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Stocking Stuffers for Under $5-$10

December 24, 2014, 12:11 AM


By: Office Staff



It’s down to the last few hours before Christmas and some of you might still be struggling with what to get for those last minute stocking stuffers. I have some ideas that might help out in these last hours of madness to help ease some of that stress. Here are some ideas for everyone in the family.


For Kids and Teens:

Crayons and Coloring Book set

Mini Playdough packs


Matchbox cars

Lip gloss/chap stick

$5 Gift Card to Five Below, iTunes, or the dollar store.



For Mom:

Small Candle

Nail Polishes

Pedicure/Manicure set

Personalized Fridge Magnets (family photos, funny sayings, etc.)

Mini hand sanitizers or lotions from Bath and Body Works


Travel Stain remover


For Dad:

Coffee mug

Sports nostalgia from his favorite team

Car cleaning wipes for his glove compartment

$5-10 gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop/quick stop.

Travel size cologne

Trail Mix packet


For Anyone Else:

Fun socks



Stationary and pens

Hair clips


$5 Amazon gift card


December 22, 2014, 12:26 AM


By: Michelle



Kwanzaa is a African American and Pan-African holiday that is celebrated between December 26th and January first.  Kwanzaa celebrates family, community and culture. It was created in 1966 by Dr.Maulana Karenga. Dr. Karenga is a professor of Africana Studies at California State University in Long Beach. Dr. Karenga is also a author and a scholar-activist who stresses the crucial need to preserve, continually revitalize, and promote African American culture.


Kwanzaa’s origins are in the first harvest celebrations of Africa from which it takes its name. The name Kwanzaa is derived from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means first fruits in Swahili, a Pan-African language which is the most widely spoken African language. The first fruits celebrations are recorded in African history as far back as ancient Egypt and Nubia, and appear in ancient and modern times in other classical African civilizations such as Ashantiland and Yorubaland. These celebrations are also found in ancient and modern times among societies as large as empires {the Zulu or kingdoms Swaziland} or smaller societies and groups like the Matabele,Thongs,and Lovedu, all of southeastern Africa.  Kwanzaa builds on the five fundamental  activities of Continental African “first fruit” celebrations: ingathering, reverence, commemoration, recommitment, and celebration.



Kwanzaa is a time for the following:


~ingathering of the people to reaffirm the bonds between them

~special reverence for the creator and creation in thanks and respect for the blessings, bountifulness and beauty of creation

~commemoration of the past in pursuit of its lessons and in honor of its models of human excellence, our ancestors

~recommitment to our highest cultural ideals in our ongoing effort to always bring forth the best of African cultural thought and practice

~a time for celebration of the Good, the good of life and of existence itself, the good of family, community and culture, the

good of the awesome and the ordinary, in a word, the good of the divine, natural and social.



Kwanzaa was first created to reaffirm and restore our rootedness in African culture. It is, therefore, an expression of recovery and reconstruction of African culture which was being conducted in the general context of the Black Liberation Movement of the sixties and in the specific context of The Organization Us, the founding organization of Kwanzaa and the authoritative keeper of its tradition. Secondly, Kwanzaa was created to serve as a regular communal celebration to reaffirm and reinforce the bonds between us as a people. It was designed to be an ingathering to strengthen community and reaffirm common identity, purpose and direction as a people and a world community. Thirdly, Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce the Nguzo Saba {the seven principles}. They are:

~Umoja {Unity}

~Kujichagulia {Self-Determination}

~Ujima {Collective Work and Responsibility}

~Ujamaa {Cooperative Economics}

~Nia {Purpose}

~Kuumba {Creativity}

~Imani {Faith}



In Kwanzaa, there are also symbols. They represent values and concepts reflective of African culture and contributive to community building and reinforcement. The basic symbols in Swahili and then in English are:


Mazao {The Crops}

These are symbolic of African harvest celebrations and of the rewards of productive and collective labor.


Mkeka {The Mat}

This is symbolic of their tradition and history and so, the foundation on which they build.


Kinara {The Candle Holder}

This is symbolic of their roots, their parent people–continental Africans.


Muhindi {The Corn}

This is symbolic of their children and their future which they embody.


Mishumaa Saba {The Seven Candles}

These are symbolic of the Nguzo Saba, the Seven Principles, the matrix, and minimum set of values which African people are urged to live by in order to rescue and reconstruct their lives in their own image and according to their own needs.


Kikombe cha Umoja {The Unity Cup}

This is symbolic of the foundational principle and practice of unity which makes all else possible.


Zawadi {The Gifts}

These are symbolic of the labor and love of parents and the commitments made and kept by the children.


The two supplemental symbols are:


Bendera {The Flag}

The colors of the Kwanzaa flag are the colors of the Organization Us, black, red and green; black for the people, red for their struggle, and green for the future and hope that comes from their struggle. It is based on the colors given by the Hon. Marcus Garvey as national colors for African people throughout the world.


Nguzi Saba Poster {Poster of The Seven Principles}




Kwanzaa’s colors are black, red and green. These colors can be utilized in decorations for Kwanzaa of course. Decorations should also include traditional African items such as African baskets, cloth patterns, art objects, harvest symbols,etc..


Celebrating Kwanzaa


There is a traditionally established way of celebrating Kwanzaa.  First, you should come to the celebration with a firm respect for its values, symbols and practices, and do nothing to violate its integrity, beauty, and expansive meaning. Second of all, you should not mix the Kwanzaa holiday with any other culture. This would violate the principles of Kujichagulia {Self Determination}, and thus, violate the integrity of the holiday.

Thirdly, choose the best and most beautiful items to celebrate Kwanzaa. This means taking the time to plan and select the most beautiful objects of art, colorful African cloth, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. so that every object used represents African culture and your commitment to the holiday in the best of ways.




First, a central place in the home for the Kwanzaa set, the symbols of Kwanzaa are chosen.  A table is then spread with a beautiful  piece of African cloth. Then, the mkeka {mat} is placed down and all of the other symbols are placed on it or immediately next to it to symbolize our rootedness in our tradition. Next the Kinara {candle holder} is placed on the mat and the Mishumaa Saba{seven candles} are placed in the kinara {candle holder}.


To represent the colors of Kwanzaa, one black candle, and three red, and three green candles are used. Black represents the people, red represents their struggle, and green represents their future and hope that comes from their struggle. These candles are the seven candles. They represent the seven principles. The black candle represents the first principle Umoja{Unity}. It is placed in the center of the Kinara. The red candles represent the principles of Kujichagulia {self determination}, Ujamaa {cooperative economics} and Kuumba {creativity}, and are placed to the left of the black candle. The green candles represent the principles of Ujima {collective work and responsibility}, Nia {purpose} and Imani {faith}. They are placed to the right of the black candle. The black candle is lit on the first day of the celebration. The remaining candles are lit afterward from left to right on the following days. This procedure is to indicate that the people come first, then the struggle, and then the hope that comes from the struggle.


Day of Meditation


The last day of Kwanzaa is January the first. Historically for African people, this has been a time of sober assessment of things done and things to do, of self reflection and reflection on the life and future of the people and of recommitment to their highest cultural values in a special way. It is for followers of Kwanzaa to ask and soberly answer the three Kawaida questions. Who am I? Am I really who I say I am? Am I all I ought to be? And it is, of necessity, a time to recommit themselves to their highest ideals, in a word, to the best of what it means to be both African and human in the fullest sense.


This Day of Assessment or Day of Meditation is noted in the first fruits celebration of the Akan by J.B. Danquah. He states that the Akan have one day during the first fruits harvest in which they engage in silent reflection. The idea is to maintain a quiet, humble and calm attitude with regard to oneself and towards one’s neighbors. It is a good time for reassessment and recommitment on a personal level.


Closely related to this is an activity noted by Danquah and Sarpong, the Day of Remembrance of the Ancestors or the Adae celebration. One could use one of the days to pay homage to the ancestors, those of the national community, and those of the family.


Happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate!


DIY Body Butters, Creams, and Scrubs

December 8, 2014, 12:34 AM


By: Erin



If you are scratching your head for ideas on what to get for people this holiday season a great idea is to make some homemade lotions and potions. They are fun to make and people really seem to enjoy them and knowing that you took the time to whip them up yourself adds that little extra warm and tingly feeling.


The ingredients in most of these are pretty cheap and most you probably already have in your home. You just need some little jars which you can either save up yourself from jams or the like or if you want to you can go to your local craft store and grab a bunch of jars. Depending on the size (you just need small ones) they range anywhere from $1 – $4 usually.


I’ll post some of the scrubs and lotions I’ve gotten the best feedback on below.



1. Sugar Body Scrub

This one is super easy and takes very little time. Simply mix coconut oil and sugar in a bowl until it becomes a paste and then add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I used grapefruit essential oil but feel free to use any you like. Note that depending on how big of a batch you make will determine how much oils and sugar you will use. This recipe is really easy and one of my favorites because it is really easy to eyeball and doesn’t require measuring.


When you are finished with your mixture spoon into your jars and finish off with a nice ribbon. I also like to get labels and write what it is on the jar with a nice colorful marker and add the essential oil that I used. People love it. I’ve been asked to make this repeatedly for people.



2. Cocoa Body Scrub and Body Butter

This one I actually experimented making with a friend one day for the heck of it and it ended up turning out amazing so that following holiday season we ended up making a bunch of it for all of our friends and family. It was an absolute hit. I have even made this and sold it at farmers markets. It’s a bit of a process but it’s so worth the end result!


To make the body scrub:

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1/8 cup melted cocoa butter
  • 1/4 cup  sweet almond oil
  • raspberry extract (optional) -recommended because the cocoa is very overwhelming.

Melt the cocoa butter over low heat and then mix all ingredients in a bowl. After you have your ingredients mixed spoon them into your little mason jar and finish off with a ribbon or decoration of your choice.


To make the body butter:

  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/8 cup sweet almond oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 8 drops raspberry extract (optional) -recommended because the cocoa is very overwhelming.

Melt shea butter and cocoa butter together over low heat. Remove from heat and stir in the oils then pour mixture into jars and allow to cool before putting on the lids. After mixture is cool you can put on the lids on tightly and finish off with decoration of you choice.


Make sure you give these gifts together and the receiver knows with any scrub to use lotion directly after.


3. Cinnamon and Lemon Body Scrub

Probably the best mixture/scrub for the cooler months. It’s super refreshing and you use it while in a nice steamy hot shower or relaxing in a nice warm bath. Best yet is that all of the ingredients are most likely in your kitchen already.


In a bowl mix olive oil, lemon juice, cinnamon, and cane sugar until its a watery paste consistency. Pour your Mixture into your jar and add label and ribbons or decorate however you wish to give to that special someone. Makes a great exfoliant.



4. Whipped Body Butter With Essential Oils

There are a bunch of different ways you can make this because there are literally dozens and dozens of essential oil mixtures out there that create the perfect body butter mixture. I am going to use one called “New Morning” because it is cooling and energizing and it also uses some of my favorite essential oils, grapefruit, peppermint and wintergreen.


Now, this is a whipped body butter so it’s going to take some time and patience. There are quite a few steps to this and I actually watched a lot of youtube videos on this before trying it for the first time because reading how to do it I was still clueless so don’t feel bad if you read this blog and are like “what is she talking about?!” I was right there with you about 2 years ago. In fact, sometimes I still have to refer back to some of those youtube videos if its been a while and I messed something up or missed a step. (Just a friendly cheat for you.)


Ok, your ingredients:

1-3/4 cups shea butter (unrefined is best)

1/2 cup coconut oil (extra virgin is best)

1/4 cup grapeseed oil

essential oils (grapefruit, peppermint and wintergreen)


Measure out shea butter and coconut oil (which will be solid at a room temperatures below 76 degrees) and melt over medium-low heat in a double broiler, stirring constantly until there are no lumps left. Let cool about 30 minutes, then stir in the grapeseed oil and essential oils. Cover the oil mixture and freeze for about 20-30 minutes, or refrigerate for 1-2 hours. You want the mixture to start to solidify but not completely harden, a consistency similar to soft wax or softened butter. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and whip until soft and fluffy. Spoon into your jars and decorate as you want to give.


Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Erin



Halloween is on Friday this year which means more of us will have the chance to get out and enjoy the holiday this year. This is my favorite holiday and I usually start planning my costume before the current holiday is even over but this year I am slacking. If you’re like me and in need of some last minute costume ideas hopefully one of these will help you.


For Kids:

Kids are easy because they’ve already got the cute factor so nobody is going to judge a kid by how good or bad their costume is. If you have a kid that is of school age or just want some cute pictures to have the memories then here are some ideas for the little munchkins that won’t break the bank and will leave a lasting impression on all who see them.


Carl Fredricksen from the movie “Up”




All that is needed for this are a few balloons, some PCV pipe, 2 tennis balls, and some thick framed glasses. I’m sure that by now your cutie has the rest of the outfit or close to it somewhere in his collection.




Jelly Fish

Chances are if you have a little girl between the ages of 2-6 she has at least one ballerina outfit or tutu of some sort. Add some stockings and a matching top and you got your kid covered now comes the fun part. All you need is to find a transparent (can be colored as long as you can see through it) umbrella, some streamers, tape, and either 2 big fist sized googley-eyes or if you can’t find them at your local craft store then draw some on construction paper and tape them to the umbrella.




For Teens and Young Adults:

Often times we see this age group dress a bit too risqué for their age group simply because they feel there aren’t a lot of options maybe for them or maybe they just like to, who knows. But that’s what I’m here for, to give them ideas for clever alternatives for this year on costumes they can put together last minute and still look great and probably turn even more heads and get the right kind of attention.


Sexy Sheet Ghost.

Taking the whole “sexy” thing to a new level – a hilarious and clever one! I promise that anyone who wears this will surely win whatever contest they enter or be the hit of whatever party they go to! Just get a plain white sheet cut some eye holes and two tiny holes for your nose so you can breathe and get some of your best undergarments and put them on over top. This would be extremely funny for either gender.



Grumpy Cat.

The internet sensation will surely get you some laughs and leave a lasting impression for the low price of some face paint. The rest of the costume you probably already have. You will need a tan or brown colored top and white gloves if you have them but they are optional, some brown, black, and white face paint and put on your best frown.






Wear a black or white undershirt then take the opposite color shirt to wear on top and cut out a pattern of a skeleton. Wear with black pants or black leggings with skeleton legs on them and black shoes or sneakers. Paint your face with black and white face paint how you wish.





For Everyone Else:

Here are some clever last minute ideas for the rest of us that need something quick, simple, but yet clever to throw together at the last minute.


Bob Ross and his Masterpiece.



This is a great couples costume. You basically just need a wig for one of you to be Bob Ross and get a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a paint pallet and put some colors on it and carry a paintbrush. For the other half playing the painting you can just wear plain colored clothing and deck yourself out in leaves and flowers.



Your Location.



This is a funny costume idea especially for those who always seem to get lost or are always late and get asked “where are you?” You can get an old t-shirt and some yellow duct tape and mark off some street names and landmarks and you can use either red felt or red construction paper for the head piece.






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By: Michelle 




Ah, my favorite holiday. The time of year when it is said that the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. Halloween began in Ireland, and various countries have their traditions for celebrating this magnificent holiday. I will discuss some of them in this article. I will begin with Ireland since this country is the Mother of Halloween. In rural areas in Ireland, bonfires are lit, and just as in the United States, children dress up and go trick or treating. After trick or treating, some may attend parties. At the parties various games are played. One game is called snap-apple. In this game an apple on a string is tied to a door frame or tree and players try to bite the hanging apple. Residents of Ireland may also do bobbing for apples,  or treasure hunts with candy or pastries as the treasure. The Irish also play a card game where cards are laid face down on a table with candy or coins underneath them. When a child chooses a card, he receives whatever prize is found below it. A traditional food eaten on Halloween is called barnbrack. It is like a fruitcake. A muslin wrapped treat is basked inside the cake.


It is said that it can foretell the eater’s future. If a ring is found,it means that the person will soon be wed. A piece of straw means that a prosperous year is on the way. Children are also known to play tricks on their neighbor,such as knock a dolly, a prank in which children knock on their neighbors’ doors, but run away before the door is opened.


“sásta Oíche Shamhna” ~ Happy Halloween in Irish.


Moving on now to a few other countries.


Canada: Modern Halloween celebrations in Canada began with the arrival of Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 1800′s. As with various countries, Jack O’Lanterns are carved,and festivities include parties, trick-or-treating, and the decorating of homes with pumpkins and corn stalks.


England: While the Irish and Scots preferred turnips,children in England made what is called “punkies” out of large beets,of which they call beetroots. They carved a design in the turnip of their choice. They would then carry their punkies through the streets while singing the “Punkie Night Song” as they knocked on doors and asked for money. Halloween became Guy Fawkes night,and moved a few days later. Recently,it has been celebrated on October 31st,but recently it has been celebrated on October 31st in addition to Guy Fawkes night. In some rural areas, turnip lanterns were placed on gateposts to protect homes from the spirits who roamed on Halloween night. Another custom was to toss objects such as stones, vegetables,and nuts into a bonfire to frighten away the spirits. These symbolic sacrifices were also used as fortune telling tools. If a pebble thrown into the flames at night wasn’t visible in the morning, it was believed that the person who tossed the pebble wouldn’t survive another year. If nuts tossed into the fire by young lovers then exploded,it signified a quarrelsome marriage. For the most part however, the English ceased celebrating Halloween with the spread of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. Followers of that religion didn’t believe in Saints, so they saw no reason to celebrate Eve of All Saints Day. In recent years though, the American trick or treating custom, together with the donning of costumes for going door to door, has become a relatively popular past time among English children at Halloween, although many of the adults {mainly the older generation} have little idea why they’re being asked for sweets, and are unfortunately usually not prepared to hand out candy to the kids.


Moving onto the history of Halloween now!


Halloween is of course celebrated on October 31st. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallow’s Evening also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival Samhain,meaning Summer’s End. Pagans, such as myself still celebrate this holiday. It in fact,is one of our biggest Sabbats. I didn’t participate in ritual for Samhain last year but I hope to this year. It is said to be a good time for divination. It is also a time to reflect upon loved ones who have passed. In Gaelic culture, it is a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Samhain was a time used by ancient Pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for Winter. The ancient Gales believed that on October 31st, the boundaries between this World and the ‘world’ of the dead overlapped,and the deceased would come back to life,and wreak havoc such as damaged crops or sickness. The festival would frequently involve bonfires. It’s believed that the fires attracted insects to the area which attracted bats to the area. These are additional attributes of the history of Halloween. Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Onto a tidbit of knowledge about the history of trick or treating. The ‘trick’ in trick or treating is,in history,a threat to play a trick on the homeowner or his or her property if no treat is given.


Part of the history of Halloween is of course costumes. The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for treats on holidays goes back to the Middle Ages, and includes Christmas wassailing. Trick or treating resembles the late medieval practice of ‘Souling’. Poor folk would go door to door on Hallowmas, which was on November first, receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day. It originated in Ireland and Britain, although similar practices for souls of the dead were found as far south as Italy. There is no evidence that souling was ever practiced in America. Trick-or-treating may have developed in America independent of any Irish or British antecedent. There is little primary Halloween history documentation of masking or costuming on Halloween in Ireland, the UK or America before 1900. The earliest known reference to ritual begging on Halloween in English speaking North America occurs in 1911, when a newspaper in Kingston,Ontario reported that it was normal for children to go street guising on Halloween between 6 and 7 pm., visiting shops and neighbors to be rewarded with nuts and candies for their rhymes and songs. Thousands of postcards that were produced between the turn of the century, and the 1920′s commonly show children,but they do not depict trick or treating. It didn’t seem to become a widespread event until the 1930′s, with the earliest known uses in print of the term ‘trick-or-treating’ appearing in 1934. The first use of the phrase in a national publication occurred in 1939.


Trick-or-treating spread from the western United States eastward, stalled by sugar rationing that began in April 1942 during World War II and didn’t end until June 1947. Early national attention was given to trick-or-treating in October 1947 issues of the children’s magazines Jack and Jill and Children’s Activities. Also by Halloween episodes of network radio programs like The Baby Snooks Show in 1946 and The Jack Benny Show, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in 1948. The custom had become firmly established in popular culture by 1952,when Walt Disney portrayed it in the cartoon Trick or Treat. Ozzie and Harriet were besieged by trick-or-treaters on an episode of their TV show. UNICEF also first conducted a national campaign to raise funds for the charity while trick-or-treating.




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A Ghostly Intervention

October 8, 2014, 12:45 AM


By: Alex




I don’t know much about ghosts, but an unusual situation came up recently. It seems that Kat,

one of Foretell’s psychics, had a ghost in her house who had attached to her when she lived across

town. I don’t think he was malevolent, at least not to her and her friends. She said she couldn’t see him,

that he was “in shadow”. I think he wore a cowboy hat. She said he could be fearsome, and that he had

intervened on her behalf at least once before.


One of Kat’s current neighbors is a woman who is rather controlling. I had a run-in with her that

basically ended in a stalemate when she was driving too fast in the neighborhood and I called her on it.

A few days later I noticed her driving more cautiously. Apparently someone else had scolded her about

her driving also.


This woman has a son who Kat thinks could be a serious problem in the future. He has been

rude to me on several occasions. I honestly don’t like him. This kid was torturing his brother once when

Kat yelled at him out her window. He stopped, but only because she caught him in the act.


I was concerned about this kid, but I didn’t think that telling his parents about their son would

help their situation or mine. In addition it wasn’t really my neighborhood and I didn’t want to cause

more problems for Kat. So I just tried to stay away from them and pretty much keep my mouth shut.

But what happened next really surprised me.


One day I was talking to Kat about this family, and she said “they really need to move

somewhere else.” I guess Kat was really fed up with them. Then she added rather casually that perhaps

she should send her ghost across the street to deal with them. My ears perked up at this. I had never

heard of such a thing, and I was really interested in finding out how all this would turn out.


A few days later Kat said she had sent her ghost over there and that he was having fun with

these people. Since then I have noticed that they are hardly ever around anymore, and when they are it’s

only briefly. The neighborhood seems quieter. Also, the troublemaker kid seems more subdued. Kat

said that the ghost had scared the kids into behaving better.


Well, that just amazes me to no end. As I said before, I don’t know much about ghosts, and the

stereotypes on TV aren’t very helpful. In spite of reality shows, which deal basically with extreme

cases, I sincerely doubt that all ghosts are as scary or violent as they seem to indicate. But I didn’t know

that they could help people either.


This particular ghost must like Kat a lot, if he is willing to go out and help her by subduing

rambunctious neighbors with unruly kids. I just didn’t think that ghosts were that civic minded! Next

time you have a problem, maybe your ghost can help you.




We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.

Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.


Happy Harvest

October 6, 2014, 12:15 AM


By: J Nighteagle



The start of the holiday season as depicted on and with popular media is one of joy; the type of joy that comes with possessions or financial security (if such a thing exists). In our modern world or should I say, in certain growing economies the ability to generate and keep on generating income is key. The reality is media in general is about making and keeping on making money, a lot of people forget this and consider what they see at the movies and television as being reality; it is not.


This misconception is magnified by individuals or groups that tend to be secluded for whatever reason (prison, illness, age or circumstance of life) The Psychological and Sociological implications and reasons are to numerous to mention in any detail and are a growing part of modern society. The study of such issues are very new even though the conditions have been with man sense he first became self aware.


There is a great amount of the human population that experience uncomfortable emotions, general unhappiness, or even depression. There is an awareness either great or small, defined or not defined that the world and by reflection ourselves is and are far from perfect; nor is the world all gloom and doom. We live in an age of fast solutions to everything, automatic access to information and news from all over the world. These things have a tendency to overload our emotions.


It is very important to remember the certain conditions have been with man sense the beginning and always will be. The amount and access to world information is a very new thing to 99.9% of humanity and as we know a lot or the majority of the news that gets to us is not so good. The point is that all people feel pressured and stressed at certain times of their lives and the holiday season has a way of bringing awareness to people; in all reality the world a lot of people live in is not any thing to celebrate.


We as human beings also have a need to be thankful and express this gratitude in a lot of different ways, music, prayer, various types of art and literature. There is also a joy in family and helping out when needed or asked for, in the joy of our children and the blessings of our beliefs and faiths. As we grow and evolve in life people 9 out of 10 times how far a little faith can go. We can control the path of our feelings through desire and faith however, we must accept ourselves and the world the way it is and where we are as human beings.


Actually the holiday season is directly associated with the harvest (a beneficial harvest is required by all) and its various aspects including a job well done, time well spent, beneficial thoughts and actions that help us and the ones we love to a happier and satisfying life. At times we all can benefit from talking to wise person, comparing methods, or in just talking to someone you love or trust about anything under the sun.


Certain feelings can by very complex and have deep roots. Other types of feelings are shared by all in humanity, or are as common to all humanity as the need to eat. I wish all a good harvest.


Press Release- Special Savings

June 30, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Office Staff



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By: Lulu G.



So it’s that time of year again where there seems to be an abundance of chocolate, flowers, and the hope of blossoming love is abundant. So with this in mind I turn to the Lovers card in my deck. The most interesting thing about this card is not the meaning behind it so much but where it is placed in the reading. Also weather or not the card is in reverse or in the regular position.


The A.E Waite definition of this card talks about the meaning behind the many visual aspects of the card. How in a relationship everything starts off pure and good but then falters when ‘honeymoon’ stage starts to wear off. This card lets you know that in you as the person who pulls this card must make the best of what comes within your relationship. This card represents relationships and the choices within those relationships. Where it is in the reading itself give some indication of either an existing relationship or a coming or a relationship. It can also mean the temptation of the heart and some choices of potential partners. Often times there’s a type of sacrifice that needs to happen by making a choice of a relationship. This card indicates to not take that decision lightly. Some major key words for this card are love relationships, romance, unions, passion and pleasure.


When you see the lovers card in reverse this can indicate some troubles relating to someone else within a relationship or in making a decision about your relationship. It could also indicate that you’re looking for love and just simply not finding it. You might have an ideal lover in mind and you pressure those around you to fulfill your ideal. But they will not be able to fulfill it. There could be a period of lack of chemistry or indicate a sexual relationship like a friends with benefits arrangement. This card in reverse could also indicate a relationship where you have feelings but the other person may not share those intense feelings back. Communications with others could be affected and attempts to connect may be leading towards misunderstandings and disagreements. When this card is in reverse all the positive aspects of this card seems to go the other way. It can also mean poor decisions or having indecisive tendencies in love and can be the feeling of regret or guilt that brings this card forward in reverse in a reading.


A lot of times when you see this card in a reading it would be a good idea to find out where it is in the spread and what issues are you asking about. Are you already in a relationship? Or just simply looking to find out when a relationship will happen. Should you find this card in a past position, this could indicate the foundation of the current situation within your relationship. It could also indicate past love or represent your parents (if you are young). If you find this card in a present position within the reading usually indicates a potential relationship coming and coming fast. You might already know who this person is or it’s on the verge of coming. Either way this card in the present position usually indicates that the relationship coming will be one of potential transformation in all aspects of your life – positive or negative. Should you find this card in a future position and you are single it means that it’s a time to go out into the world and start dating. Always make sure you have a clear mind of what it is you want before trying to find a bonding with another.


Even though this card indicates a relationship is coming it also tells you to be clear about what it is you want and make sure you send out the energy you wish to get back. If you are not single this could mean you’re having issues within your current relationship and another person may come in giving you the ‘it’s always greener on the other side’ type of syndrome. Here is where more of those love choices comes into play and it will be up to you as to the decisions you decide to undertake. There will be some choices to make about a relationship and you need to find the focus in order to make a clear choice. Love has a tendency of blurring the lines and this card tells you love is coming and you need to make sure you have a clear idea of what it is you want. And as always be careful of what you wish for.




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Happy GALentines Day

February 13, 2014, 8:00 AM


By: Erin



That’s right, GALentines Day. I’m a big fan of the show Parks and Rec. with Amy Poehler and her character Leslie is big on celebrating Galentines Day the day before Valentines Day. What is it? Basically you round up your gal pals, leave your boyfriends, husbands, whatever at home and spend Valentines Eve with your ladies. No boys allowed.


Grab your girls and plan a night of fun things to do together. You can chose to do a girls night out or a girls night in the important thing is that you are all together and having fun and catching up without the boys around. It’s like turning back time to when we were younger and had sleepovers and stayed up all night talking and playing games.



For A Gals Night In:


If you are going to do a girls night in make it super special and go all out! Go to the dollar store and get some Valentines Day themed sparkly confetti and a pink table cloth to decorate the dinner table. Get some fancy looking drink stirrers and anything glittery you can’t go wrong. Decorate the table and put cupcakes or a cake as the centerpiece with a sign saying “Happy Galentines Day” for you and your friends to enjoy.



Also, plan some fun things to do for the night after dinner is over like watch your favorite “girl power” movies, play some games, make some drinks, set up a makeshift photo-booth and take funny pictures to capture the events of the night. I made a list of me and my friends favorite movies for girls nights and games we break out when we feel like taking it back to our teen years and got some suggestions for drink ideas for girls nights that I will list for inspiration for readers. Also, have a dance party! No girls night in or out is complete without a dance party.



Clueless, Mean Girls, Heathers, Bridesmaids, Sex In The City, The Ugly Truth, Pretty In Pink.


Girl Talk, Truth or Dare, Kiss-Marry-YouKnowWhat, Kings Cup.


Sparkling Blood Orange Martini: 1.5 ounce blood orange juice, 2 ounce vodka, 1 ounce lime juice, 4 ounce sparkling water, lime wedge for garnish.



Cupids Cupcake Cocktail: vodka, chocolate sauce, buttermilk, red food coloring, creme de cacao, vanilla, shake in an ice shaker, dip the rim of the glass in creme cheese frosting and enjoy.




For A Gals Night Out:



If you and the ladies decide to spend your Galentines Day out on the town then again, do it big! Plan a day or afternoon of pampering. Go get mani-pedis and sip champagne and catch up on each others lives and fill every one in on the latest news – whatever, the day is about friends and fun and girl time!


After your pampering is through you can go looking for some sales and find some cute outfits to wear out to dinner and drinks. Maybe you wanna hit up a karaoke club. I can tell you from personal experience, you can’t go wrong with going to a karaoke bar. Even when you are not participating, or sober as a bird, just watching others partake is pure enjoyment. Again, make sure the night includes a dance party!






We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.




Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.


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