 2015, 12:00 AM


By: Adam




Date Range: June 17th through June 23rd, respectively.


Khalil Gibran once wrote, “Love seeks only to fulfill itself.” Gemini-Cancer cuspers understand this concept as meaning real fulfillment and expansion can be found in the outpouring of love. The more you give, the more that will well-up inside you to be given away. There are objects in our universe, and our solar system, that give off more energy than they devour. The planets Jupiter and Saturn are just like the Gemini-Cancer cuspers, they radiate more energy than they receive from the sun. Now replace “energy” with “love” and “sun” with “others,” and you will really understand the Gemini-Cancer cuspers. These beings are made to radiate (give) love.


If you were born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp, from about June 17 to June 23, you are indeed a tireless source of magic! Magic as in brightens the room, brightens the home, hosts the get-togethers, Magic as in beauty and kindness that shines (roars) from within. Emotions can run high for those born on “The Cusp of Magic,” but with love and affection from plenty of friends and family, and plenty of loved ones to channel their radiance towards, you can minimize any sort of supernova event from these glorious celestials.


What they need: Gemini-Cancer cuspers need someone to love. They need to channel the joyful waters from inside them into a partnership that will be bigger than what they are by themselves. They need consistency of presence. No different than those great rivers that channel into the oceans and the seas. They are at their best when they have eager recipients to whom they may aim those warm torrents that well-up from within. They also need thick skin. Lots of it.


Relationships: Remember, Gemini-Cancer cuspers are genuinely curious and active creatures, and this means they need a partner that is “in it” regarding the relationship–that is, someone that can receive love. Additionally, these cuspers will brighten up family get-togethers with effortless aplomb.


Strengths: Adding light to situations. Hosting parties, receptions, giving love to another. These are very curious creatures and will excel at studying history, philosophy, religion, etc., especially if they can discuss it with a loved one later. These cuspers are exceptional with children.


Weaknesses: The gentle mixing of logic and emotions; these cuspers struggle mixing their logic and emotions. Additionally, although their ability to find inspiration in the most ordinary of things is elite, they struggle feeling complete unless they have love, romance and family.


What they love: The ecstatic experience–intense mental states. Close ties with loved ones. Being at home. Creating a happy home.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Magic


Cusp of Magic Famous Personalities: Randy Couture, Kathleen Turner, June Carter Cash, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Paula Abdul, Meryl Streep, Barry Manilow, Juliette Lewis (one of my favorites), Cindi Lauper, Ann Murray, Martin Landau, and Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman).






We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.

Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.


Gemini: The Year Ahead

May 21, 2015, 2:29 AM


By: J Nighteagle




The Twins symbolize information exchange and duality. Gemini will adapt to different situations, surroundings, and circumstances.


This year is all about pursuing choices and goals (long and short term), and remember Wednesday is your most favorable day to start or detail any new activity.


As Spring begins career prospects are both interesting and challenging. Be innovative and creative; combine business and pleasure to make a splash at any interview or date.


Through May listen carefully to others, valuable information will be shared ( information that will be extremely valuable in the next couple of months ), your sector of friendship indicates that important information during social situations, will be not only infringing but reliable. Celebrate your birthday with the perches of fine jewelry or high – end electronics. Shortly after the summer solstice there will be the need to work out domestic conflicts; you will find that compromise is the solution.


August brings travel opportunities. A new vehicle might be purchased; new methods of transportation can be very helpful. Mobility is especially important to you and key to your happiness. September brings improvements to your love life also, opportunity for a vacation. October accents your health, resolve to form good habits; you may require additional rest and relaxation.


Through the end of October and through November your vitality is very good and you can overcome competition or other obstacles with ease. Cultivate a lighthearted approach to relationships. Share jokes, travel, and good books with the one you are happy being near. You will also have many opportunities to develop happy and nurturing relationships.


During December and for three months after December a deep and profound Spiritual awakening begins. Plan a least one journey to a sacred site. Remember to explore rewarding new trends in employment during summers warm bright days.





We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.

Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.


Cusp Of Energy

May 18, 2015, 5:04 AM


By: Adam




Dearest Soccer Moms: start your engines. Summer is here and there are places to go, people to see. And if you are connected to anyone at all that was born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp, then you probably know that the jubilant wildness of a youth just released to summer vacation pales in comparison to the tireless, focused, buzz-saw manner of a Taurus-Gemini cusper. Yep. The cusp of the lumbering, sturdy/stubborn Taurus (earth) energy mixing with the do-it-all, crazy-endurance dust-devil energy of Gemini is here and so too are the birthdays of these octane beings. In fact, a dust-devil gyrating across a desert flat is an excellent metaphor for the Taurus-Gemini cusper (a dust-devil that won’t fade or tire). If I remember correctly, the Taurus-Gemini cusp was once called the “Cusp of Eternal Youth” and/or the “Cusp of Energy” (not as in needing energy, but as in having energy).


Additionally, this is not the tangential energy of mania. This is focused go-getter energy. Youthful, focused, can-do energy. These cuspers are physically strong, and mentally agile; this makes them stable and driven. These cuspers are also very, very communicative and clever, which means not only are they champs at adapting to a diverse array of people and situations, they get-off on complex goals and scenarios. And just between you and me, if you are looking for someone who enjoys fine food, alcohol, and can be rousing in any type of crowd this is the cusper to bring with you.


Date Range: May 17th to May 23rd, respectively.


What they need: Balance. Someone to both keep up with them and yet remind them about the dangers of burning candles at both ends, because these cuspers will want to do everything and want to do it a lot. I imagine 90% of the world’s population of do-it-yourself zealots are Taurus-Gemini cupsers.


Relationships: Resilient. Courageous. They need to go from zero to sixty rather quickly. This means dating for years on end won’t work. Being engaged for years on end won’t work either. For all you men out there who tend to pull back as soon as the pink cloud of the honeymoon phase is over, I would suggest dating a different astrological sign. 


Strengths: Fearlessness. Never a slow-mover. Prolific once they find their mission/s in life.


Weaknesses: Overindulgence. Trying to do too much. A tendency to end up in a burned out state.


What they love: They love pleasure; Taurus and Gemini are pleasure loving signs through and through. They love to do it all. Do not challenge one of these cuspers to an eating or drinking duel. They’ll whoop you, and they’ll whoop you bad.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Energy.


Cusp of Energy Famous Personalities: Patti Labelle, Bob Dylan, Malcolm X, Cher, and so on.




By: Lulu Gleason



So here folks is my Fall overview with Astrology and the Tarot.  This one of my more favorite times of the year due to the beautiful grace of nature.  I can almost feel the brisk fall wind in my face. The sweet feel of a warm fire.  Halloween is in this time of year and let me say I cannot wait! As in the last blog  for each sign I’ve pulled a card to see how the fall will be for this particular sign. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me how close I’ve gotten for your sign!


Aries – Ah, my passionate friend. You’ve gotten The Strength card. You’ll be needing a bit of  courage and balance this fall. It’s time to work with that inner wild child to get yourself on track. The best way to balance is exercise. Take up Yoga or something that will connect the physical experience with not only the mental but the spiritual side of you. This will increase your inner power to help you through some possibly draining situations. However, I will offer one warning. Pick your battles wisely should anything get in your way this fall. Best way to avoid situations like this is by projecting compassion and taming your inner beast. You’ll make out better in the long run.


Taurus – As the sign of stability i’m not overly surprised you’ve gotten the King of Cups for this fall. The king is an emotionally mature individual who is not only wise but an empathetic and understanding listener. There’s a calm in the features, so don’t think there is no emotion. When pulling a court card it will usually represent you as a person or someone you will encounter. Figuring out which one you are is another story. However if the king is you: You’ll be in emotional control this fall. You’ve got the wise answers and right now would make the best advisor or counselor. I would use this time to be there for others and focus on your family. If the king is someone you know: This fall will bring someone forward who is very caring and could make a wonderful husband or is a fatherly figure. Just remember that if they look detached or not emotionally there – look deeper. This person is very imaginative and will most likely enjoy art and beautiful things.


Gemini – So my little twin. It looks like this fall will be quite a busy time for you. You’ve gotten the Six of Wands in reverse. This tends to mean there is difficulty in leadership roles for you. Someone is not doing their share of the work or perhaps your work quality is coming into question. As long as you are doing what you are suppose to be doing nothing will shake you. Just remember to amor up for some criticism and be prepared. This fall just repeat to yourself what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Try to take all feedback as best as you can by remembering that with your increased recognition will also come an increase of criticism. Remember you’re primary focus when you start things and make sure you follow through. Just as a side note. The six of wands reverse tends to come up when someone is using a position of leadership in an unethical or corrupt ways. So Gemini tread softly and thicken up your skin.


Cancer – Oh my darling darling crab. You’ve pulled the Knight of Cups. The knight is a romantic and impulsive person. A dreamer with fickle feelings. This person is not one to think things through. When pulling a court card such as he knight of cups it will either represent you or someone around you. If you are the knight: Take a minute and think about things. You can’t keep going through life dreaming and never following through. Pay attention to the messages you are giving and the ones you are receiving. This fall will bring much excitement with some great opportunities. However, think things through. Don’t allow others to persuade you or discourage you and your dreams. If the knight is someone you know: This is a person who is in need of constant simulation. Intelligent and yet such a dreamer. Let them flow in a way they need and be as supportive as your nature allows.


Leo – Leo my star so bright. You’ve gotten the Page of Pentacles for this fall. The page is a loyal friend who will try to provide much useful advice. We already know how loyal the lion can be with his friends so expect to be a bit more protective this fall. As a court card this card could represent you or someone you know. If you are the page: Often considered youthful either internally or externally. As a student you are thirsty in your want of new knowledge and have the work ethic to pull it through. But I plead that you take some time out in nature and really get the feel of it beneath your feet. Connect that inner Lion back to nature every once in a while this fall. It will boost your already stylish self and make you shine even brighter than normal.  You never know there might be something in it for you! If the Page is someone you know: This is a great person in your life. Dependable, practical and loyal. They often times give you useful advice in efforts to help you and your situation. Often associated with the young. This person is either younger than you or has a youthful spirit.


Virgo – So the good news Virgo is you’ve gotten the Ace of Pentacles. The bad news? It’s in Reverse. This fall you’ll cast that analytical eye towards your financial status. So on a serious note Virgo. The ace of pentacles in reverse isn’t as bad as one would think. This is more like a warning about choices and mostly spending too much time in a mental world. Energy is just escaping you and it’s causing quite a ruckus in your body. It’s because you need to connect back to the earth and stop focusing on the material world. Try a more whole foods diet, take some time to exercise and make sure you get plenty of sleep. This fall I would strongly suggest you think about your investment options. Don’t be afraid if you have the resources for a good investment. However, be mindful and steer clear of the unwise investments because they will lead to losses.


Libra – Well the scales have certainly tipped. You’ve gotten the The Moon in Reverse. When pulling this card in reverse you’ve got to really think about the situation and what is going on. This fall will be exactly what you need IF you take a few risks. This card and position tend to indicate self deception and self defeat. And while escaping an unpleasant truth is easier than facing the problems. Face your fears and make this fall about growing opportunities. Just remember that everyone will have their own skewed perceptions of what the situation is. Let it go and go on an adventure. I know that comfort zone is rather safe but taking a risk here or there wouldn’t make or break you. Besides you might have a chance at the biggest rewards.


Scorpio – So my little scorpions. It looks like I’ve pulled The Seven of Pentacles in Reverse for you. There seems to be something that you’ve been putting a lot of time to Scorpio. This fall you’ll see you’re not getting results like you had anticipated. But before you detach and focus on something else make sure you’ve gained the lessons learned from the errors you’ve made. Learning your lessons will not only prevent you making the same errors again but with everything that you learned it will contribute to your future successes. Sometimes when this card comes along in reverse it’s because you haven’t learned anything from past experiences and are repeating yourself. Break the cycle and pay more attention so that you can fix the mistakes and be an all around better you.


Sagittarius – My dear friend Sag you’ve gotten the Four of Wands in Reverse. The four of wands is about a  supportive home or could mean family gatherings. In reverse this may mean trouble in on the rise in one of these areas. Are you planning a family get together? This fall might not be the best time to do it. Also, don’t loose sight of why you are making plans if things get stressful. Do yourself a favor and walk away from the negative Nancy and don’t become one either! Trouble is coming to the home environment weather it be because you are drowning in chores around the house and not spending time with family or you are getting so caught up in rearranging things in the home that its allowing you to procrastinate on certain projects you need to get a move on with. Sometimes although very rarely this card in reverse could mean someone has a small victory they are keeping close to themselves. Nothing wrong with an internal right of passage celebrated in private.


Capricorn – So my goat friend you’ve gotten the Queen of Swords. The queen is a very independent female energy. She’s mature and with clarity of thought that most would envy. And has the passion and desire to really push through and make things happen. Like i mentioned for the other signs. As a court card this card could represent you or someone you know. As the Queen: You are being very critical of yourself and you need to take the time to let up a bit on yourself. Through loss and sorrows you’ve learned many things and the situations of pain have increased your wisdom. However, learn a bit of tac this fall. Your truth can be a bit hurtful so figure out a way to not only be honest but kind as well. Nothing wrong with speaking the truth but be mindful of others feelings.  If the Queen is someone you know: It could be a someone you see as a confidant and with a clarity that will bring new insights to the issues at hand. Maybe a new therapist? Or perhaps a new confidant with a fresh look at things. Either way look for the Queen if you haven’t already.


Aquarius – Well my water-bearing friend. You’ve pulled the Ace of Swords in Reverse. This fall will be full of misunderstandings. Weather it be the situation or a person involved in a situation. Things will not be clear and you will most likely not have all the details. It could even be a person lying outright or involved in the deception. I wouldn’t suggest making any type of decisions in this type of situation. Confusion or you are simply mentally exhausted will be a constant thing this fall. So be prepared to withdrawal from any type of confirmation because lets be honest here. It will be overwhelming if you decide to just charge forward. This fall i would suggest walking away from a possible aggressive situation and be the bigger person. Don’t worry it’s not like you can’t come back to it. Just focus on yourself and leave the haters in the dust.


Pisces – Ah my fishy friend. You’ve gotten the Wheel of Fortune card. This fall will be about changes and not having control over what life throws at you. Even though you are not able to control the way things are going you do have the power to react to the things going on. How you do will determine how your life path goes. Try not to be so defensive when change is introduced. There isn’t one way of being and the universe is trying to let you know that. Though the world can seems like it’s spinning out of control you need to stay calm and try your best to make the right decisions. This fall will bring about a change and it’s change for the better! So embrace it Pisces.




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When The Sun Straddles

August 18, 2014, 2:04 AM


By: Adam



I bet you know your Sun sign–your Zodiac sign–and the Sun sign of your lover, your parents, your bestie, etc. And when someone new angers or excites you, you might even try and guess their sign. Your Zodiac sign, also known as your “Sun sign” or your “Star sign” is a quick and easy Astrology moniker for the position of the Sun at the time of your birth. But this sign may not be true to your nature, and the associated horoscope may not be very accurate for you.



Haven’t you noticed how some folks are born in one sign yet emanate the attributes of the preceding or following Sign? It happens all the time. We are in a solar system in which all parts are moving; nothing is ever sitting still. This means the odds of being 100% of a given Sun sign are slim–you would have to know the exact time of your birth, and location of your birth, in order to determine if you were born at a particular zenith. Some people are born so close to that dividing line between Sun signs they delight us with their multiplicity.



What I am referring to today are those delightful beings who are born in that colorful misty zone of when one sign tapers into the next sign, and their attributes and characteristics are filled with the verisimilitude of neighboring signs. The Cusp. You’ve heard it time and time again, “I was born on the Cusp.” And someone born so close to the border between signs seldom fails to delight us or confuse us with their mix of traits. For example, someone born on August 20th is a Leo but they are also within a day or two, respectively, of being Virgo. So which are they? It is hard to say; sort of like asking is 11:50am still morning or is it noon? Okay. Then by that rationale if you are 39 years young, and you are filling out a personal ad, are you in your 30s or your 40s? You see. So we call it the Cusp. And since this blog is posting right on the Leo/Virgo cusp, let’s dig a little deeper into Leo/Virgo.



On the Leo side we see fire, the need to inspire, the hunger to create and light things up; a being who soars when they are the center of attention; a being who wants to win and who will never be complacent. Leos want to delight us and they want to be wanted. They are fiercely loyal and they spoil the ones they love. Some of the more dominantly Leo personalities of our time are Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger, Halle Berry, Madonna, Monica Lewinsky, Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock, and last but not least, Barack Obama.



On the Virgo side we see beings who are practical, reliable, acute attention to detail, and the waters run oh-so deep. Virgos are not afraid to dive in, analyze, and then report back the new parameters of perfection. Some of the more famous Virgos of our time are Sophia Loren, Patsy Cline, Leonard Cohen, Sean Connery, Mother Theresa, Leo Tolstoy, Mary Shelley, and so forth (the sign of Virgo is teaming with writers, by the way).



So when a Leo is born close to the line between Leo and Virgo are they a Leo with Virgo traits and profluences (undercurrents)? Yep. Will a Virgo born close to the line between Leo and Virgo be a Virgo with Leo traits and profluences (undercurrents)? Yes! These Leo/Virgo and Virgo/Leo cusps often appear as the Obi Wan Kenobi type, the Yoda, the light-bearer who is insanely creative but prefers to use their godly faculties for uplifting humanity, creating a better world–e.g., Robert Redford, Robert Plant, Sean Penn, Amy Adams, Kirsten Wiig, Ray Bradbury, Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, HP Lovecraft, and so forth.



Okay, you say, great! But when is a sign on the cusp and not on the cusp? Am I on a cusp?



Western Astrology is based on two older Chaldean systems where each sign is divided into 10-degree arcs or periods called decanates or decans, with each sign having three decans. Each decan is equal to a 10-day period, respectively. I say respectively because, well, three decans for each sign equals 360 degrees and there are 365 days in a year–hence, some decans vary by a day or two from year to year. The cusp is when a Sun sign is in the last 5 degrees as it exits a sign, or the first 5 degrees as it enters a sign. This works out to be somewhere between the last 5 days of one Sun sign and the first 5 days of another Sun sign, e.g., August 16 we started the Leo/Virgo cusp. The Sun actually straddles both signs for a brief period. And if you were born on a cusp you know how it feels to be one sign and have the roaring traits and profluences of another sign.



The only way to really know your specific traits and influences is to have an accurate chart drawn up with the date, time and location of your birth. However, cusps generally fall on the following time ranges:



April 16 to April 26: Aries/Taurus
May 16 to May 26: Taurus/Gemini
June 16 to June 26: Gemini/Cancer
July 16 to July 26: Cancer/Leo
August 16 to August 26: Leo/Virgo
September 16 to September 26: Virgo/Libra
October 16 to October 26: Libra/Scorpio
November 16 to November 26: Scorpio/Sagittarius
December 16 to December 26: Sagittarius/Capricorn
January 16 to January 26: Capricorn/Aquarius
February 16 to February 26: Aquarius/Pisces
March 16 to March 26: Pisces/Aries



What does all this mean to you. The Sun sign generally influences your basic personality; it’s your ego, the self you present to the world that most people know. Being born on the cusp of two signs means you have influences from the two different Sun signs. How influential each sign may be depends on the actual time and place you were born. The closer you are to the moment of the transition, the more balanced the influence from the two different signs will be. The further you were born from the moment of transition, the more one sign will be dominant than the other.



Next month we will discuss cusps further as they apply to Virgo and Libra.





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By: Erin



Did you miss out on the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) or the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) blogs? No worries, You can check out the fire sign addition here and the Earth Sign blog here.



Gemini: Represented by the symbol of the twins, Gemini’s are very unpredictable. They’re more social drinkers and don’t really have a “drink of choice” if you will but they tend to stick to beer because when they start drinking they go hard and fast. Gemini’s are they type of drinkers that if you hand them a glass of something and tell them to drink it they will because they just want to have fun and be a part of the good times. They will most likely have a different drink in their hand each time you see them if at a party or maybe for the hardcore ones they will have a beer in one hand and a mixed drink in the other. I’ve found what I think would be the best summer refresher to please the wacky Gemini’s indecisive pallet.
















6 Pack of 12 oz. Cans of Your Beer of Choice

1 Pint of Canadian Whiskey

2 Lt. Bottle of Your Choice of Lemon Lime Flavored Soda

1 Frozen 12 oz. Can of Frozen Lemonade Concentrate




(Your Choice) Of pitcher or large bowl, slowly add beer making sure not to get too much foam then add the whiskey and the frozen lemonade and soda. Stir ingredients well but not too fast until the frozen lemonade mixture is completely mixed in. Add ice into the bowl or pitcher and no matter what side of Gemini is out to play today, they’re sure to enjoy this one. *Hint- I find it’s best to let the frozen lemonade concentrate sit out for about 15 minutes before starting this so that you can break it up into smaller chunks with the spoon while mixing.


Gemini: Non-Alcoholic- GOURMET ROOT BEER FLOAT


Vanilla Ice Cream

Your Choice of Root Beer

Whipped Cream




Grab a tall glass and place one scoop vanilla ice cream into the glass. Slowly pour a bit of root beer over the scoop of ice cream- repeat. Then towards the middle for a bit of an added surprise and flavor chop up 2 or 3 cherries and put a thin layer of whipped cream and sprinkle the chopped cherries on the layer then fill the glass the rest of the way doing the ice cream and root beer. Top off with whipped cream and a whole cherry. Delicious twist on a classic.




Libra: Libras are all about class and style. They have a taste for the finer things in life and enjoy sipping on champagne and wine. They enjoy a bit of a fruity taste when it comes to their glass. They aren’t into bitters or dry tasting wines or champagnes so mixes with a bit of added taste or sparkling wines are great for this well-balanced sign.














3 Cups of Frozen Peaches

2 Tsp. Vanilla

1/4 Cup of Sugar



Place your frozen peaches in the blender and blend for about 2 minutes. Just enough to break it all up. Add your vanilla and sugar to the peach’s and blend until smooth. Pour your peach mixture into your cup ( be sure to leave 1/4 of the cup empty so you have room for your champagne) Then to finish it off slowly pour champagne in your glass and stir very gently.


Libra: Non-Alcoholic- DIY SLUSHY Ingredients:

Your Choice of Fruit


Sparkling Bubbly Seltzer Water



Blend fruit and ice together. Pour mixture into a glass about halfway, slowly add seltzer water and stir together with straw or spoon until blended. *This is done mostly by eye I find, I usually gauge it by the consistency and add more mixture slowly as I stir.




Aquarius: Now these individuals are just that- individual. Aquarians like to try new things and make sure everyone around them knows how different they are by choosing the most random drink on the menu. They might even order something that isn’t even on the menu and tell the bartender how to make it! This is definitely a sign who wants to keep up on the trendiest beverages and go mostly by how they look rather than taste.












(Based on large group party)

3 to 4 Bottles of Pink Lemonade Concentrate

9 Ltrs. of Tonic Water

2 Ltrs. of Either Gin or Vodka (your choice)


(Need black light at party for full effect)



Usually when making a mix like this you would get a big cooler to combine the ingredients in. I would also suggest as an alternative mixing the ingredients in a very large, clear jug or spouted punch bowl. Mix your ingredients together except for the ice, mix the ice into the punch as last minute as possible before drinking. *Note: Aquarians if you’re serving this up at your next bash make sure you get clear cups because in natural light it will have a pink color sue to the pink lemonade but once you flick on black light it will glow in the dark!


Aquarius: Non-Alcoholic- WATER


Easy enough. Aquarians love their H20.




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By: Lulu Gleason




So as everyone knows I’ve been doing the learning the Tarot Cards blogs. It’s my first attempt at combining my two favorite subjects. Since summer is here I figured I would try something different. I’m going to combine my love of astrology with my love with the Tarot. For each sign I’ve pulled a card to see how summer will be for this particular sign. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me how close I’ve gotten for your sign! And of course have a wonderful summer!



Aries – This sign is full of fire, passion and drive. For this sign I’ve pulled the Seven of Pentacles. This summer is going to be a test for this sign. The seven of pentacles is all about taking a pause and reevaluating everything going on in your life and see if you are going down the path of your desire. Are your goals matching the pace you are going? Is there something not going right? Now is the time Aries to take a much needed step back and really look at life and where it is you are going. You’ll make the proper adjustments as long as you keep a cool head.


Taurus – This is the sign of stability. For this sign I’ve pulled the Death card in reverse. For this card to come up it usually means there’s something you’re not dealing with. It’s highly unusual for this sign to back down but with summer coming there could be this strong desire in this sign to just bypass the mess that lays a head. Don’t do it Taurus! Slow down take a moment to think things through like the steadfast soul you can be. You’ll need to fight that desire to just not deal with some messy things in your life. Realize what is stopping you from getting to your goals and work them through this summer.


Gemini – This is the sign of duality. For this sign I’ve pulled the Two of Pentacles in reverse. This summer just can’t get here fast enough for young hearted Gemini. You could be feeling like productivity has been slow. You could just feel so weighed down by some emotional baggage that’s been lingering around. Or a combination of the both. If you’re feeling this way just take things one small thing at a time. By keeping busy you’ll find the emotional baggage starts to lighten. Alternatively you might find yourself taking on too much. Focus! Stay on track by again taking things little by little until you’ve finished your goals. Stop resisting change and make sure you are well prepared for anything this summer.


Cancer – This is the sign of maternal feelings and home.  For this sign I’ve pulled the Six of Pentacles. This summer will be about giving and taking. Cancer you have a tendency of holding things in. I would strongly suggest you learn to open up – even if it’s only a little. The Six of Pentacles shares the message of paying things forward. Don’t be too proud to accept a little help at times. Instead offer some help to another. Look for the balance when dealing with relationships. Are you not getting what you want? Maybe look at what you are offering.


Leo – This sign is the shining star of the zodiac. For this sign I’ve pulled The Magician. We already know Leo’s are capable of handling tough situations. As well as the drive to make things happen. The Magician amplifies this. Leo this is the summer to jump forward with your dreams. Make your goals and really focus them because you’re going to make them bloom.  There’s something behind you feeding your inner power. Use it wisely and use it to make your goals go forward this summer.


Virgo – This is the sign of analytical thinking. For this sign I’ve pulled the Four of Cups in reverse. Summer is going to feel like you are getting nowhere. It’s quite possible you’ll get involved in some emotional stress. You may feel like you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown and masking your issues by pushing ahead anyway. Take some time and break away. If you find yourself getting involved in a sticky mess just remember it’s another way for you to emotionally grow. Withdrawal seems to be the key word for this card. So avoid withdrawing completely from what’s going on around you because there is a lessons to be learned this summer.


Libra – This is the sign of balance. For this sign I’ve pulled the King of Pentacles. When you pull a card like this from the deck it usually represents someone you know, someone you could meet or even be you. So Libra be prepared for success to come into focus this summer. As the man you already know. Libra this gentlemen is here to help guide you with the luxuries your use to. As the man you will meet – Libra sensual passion is coming. He’s sensitive, great with money and a thoughtful lover. You as the King of Pentacles could just be pointing out your wonderful self. Fairness is a strong point and you do it so well. Be prepared to keep yourself together when others around you get crazy.


Scorpio – This is the sign of intensity. For this sign I’ve pulled The Hierophant. You’ll be doing a bit of soul searching this summer Scorpio. Time to thinking about your beliefs and examine where you are in life. Are you being flexible or ridged as a stone wall? Is there something stopping you from teaching the world? With all this in mind here are some valuable questions. Are you living life by what is expected? Or are you listening to that higher calling within yourself? This summer is about thinking about your life and organizing your thoughts so that you can move forward. It might not happen right away, and could be nothing more than an afterthought. But either way Scorpio you will be doing some soul searching this summer.


Sagittarius – This is the sign of adventure. For this sign I’ve pulled the Five of Pentacles. Summertime is when you’ll be feeling the heat in many ways. You’ll find yourself in a position where you are going without – willingly or unwillingly. Rest assured everyone around you knows the situation they feel it too. Pay attention and reach for the wealth of happiness. Remember you are not alone. Support and help is there.  Ask and you shall receive.


Capricorn – This is the sign of the serious thinker. For this sign I’ve pulled The Page of Pentacles in reverse. In the transition from spring into summer we see more of a chance to get out and just splurge. It’s that time of the year were we tend to slack off a bit. The page of pentacles, even in reverse, still could represent a young man or youthful figure. It could be someone you know, someone who comes in to your life or it could be talking about you. The page in this reverse position tends to mean immaturity. Capricorn, you usually have yourself together. BUT as a precaution I would start budgeting, getting focused, and be practical about the steps you are treading. Don’t let someone take you down in a spiral. Even if they are cute.


Aquarius – This is the sign of the independent. For this sign I’ve pulled the Four of pentacles. The four of pentacles tends to deal with security and control. I mean look at the card and you see a man claiming every pentacle (Traditional AE Waite deck). This summer Aquarius, you’ll be planted very firmly on your feet. You’re secure in your position and you’re not going to chance losing it now. Security is valuable but sometimes cleaning out a closet or two won’t hurt either. Change it up a bit. You’ll feel better for it. Just don’t go crazy and ruin the foundation you created.


Pisces – This is the sign of the artist. For this sign I’ve pulled the Seven of Cups. How like Pisces to come up with this card. The seven of cups is the card of choices and fantasies. Pisces, I suggest you figure out what it is you want and start voicing that opinion. Really focus on the reality and keep your head out of the clouds. I know it’s hard for you but if you want your summer to be the dream you see now. I suggest you start the process of making that reality. If you have the choice to reach for your dreams then why not focus on attaining them? As hard as it is put the fantasy aside because there are better things to be had. Don’t waste your time because you could lose out on something really worth it this summer.




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By: Erin



Gemini’s are very lucky because they have this natural ability to adept to any situation. They are blessed with great energy and social skills so they have great communication skills. With a Gemini’s natural ability to fit in, they generally succeed in social situations that allow them to utilize their communication skills and constantly sharing ideas with peers.


Gemini’s are born under the symbol of the twins and therefore are often misjudged as being inconsistent, two-faced, and deceitful. Nobody is perfect in this world so I feel that may be a bit of a harsh judgement because everyone is guilty of these acts at least once in their lifetime.


It’s said that Gemini’s would make great con artists because they’re cunning and have a bit of a trickster side to them. Doesn’t everyone? I get it though, I have a good friend who is a Gemini and I always said he could sell sand to a straggler in the desert. Gemini’s definitely have a certain charm about them that pulls people in and really want to listen to what they have to say.


Gemini’s are very intelligent people and this could add to why people get the idea that they are not to be trusted. Think about it; charming, intelligent, energetic… it’s a dangerous combo and can get people to open up to them and trust them from the first meeting. Honestly, I think this works in their favor when it comes to the working Gemini. With these qualities there is a wide range of professions that will cater to the Gemini’s need for constant activity and interaction with others. I feel they will go very far and be very successful in any of the following professions.



1. Public Relations (P.R. Executive)- This would be a great position for a Gemini because it is a very fast-paced and demanding profession however nowadays with all the different social media and technology at our fingertips, Gemini could choose to work for a firm or branch off and do their own thing and create an empire. This profession ties in with their ability to adapt well in any environment so they will likely be the one to shine when it comes to holding it together while planning a huge event or fundraiser. Gemini’s are great multi-taskers so their head would be in the game at all times no matter how much is thrown on their plate. Being in public relations allows for fun and and it’s a great profession to get into now so it will offer career longevity and open doors to other opportunities.



2. Blogger/Columnist/Journalist- Being able to utilize their many talents, Gemini’s would make awesome writers in any medium. Gemini’s always seem to know at least a little bit about everything; what I mean is they are always keeping their ears and eyes open so they tend to always be up-to-date on the latest happenings. If they don’t have all the facts about something they will do what it takes to find out about the topic; dig, manipulate, charm, etc. but you better bet that they will give you the latest information (maybe with a bit of a spin) to juice it up a bit. Either way, Gemini’s are great at story telling because their wit shows through their writing and would draw readers in. Blogs are a big thing now so Gemini’s take note- start a blog page, who knows where it could lead!



3. Advertising/Marketing- Again, this profession would be ideal for any Gemini based off of their ability to sell an idea or product to someone based on their magnetic personalities. As someone who has a background in advertising and marketing, I know that there’s a lot that goes into it- more than people may think. A Gemini would be great in this field because they like to study people and their habits so they will know what ideas to pitch to which people and how to turn it into a big pay out. Gemini’s will come up with what most think is a great idea but then take it 10 steps further simply by using their observation skills and combining it with their creativity. The competitive aspect of the field is also an added bonus. I would not want to battle campaign ideas with a Gemini’s; they might beat me out by pulling out the charm and art of manipulation to close a deal. Hey, if you got the tools- use them, right?


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