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Careers of The Zodiac– Scorpio

October 23, 2014, 11:13 AM


By: Erin




Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac chart. These people are born leaders and have very strong, bold personalities. Scorpios are very ambitious people and are very intelligent so they settle for nothing less than the best for themselves.


Scorpios are no-nonsense people and do not deal well with people who do not take their work seriously. They do like people and enjoy the company of others but when it comes to the workplace they prefer to do their job in a secluded space and get the job done quietly with little to no distraction and noise.


Here are some careers I believe any Scorpio would find much happiness and stability in.


1. Researcher: Scorpios love problem solving. Researching involves digging to the root of an issue and finding a resolution to it and Scorpio will make sure they find the best solution. Their strong attention to detail, drive and passion will surely put them at the head of the research department in whatever field.


This career can go deep. Researchers can go accordingly to Scorpios passions in life. Science, medicine, government agencies, journalism, and so forth. If you are a Scorpio and you have that drive and passion you can do it! Make your love for knowledge and digging for dirt and information work to your benefit and turn it into your career.


2. Forensics: Scorpios are not easily spooked and are actually fascinated by the dead. They love to investigate crime scenes and figure out what lead to the cause of death. The would work around the clock to find their answers and not rest until the job was finished. A job like this takes a certain kind of person and Scorpio is it. They are tough and their emotions will not get the best of them when it comes to the job. They know they have work to do- they’re going to do it.


Scorpios love science and with this career they are mixing science with their other passions of investigation and delving into the mind of a surgeon.


3. Sex Therapist: Scorpios are one of the boldest and sexually driven signs of the zodiac chart. There is no shame in their game and they have no set backs when it comes to sharing about things in the bedroom and encourage others to do the same.




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Happy Harvest

October 6, 2014, 12:15 AM


By: J Nighteagle



The start of the holiday season as depicted on and with popular media is one of joy; the type of joy that comes with possessions or financial security (if such a thing exists). In our modern world or should I say, in certain growing economies the ability to generate and keep on generating income is key. The reality is media in general is about making and keeping on making money, a lot of people forget this and consider what they see at the movies and television as being reality; it is not.


This misconception is magnified by individuals or groups that tend to be secluded for whatever reason (prison, illness, age or circumstance of life) The Psychological and Sociological implications and reasons are to numerous to mention in any detail and are a growing part of modern society. The study of such issues are very new even though the conditions have been with man sense he first became self aware.


There is a great amount of the human population that experience uncomfortable emotions, general unhappiness, or even depression. There is an awareness either great or small, defined or not defined that the world and by reflection ourselves is and are far from perfect; nor is the world all gloom and doom. We live in an age of fast solutions to everything, automatic access to information and news from all over the world. These things have a tendency to overload our emotions.


It is very important to remember the certain conditions have been with man sense the beginning and always will be. The amount and access to world information is a very new thing to 99.9% of humanity and as we know a lot or the majority of the news that gets to us is not so good. The point is that all people feel pressured and stressed at certain times of their lives and the holiday season has a way of bringing awareness to people; in all reality the world a lot of people live in is not any thing to celebrate.


We as human beings also have a need to be thankful and express this gratitude in a lot of different ways, music, prayer, various types of art and literature. There is also a joy in family and helping out when needed or asked for, in the joy of our children and the blessings of our beliefs and faiths. As we grow and evolve in life people 9 out of 10 times how far a little faith can go. We can control the path of our feelings through desire and faith however, we must accept ourselves and the world the way it is and where we are as human beings.


Actually the holiday season is directly associated with the harvest (a beneficial harvest is required by all) and its various aspects including a job well done, time well spent, beneficial thoughts and actions that help us and the ones we love to a happier and satisfying life. At times we all can benefit from talking to wise person, comparing methods, or in just talking to someone you love or trust about anything under the sun.


Certain feelings can by very complex and have deep roots. Other types of feelings are shared by all in humanity, or are as common to all humanity as the need to eat. I wish all a good harvest.


Careers of The Zodiac– Libra

September 23, 2014, 11:02 AM


By: Erin



As Autumn rolls in and the weather balances out were its not too hot and not too cold yet… it’s actually kind of perfect, we meet our 7th sign of the zodiac chart, the symbol of the scales; Libra. This sign is often described as being very harmonious and charming and are very well liked because of their devotion to the things and people they respect and love be it a job, a pet, friends, family, etc.


Libras are very sociable and like to work with people. That might sound pretty general but for this sign it goes further as they are the type of people who like to build actual relationships with their co-workers and hang out outside of the office. Libras are known for their excellent manners and will be the first to extend an invite to a fellow team member to join them for a bite to eat or drinks after a long day at the office or on the field.


Bringing it back to the symbol of the scales, while a lot of people would be put off by mixing business and pleasure Libra is able to do so because they do it with the mentality that it will bring a harmonious vibe into the workplace. If everyone is comfortable and pulls together it will create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere at work and will generally be a better experience for everyone day in and day out. Libras do not like conflict and avoid it at all costs so from here I will go into the first job I feel would be ideal for those born under this sign.



1. Mediator or Guidance Counselor: In this category of profession a Libra will be able to utilize their analytical skills and help solve problems for people in need of a little guidance. Libras are very diplomatic and will be very fair and show no bias towards one side or another and will always have everyone’s best interest in mind at all times. With their great people skills and their honest and trusting nature people will feel comfortable sharing issues/problems with them in order for Libra to help them come to a healthy and beneficial settlement for any party involved.


In this profession Libras will feel fulfilled with knowing that they are helping people solve problems and leading them down the road to their fresh start, whatever it may be involving. Knowing they have eased someone of some type of hardship in anyway is enough to make this sign want to smack that snooze button 10 times each morning.



2. Creative Content Supervisor or Manager: In this profession a Libra would be able to use their creative skills on various levels. Daily tasks of gathering information from different sources and constantly networking with a variety of people will thrill this social sign and keep them very happy. As a high level creative content professional Libra will be constantly busy and utilizing their multitasking skills working on different projects from public relations to marketing and advertising and graphic designing.


Utilizing their intuitive abilities Libras are sure to go straight to the top in this profession because of their people pleasing ways. They get to know their clients needs and wants and turn out assignments that are worth millions simply by truly listening and knowing their client and turning their thoughts into a true vision.



3. Lawyer: Libras would make the BEST lawyers. It all goes back to similarities of the mediator profession but this is being able to take it to the next level and working for the judicial system. Libras tend to cower at confrontation but WILL fight for what they feel is fair.


Libras can be very persuasive and turn the charm all the way up in situations to make people listen to them and see their point of view. They will do whatever it takes to show people cold hard facts to back up why they know this person is innocent or guilty in a case so that it is completely balanced and fair. They don’t fight dirty and will keep a fair fight.




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By: Lulu Gleason



So here folks is my Fall overview with Astrology and the Tarot.  This one of my more favorite times of the year due to the beautiful grace of nature.  I can almost feel the brisk fall wind in my face. The sweet feel of a warm fire.  Halloween is in this time of year and let me say I cannot wait! As in the last blog  for each sign I’ve pulled a card to see how the fall will be for this particular sign. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me how close I’ve gotten for your sign!


Aries – Ah, my passionate friend. You’ve gotten The Strength card. You’ll be needing a bit of  courage and balance this fall. It’s time to work with that inner wild child to get yourself on track. The best way to balance is exercise. Take up Yoga or something that will connect the physical experience with not only the mental but the spiritual side of you. This will increase your inner power to help you through some possibly draining situations. However, I will offer one warning. Pick your battles wisely should anything get in your way this fall. Best way to avoid situations like this is by projecting compassion and taming your inner beast. You’ll make out better in the long run.


Taurus – As the sign of stability i’m not overly surprised you’ve gotten the King of Cups for this fall. The king is an emotionally mature individual who is not only wise but an empathetic and understanding listener. There’s a calm in the features, so don’t think there is no emotion. When pulling a court card it will usually represent you as a person or someone you will encounter. Figuring out which one you are is another story. However if the king is you: You’ll be in emotional control this fall. You’ve got the wise answers and right now would make the best advisor or counselor. I would use this time to be there for others and focus on your family. If the king is someone you know: This fall will bring someone forward who is very caring and could make a wonderful husband or is a fatherly figure. Just remember that if they look detached or not emotionally there – look deeper. This person is very imaginative and will most likely enjoy art and beautiful things.


Gemini – So my little twin. It looks like this fall will be quite a busy time for you. You’ve gotten the Six of Wands in reverse. This tends to mean there is difficulty in leadership roles for you. Someone is not doing their share of the work or perhaps your work quality is coming into question. As long as you are doing what you are suppose to be doing nothing will shake you. Just remember to amor up for some criticism and be prepared. This fall just repeat to yourself what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Try to take all feedback as best as you can by remembering that with your increased recognition will also come an increase of criticism. Remember you’re primary focus when you start things and make sure you follow through. Just as a side note. The six of wands reverse tends to come up when someone is using a position of leadership in an unethical or corrupt ways. So Gemini tread softly and thicken up your skin.


Cancer – Oh my darling darling crab. You’ve pulled the Knight of Cups. The knight is a romantic and impulsive person. A dreamer with fickle feelings. This person is not one to think things through. When pulling a court card such as he knight of cups it will either represent you or someone around you. If you are the knight: Take a minute and think about things. You can’t keep going through life dreaming and never following through. Pay attention to the messages you are giving and the ones you are receiving. This fall will bring much excitement with some great opportunities. However, think things through. Don’t allow others to persuade you or discourage you and your dreams. If the knight is someone you know: This is a person who is in need of constant simulation. Intelligent and yet such a dreamer. Let them flow in a way they need and be as supportive as your nature allows.


Leo – Leo my star so bright. You’ve gotten the Page of Pentacles for this fall. The page is a loyal friend who will try to provide much useful advice. We already know how loyal the lion can be with his friends so expect to be a bit more protective this fall. As a court card this card could represent you or someone you know. If you are the page: Often considered youthful either internally or externally. As a student you are thirsty in your want of new knowledge and have the work ethic to pull it through. But I plead that you take some time out in nature and really get the feel of it beneath your feet. Connect that inner Lion back to nature every once in a while this fall. It will boost your already stylish self and make you shine even brighter than normal.  You never know there might be something in it for you! If the Page is someone you know: This is a great person in your life. Dependable, practical and loyal. They often times give you useful advice in efforts to help you and your situation. Often associated with the young. This person is either younger than you or has a youthful spirit.


Virgo – So the good news Virgo is you’ve gotten the Ace of Pentacles. The bad news? It’s in Reverse. This fall you’ll cast that analytical eye towards your financial status. So on a serious note Virgo. The ace of pentacles in reverse isn’t as bad as one would think. This is more like a warning about choices and mostly spending too much time in a mental world. Energy is just escaping you and it’s causing quite a ruckus in your body. It’s because you need to connect back to the earth and stop focusing on the material world. Try a more whole foods diet, take some time to exercise and make sure you get plenty of sleep. This fall I would strongly suggest you think about your investment options. Don’t be afraid if you have the resources for a good investment. However, be mindful and steer clear of the unwise investments because they will lead to losses.


Libra – Well the scales have certainly tipped. You’ve gotten the The Moon in Reverse. When pulling this card in reverse you’ve got to really think about the situation and what is going on. This fall will be exactly what you need IF you take a few risks. This card and position tend to indicate self deception and self defeat. And while escaping an unpleasant truth is easier than facing the problems. Face your fears and make this fall about growing opportunities. Just remember that everyone will have their own skewed perceptions of what the situation is. Let it go and go on an adventure. I know that comfort zone is rather safe but taking a risk here or there wouldn’t make or break you. Besides you might have a chance at the biggest rewards.


Scorpio – So my little scorpions. It looks like I’ve pulled The Seven of Pentacles in Reverse for you. There seems to be something that you’ve been putting a lot of time to Scorpio. This fall you’ll see you’re not getting results like you had anticipated. But before you detach and focus on something else make sure you’ve gained the lessons learned from the errors you’ve made. Learning your lessons will not only prevent you making the same errors again but with everything that you learned it will contribute to your future successes. Sometimes when this card comes along in reverse it’s because you haven’t learned anything from past experiences and are repeating yourself. Break the cycle and pay more attention so that you can fix the mistakes and be an all around better you.


Sagittarius – My dear friend Sag you’ve gotten the Four of Wands in Reverse. The four of wands is about a  supportive home or could mean family gatherings. In reverse this may mean trouble in on the rise in one of these areas. Are you planning a family get together? This fall might not be the best time to do it. Also, don’t loose sight of why you are making plans if things get stressful. Do yourself a favor and walk away from the negative Nancy and don’t become one either! Trouble is coming to the home environment weather it be because you are drowning in chores around the house and not spending time with family or you are getting so caught up in rearranging things in the home that its allowing you to procrastinate on certain projects you need to get a move on with. Sometimes although very rarely this card in reverse could mean someone has a small victory they are keeping close to themselves. Nothing wrong with an internal right of passage celebrated in private.


Capricorn – So my goat friend you’ve gotten the Queen of Swords. The queen is a very independent female energy. She’s mature and with clarity of thought that most would envy. And has the passion and desire to really push through and make things happen. Like i mentioned for the other signs. As a court card this card could represent you or someone you know. As the Queen: You are being very critical of yourself and you need to take the time to let up a bit on yourself. Through loss and sorrows you’ve learned many things and the situations of pain have increased your wisdom. However, learn a bit of tac this fall. Your truth can be a bit hurtful so figure out a way to not only be honest but kind as well. Nothing wrong with speaking the truth but be mindful of others feelings.  If the Queen is someone you know: It could be a someone you see as a confidant and with a clarity that will bring new insights to the issues at hand. Maybe a new therapist? Or perhaps a new confidant with a fresh look at things. Either way look for the Queen if you haven’t already.


Aquarius – Well my water-bearing friend. You’ve pulled the Ace of Swords in Reverse. This fall will be full of misunderstandings. Weather it be the situation or a person involved in a situation. Things will not be clear and you will most likely not have all the details. It could even be a person lying outright or involved in the deception. I wouldn’t suggest making any type of decisions in this type of situation. Confusion or you are simply mentally exhausted will be a constant thing this fall. So be prepared to withdrawal from any type of confirmation because lets be honest here. It will be overwhelming if you decide to just charge forward. This fall i would suggest walking away from a possible aggressive situation and be the bigger person. Don’t worry it’s not like you can’t come back to it. Just focus on yourself and leave the haters in the dust.


Pisces – Ah my fishy friend. You’ve gotten the Wheel of Fortune card. This fall will be about changes and not having control over what life throws at you. Even though you are not able to control the way things are going you do have the power to react to the things going on. How you do will determine how your life path goes. Try not to be so defensive when change is introduced. There isn’t one way of being and the universe is trying to let you know that. Though the world can seems like it’s spinning out of control you need to stay calm and try your best to make the right decisions. This fall will bring about a change and it’s change for the better! So embrace it Pisces.




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Careers of The Zodiac– Virgo

August 23, 2014, 11:49 AM


By: Erin



As we reach the sixth position on the Zodiac chart we reach the sign that possesses a lot of wisdom with Virgo. Virgo, or the virgin as they are symbolized because of their modesty and patience are very respected individuals. This is a sign that has very many different traits and I feel that the careers they would find happiness and find the most success in would definitely be broken down by where within the sign they were born; the decans of Virgo.


What I mean is that there are strengths and weaknesses to Virgo, just like any other sign the difference is that with Virgo’s it seems like it is not as scattered and can be pinpointed by what kind of Virgo you are. For example anyone born between August 23 – September 2 tend to be more on the flamboyant side, very artistic and creative. Those born between September 3 – 12 are usually perfectionists and tend to be overcritical of themselves when it comes to getting things done to their own standards. Finally, September 13 – 22 are the health conscious people and the natural healers of the bunch.


All Virgo’s possess the same general traits; they’re hard working, orderly, sensible and very careful when it comes to money. They’re very successful people.



1. For those Virgo’s born in the first decan and tend to be more creative and bold would be great in the arts. This is a wide field, yes, and that this side of Virgo needs- freedom to explore their creative side. These people have a unique way of looking at things and are very deep thinkers which leads me to believe they would make excellent writers.


This could be novels, journalism, anything along those lines. Another choice for this side of Virgo would be designer or craftsman because it’s behind the scenes while showcasing your handy work for the world to admire. Again, putting the strengths of unique thinking, diligence, and over-all intense attention to small details that most people wouldn’t even think of would make them very successful in these fields. It’s those little bits of detail that make the art a masterpiece.



2. If you find yourself to be more of the super organized perfectionist side of Virgo (usually the second decan), a job that would give you just enough responsibility without overwhelming you would be an executive assistant. This part of Virgo shines when it comes to organization, planning, solving problems and sorting out details. They are good at taking orders from higher level people and like to have some sort of direction and then take full command from there.


Scheduling, bookkeeping, money management, etc. might sound like mundane tasks to the everyday person but for Virgo’s these are things they are good at and enjoy doing. It gives them self-worth and they are very successful in fields like public relations, financial advisor, or human resources.



Let me pause before rounding out with the last of career paths by saying that one of the best qualities of Virgo’s is their genuine need and want to help others. They are always willing to help out a friend in need or help raise awareness for a good cause. This is a sign that does not do well in leadership rolls but they are fully aware of that and they make up for it in small ways by word of mouth when it comes to important issues.



3. As stated above Virgo’s have great hearts in that they care for people’s well-being and they are born with the want to nurture, teach, and help things and people alike grow. This is especially true for the late Virgo’s. They are often very health conscious people as well and care a lot about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. When you mix these traits and the fact that they are very analytical, intelligent and patient these Virgo’s would be very successful and happy in the healthcare field.


Doctor, nurse, nutritionist, holistic, etc… The need to feel like someone is being healed because of Virgo is all that matters to them. This is a ever-expanding field especially with holistic centers and different treatments being offered. As a Virgo choosing a career in this field doesn’t limit you to just one area. Virgo’s love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature; incorporate that into this field… teach a yoga class or Reiki healing out in a beautiful area. Help find natural remedies for common ailments.



Virgo, there are so many possibilities out there for you. The world is yours for the taking.




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Careers of The Zodiac – Leo

July 23, 2014, 8:22 PM


By: Erin




Leo is a very strong sign. Those born into the symbol of the lion definitely stand tall and are the center of attention in any social situation. Leo’s are definitely born to be leaders and can lead a large pack but they are also perfectly fine standing on their own.


The ideal profession would be one that caters to Leo’s need to feel and look important. Wasting a day in a cubicle doing spreadsheets, working in a call center, and jobs like that are definitely not going to be one that a Leo will find happiness in.


Much like their fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, Leo’s will need to be in a job field that has them constantly busy or that has a lot of change within the field itself. They need to feel like they are not wasting any time and that they are getting as well as giving their absolute best- and then some.


Leo’s have a long list of traits that would make them a great candidate for a laundry list of fields that many people would never even think of. I’m going to go over a few based on their main personality traits that I think this sign would benefit from financially and emotionally.



1. Motivational Speaker- As a motivational speaker, Leo’s would feel total fulfillment. Their bold personalities alone would draw audiences both large and small in immediately and they would have complete control over the entire room. People enjoy listening to what Leo’s have to say because they are very intelligent, self-assured, and funny. By leading a room full of people who may be needing a bit of motivation or direction, Leo’s will be able to give them the push in the right direction by showing them how to turn the negatives into positives and how to look for the strength to get to where they want to be.


Leo’s are very honest people; sometimes to a fault, but people respect this is why they are quick to latch onto what Leo’s have to say. As a Leo, being a motivational speaker they will be able to feel like they have helped lead people to find the path that makes them happy and in turn this will give them that feeling of looking and feeling like they have accomplished something very important. It would be a wonderful career for this warm hearted sign.



Speaking of their hearts.



2. Cardiologist- As I stated before, Leo the lion has a lot of heart and are very caring, intelligent people. Another thing about them is that they will go above and beyond in anything they do to be the best in their field. They do not lack in the confidence department that’s for sure and in this field confidence and strength are a key factor when working with a vital organ.


Cardiology is that fast paced environment that will keep this  fire sign on their toes and excited to go to work. In the medical field things are always changing and there are always new techniques and procedures to be learned so they will be learning while working and again helping people.



3. Publicist- Most Leo’s are very outgoing and demand the spotlight but there are some out there that are a bit more “behind the scenes” kind of people. Leo’s make great entertainers; actors, musicians, models. Being in the spotlight and center stage is what drives them. For the softer spoken Leo’s, working as a publicist gives these them the chance to be a part of that without having to have all eyes on them.


Leo’s are hard workers and will work around the clock to bring the most up-to-date and accurate information to the world. They’re great at keeping people informed and doing damage control if needed. They’re honesty comes into play again here and so does their charisma. Leo’s way with words, even in writing will immediately draw people in and will keep people wanting more.





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June 30, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Office Staff



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Careers of The Zodiac – Cancer

June 22, 2014, 2:00 AM


By: Erin



Those born under the sign of the crab are very imaginative people. Cancer’s enjoy using their smarts and imagination to allow them to get the most out of life while not having to sacrifice their comfort or their closeness to their family and friends.


Being financially stable is as important to Cancers as staying emotionally and mentally stable so most Cancers would prefer a more relaxed work environment.  They are far from lazy or boring and enjoy the company of other people but they would excel more on a one-on-one basis when it comes to business deals.


With all of the above information, we can’t leave out the fact that they are very organized people when it comes to all aspects of life but especially their finances. Again, with comfort being one of their top priorities, this is a sign they know how to be frugal with their spending but also get the best of the best for the money they do spend.


Here are some of the careers I feel would be excellent for Cancers based off of their personality type and not taking them out of their comfort zone. Listed below are areas that I would suggest for any Cancer either as a side project for extra income or as a jumping off point to lead to the career that they would find most fulfilling.



1. Online Sales- Online shopping is at an all time high these days. This would be great for a Cancer for many reasons. First, they can do it from the comfort of their own home and would be able to stay home with the family and go their own speed. It would be a great as a side job for extra income to whatever field they are currently in but could lead to a long-term deal and even go on to ownership of an online shop run strictly by them.


Using their creativity and sense of style and imagination, Cancers are known to be crafty in many different areas from small crafts to building custom furniture. A website like Etsy would be a great start to sell some of their pieces. To all the Cancers out there I would say start using your creative outlets to benefit you and turn your hobby into a business venture. Created your own online store the more successful you become on a start up site like Etsy and you can earn a respectful and nice income all from the comfort of your home.



2. Real Estate Agent- As I said before, home life is important for a Cancer. In real estate sales they would be able to utilize their love for helping people and families find their new start. As a Cancer they will definitely be sympathetic when it comes to budgets of others because they understand the importance of top quality and comfort for the least amount of money.


Cancers are extremely intuitive people therefore would be great at knowing what would be the best fit for each individual client. As a real estate agent, those qualities are going to lead you Cancers to the top of the game because people will seek out their honesty and the fact that you are listening and caring about what they are looking for as opposed to showing them anything and everything without keeping their needs and budget in mind.



3. Interior Designer/Domestic Engineer- I’ve explained a lot in this blog so far about the personality traits of Cancers and I think that you can already figure out why this would be a wonderful fit for this sign. Not only is there so much range in this field there is also the chance to make it into a family business and offer longevity and stability for generations to come.


A domestic engineer can be a number of things ranging from personal care assistants, nannies, housekeeping, etc. People are drawn to Cancers trusting and loving nature so they will have no problem allowing you to take care of loved ones or be in their homes with little to no supervision.


Interior design or decorating would be a great way to sit with clients on that one-on-one basis to get a general feel for their personality and what they are looking for, go over budgeting and lend your advice on organizing for small spaces, etc. Imagination is your big helper in this field.



Cancer’s have a lot going for them. I believe you should be happy in your career choices and it seems like these days, especially in this economy, we tend to settle for things that will pay our bills and many of us live paycheck to paycheck. As a Cancer especially, that system is very uncomfortable and with all the tools out there that we can use to our advantage (internet being the biggest) there’s no reason that anyone should settle on anything that doesn’t make them happy.




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By: Office Staff



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We’re, the most trusted source for the best psychics. We offer live psychic phone readings as well as love, finance and career horoscopes.

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By: Erin



Gemini’s are very lucky because they have this natural ability to adept to any situation. They are blessed with great energy and social skills so they have great communication skills. With a Gemini’s natural ability to fit in, they generally succeed in social situations that allow them to utilize their communication skills and constantly sharing ideas with peers.


Gemini’s are born under the symbol of the twins and therefore are often misjudged as being inconsistent, two-faced, and deceitful. Nobody is perfect in this world so I feel that may be a bit of a harsh judgement because everyone is guilty of these acts at least once in their lifetime.


It’s said that Gemini’s would make great con artists because they’re cunning and have a bit of a trickster side to them. Doesn’t everyone? I get it though, I have a good friend who is a Gemini and I always said he could sell sand to a straggler in the desert. Gemini’s definitely have a certain charm about them that pulls people in and really want to listen to what they have to say.


Gemini’s are very intelligent people and this could add to why people get the idea that they are not to be trusted. Think about it; charming, intelligent, energetic… it’s a dangerous combo and can get people to open up to them and trust them from the first meeting. Honestly, I think this works in their favor when it comes to the working Gemini. With these qualities there is a wide range of professions that will cater to the Gemini’s need for constant activity and interaction with others. I feel they will go very far and be very successful in any of the following professions.



1. Public Relations (P.R. Executive)- This would be a great position for a Gemini because it is a very fast-paced and demanding profession however nowadays with all the different social media and technology at our fingertips, Gemini could choose to work for a firm or branch off and do their own thing and create an empire. This profession ties in with their ability to adapt well in any environment so they will likely be the one to shine when it comes to holding it together while planning a huge event or fundraiser. Gemini’s are great multi-taskers so their head would be in the game at all times no matter how much is thrown on their plate. Being in public relations allows for fun and and it’s a great profession to get into now so it will offer career longevity and open doors to other opportunities.



2. Blogger/Columnist/Journalist- Being able to utilize their many talents, Gemini’s would make awesome writers in any medium. Gemini’s always seem to know at least a little bit about everything; what I mean is they are always keeping their ears and eyes open so they tend to always be up-to-date on the latest happenings. If they don’t have all the facts about something they will do what it takes to find out about the topic; dig, manipulate, charm, etc. but you better bet that they will give you the latest information (maybe with a bit of a spin) to juice it up a bit. Either way, Gemini’s are great at story telling because their wit shows through their writing and would draw readers in. Blogs are a big thing now so Gemini’s take note- start a blog page, who knows where it could lead!



3. Advertising/Marketing- Again, this profession would be ideal for any Gemini based off of their ability to sell an idea or product to someone based on their magnetic personalities. As someone who has a background in advertising and marketing, I know that there’s a lot that goes into it- more than people may think. A Gemini would be great in this field because they like to study people and their habits so they will know what ideas to pitch to which people and how to turn it into a big pay out. Gemini’s will come up with what most think is a great idea but then take it 10 steps further simply by using their observation skills and combining it with their creativity. The competitive aspect of the field is also an added bonus. I would not want to battle campaign ideas with a Gemini’s; they might beat me out by pulling out the charm and art of manipulation to close a deal. Hey, if you got the tools- use them, right?


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