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Letting Go

February 29, 2016, 1:30 AM


By: Alex



A few days ago Kat, (one of Foretell’s psychics) went to visit her nephew, who lived in another part of town. During her visit, he told her about a strange incident that had him rather concerned. It seems that in the morning he discovered a plate on the counter in the kitchen that had a partially made sandwich: two pieces of bread, some lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. The thing was, neither he nor his son would eat that kind of sandwich – so where did it come from?


During the discussion that followed, it was postulated that since the sandwich was the type that Kat’s mother would have eaten, it might have been made by her. But how? Kat’s mother had been dead for almost five years.


Kat’s mother was really angry that her house had been taken over (not to mention completely changed around) by someone else. She was really attached to her house and wanted it back. However, she was also in denial about the fact that she was no longer among the living.


What Kat’s mother really wanted was to be with her husband, who had passed on years before. Unfortunately, she was stuck. Her anger and denial kept her from letting go and moving on.


How do you help someone in this kind of situation? Both Kat and I tried talking to her mother. Kat got an angry tirade back: “You have no idea what I’m feeling!” I got a few violent gestures but not much else. I think she listened to me but I’m not sure how much of it actually sunk in.


I thought about sending Reiki to her, but from what Kat told me, you can’t send Reiki to dead people because they are not able to receive it.


In the end, after consulting with Kat, I called in another psychic that Kat had worked with years before. Her name was Lucretia, and she also had died a few years ago. Kat had told me that Lucretia was the one she had called in to help her father pass over when he was dying and holding on for days on end. Kat’s mother had finally asked Kat if she knew anyone who could help him. Kat called Lucretia, who promptly showed up and said “Come on, let’s go” and off they went.


I explained to Lucretia what was going on. I got the feeling of a chopping motion on my left side. “Yes, that’s very good: cutting the ties” I said, but Lucretia never gave any indication about whether she was going to help Kat’s mom.


Kat told me later that if Lucretia decides to do something, she just does it and there’s no dillydallying about it. That certainly fit. A little while later I felt a very sad presence. It was Kat’s mother. I think she was coming to say goodbye. I told her we would always love her and that she needed to let go. She was still angry I think but at least she was moving on.


Finally, I also called upon one of my previous teachers, Dr. Verna Aridon Yater, a tremendous psychic, healer and trance channel. I had been in many of her workshops over 20 years ago. Verna had an incredible ability to work with people who were in denial or had very deep issues, and I thought maybe she could help Kat’s mom work through some of her feelings, if that was possible.


Hopefully, Lucretia and Verna will help Kat’s mother to forgive, release, and let go of the things that she is so angry about. This will allow her to let go of her house and finally to be with her husband, who is probably playing golf somewhere on a golf course none of us have ever seen.


About Psychic Protection

January 11, 2016, 1:42 AM


By: Alex



After not sleeping for the last two days and not knowing why, it was really starting to bother me. Some times it takes me a while to figure things out. Eventually I realized that my house needed psychic protection. There was bad energy seeping in from the neighborhood, and from a former neighbor who had just moved.


There are some things that I listen to and let go in, but reserve judgement for them. Psychic protection was one of them. I had heard the term but wasn’t really sure of what it meant or whether I had to concern myself with it.


However, after two days of not being able to sleep, something had to give. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I did what I thought would work, something I had not done in over a year. I walked around my lot doing a mantra – OM MANE PADME HUM, an ancient Sanskrit mantra that means “The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus.”


I actually used the Tibetan version, OM MANE PEME HUNG, but probably any high powered mantra, phrase or affirmation invoking Divine Energy would work. The main point is to lift up the energy of the house to a much higher level.


I walked around my lot about 5 times doing this mantra, and about 3 times around the car. Then after I went inside I did Reiki on all the doors and windows of the house, affirming Divine Protection for all occupants on all levels and at all times.


Thinking that should be sufficient, I asked Kat (one of Foretell’s psychics) if she felt it had made a difference. She said yes, that it was pretty dramatic. I could feel it myself. After cleaning up the house for about an hour I went to bed and slept for 8 hours. Later on I asked Kat how often I should repeat this protection ritual. She said it would be good to do this once a month for the first 5 months.


This whole experience was a real eye-opener for me, for three reasons. The first was the realization that I am more sensitive than I thought, but that realization had been coming to me for a while. This was just a confirmation of it. The second realization was that there are bad people and bad energies and you don’t want them in your house. The third realization was that you actually have to do something to change the energy of your situation, and understanding metaphysics is a key to that.


Although I used the phrase “Psychic Protection” to describe what I did, I don’t actually think of it in that way . I used the main principle of metaphysics, that what you affirm over and over in your mind eventually becomes your reality, to raise the energy of my house to a point where those so-called negative energies and entities cannot enter or exist there because it is not compatible with their level of vibration.


The resulting shift in energy and the fact that I could then go to sleep was proof to me that it worked. Verification by a good psychic never hurts either …


Sometimes metaphysics can be really important for a good night’s sleep!




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Presence and Our Range of Emotions

November 11, 2015, 1:04 AM


By: Nate Rodney




This is a lesson about accessing joy.


During a recent Yin yoga class, the teacher talked about avoiding pain. She spoke of a study, which revealed women giving birth most often ask for pain medication because women fear that the pain will soon become too great, and not because it is too painful in the moment. Moment-to-moment the women in labor in the study reported their pain was bearable, but that if it got any worse they wouldn’t be able to bear it. This can mirror how one often pulls away from living on their growth-edge because people tend to imagine the worsening of pain, rather than staying in the moment. When present to difficult feelings in any given moment, most often the discovery is that it is fine.


In a Yin yoga class, the poses are held for up to 10 minutes (which may feel like forever particularly when the stretch is intense). Students should pay close attention to the panicked instinct to pull back and get out of the pose for relief. When this occurs, rather than getting out of the pose, instead ask to yourself if the instinct is really about too much discomfort in that moment, or if the urge is in response to anticipated pain. Something curious maybe discovered. If attention is brought towards breathing and staying in the moment, there may be a greater level of relaxation, which allows connective fascia to open and stretch. Staying with the present sensation, rather than the worry of what might be felt next is a key.


This type of mindfulness exercise can be applied to emotional stress in life as well. And on a greater level, this discovery may also bring about presence and joy.


How does this relate? Most people have come to bittersweet places of cherishing final moments with people or circumstances of great love and appreciation. When the time arises, ask yourself how you feel right now in the moment rather than the future attachment of not seeing them again. Rather than fear and sadness, a curious thing may happen…frequently this allows for feelings of love and happiness. When focusing on the future, there is a tendency for the anticipation of loss to siphon off the contentment available in the present. Joy is only experienced in the moment and therefore can become greater when we’re present.


So challenges like that brought forth in a Yin yoga class can be great practice for exercising the mind’s awareness on both ends of the spectrum– the ability to stick to the present with the challenging moments, can also allow access for the presence of joy. Being present in the moment allows for a much broader range of emotions and access to more authentic living – to being more radiantly alive. And yoga is a great conduit to allow the practice for this discovery.




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Tips for Better Meditation

November 26, 2014, 12:00 AM


By: Bertha Lautzenheiser




Meditation students often come to me and ask what they can do to improve their meditation. Success in meditation is not the result of any one single factor but depends on sustained and systematic effort over a period of time. However, there are a few tips for meditation, that will help you to improve your performance, regardless of the meditation method that you follow.



1. Prepare your body for meditation


Your physical condition has a tremendous influence on your mind. This is true for your day to day activity, but even more so when it comes to meditation. You can prepare your body for meditation by eating the right food, and by coming to meditation with an empty stomach. Eating the right food, means food which strengthens the body but doesn’t have any adverse affect on the mind. If you consume products that make the mind dull or over-stimulated then it will be much harder to meditate. And whatever your diet is, when you sit down to meditate, it should be on an empty stomach. That is why one of the best times to meditate is in the morning, before you have had your breakfast. Another good time is in the evening, before the evening meal.



2. Prepare Your Mind for Meditation


Just as your body must be prepared, so must your mind. Before you start meditation you must convince yourself, that this period of meditation is your time for personal growth, and that it is important, as important as anything else in your life. When you close your eyes to meditate, you should not jump up to answer the phone, or get ready to leave your meditation due to some slight disturbance. If you convince yourself of the importance of meditation, then your example will also convince others around you and they won’t disturb you during meditation. So, remember your periods of meditation are one of the most important parts of your daily routine, and treat them as such.



3. Sing Before Meditation


The Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore once said, “God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing.” That explains the place of song and music in all the great spiritual traditions. Before you begin meditation you can sing spiritual songs, whose meaning elevates your mind. It doesn’t matter if you have “good” voice or a “bad” voice, sing from the heart, and your mind will go to a point that will be the ideal starting point for your meditation.



4. Sit in a Proper Position


Remember when you were in school and the teacher looked around and saw someone slumping in his or her seat, and she said “sit up straight!” She had a good point; when the back is straight the mind is alert. Sit in a position that will keep the back straight. Sit with cross legs in a simple position, or a half-lotus or a full lotus. In addition to making the mind more alert, these positions help you to rest the various motor organs, and provide a peaceful physical base for your meditation.


In the beginning these positions may seem difficult or uncomfortable, but if you can get used to them, they will help you to deepen your meditation.



5. Follow the Meditation Instructions Exactly


Remember carefully what your meditation instructor taught you and do your best to carry it out, exactly according to the instructions. Don’t experiment and make up your own method. The various systems of meditation are based on thousands of years of experience, so you don’t have to try to figure out what to do. Take advantage of the age-old knowledge of the past, and you will make rapid strides towards a bright future. If you have forgotten any part of your meditation method, go and see your instructor and get a review of your lesson.



6. Be Regular in Your Meditation Practice


This is one of the key factors to success. Meditation works, if you work. If you only do meditation once a month or on whim, when you feel like it, then it will be impossible to be successful and realize the benefits of meditation: mental clarity, inner peace, love for others and spiritual awareness. Make meditation a part of your daily routine. Just as surely as the sun comes up each day, do your meditation without fail. Fix a time for it in the morning and evening and do it on a regular basis If you get into the habit of doing your practice regularly, then you have taken one of the single most important steps towards success in meditation, and indeed, in your life.



7. Be Patient


“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and similarly you cannot make miraculous changes in your personality or in your spiritual life in just one sitting of meditation. Don’t be discouraged if you feel that nothing is happening. Meditation is a subtle art, the changes come slowly but surely. Keep on practicing and your meditation is sure to deepen and you will indeed be successful.




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By: Erin



Where to start? Well, it was intense. In a great way. I left feeling amazing and clear- mind, body, and soul. First let me begin by telling you all that The Autumn Goddess Retreat was a local festival over the weekend that supported a local domestic violence center in my community.


There’s food, music, workshops, art, performances, interactive performances and drum circles, practitioners and healers, local vendors and there were even some tarot readers there. I didn’t get a reading because I prefer to get phone readings though.


Me and my friends were so overwhelmed with everything that was there. We started with the aromatherapy side of the festival and my friend signed up for a free 15 minute table massage using essential oils. I had purchased a small jar of sugar scrub with do Terra essential oils lavender and wild orange. It smells amazing and I used it last night and tonight and It feels wonderful.


After that we walked along and there was a bunch of art and more aromatherapy stations and we were looking at all of the stuff and got free candles that smelled amazing compliments of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County. We then went and watched some more of the performers which at that time were some improv belly dancers and they were awesome. After they did their performance they then taught us how to do the art of belly dancing.


We then went inside where we found free samples from a local place called The Salt Vault. They gave us cute little satin bags filled with a sample bag of their Himalayan Salt Detox Bath. It’s made up of 84 essential materials and it’s good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It cleanses the bacteria, toxins, and other debris in the skin and restores energy levels with the relaxation it provides.


We then went over to a Reiki master who had a table full of pendants for sale that are for healing or strengthening different things in different people. She tried the BioDisc first (for expanding energy, raises vibration, and clearing and lightening.) I didn’t feel anything. She then held up a couple more one of them The Star (emotional balance, dancing energy, joyful and uplifting) gave me a warm feeling in my 3rd eye area but she asked if she could try one more first before settling on that one and I said yes. She then held up The Heart.


The Heart expands the heart chakra and love, it also strengthens lungs and heart. When she held that up to me I felt like I was being lifted off the ground and being pushed back. I’m not a small girl, when that happened I was so overwhelmed she asked if I was okay and I said yeah and explained what I felt and she said that was the one for me then. I purchased it and wore it around for a while but had to take it off after a little while because it was super powerful because my mind was so free at that point. I am wearing it now though.


We then went back up to the outside and watched more performances and participated in a drum circle which was super fun being a part of that. It was calming and took me away to another world for 30 minutes too. I felt in tune with everyone even though I probably wasn’t. (haha) My friends 4 month old was so relaxed he fell asleep to the sound of the drum circle. At that point I was so relaxed I probably could have fallen asleep as well.


We then walked back down and went to the other side of the building and there were more venders and healers over on the side. There was a sound healer who took a didgeridoo and some other tools and helped us relax with healing sounds and vibrations. I’ve never had anything like that done before so I thought that was very neat.


(My Favorite) I walked over to this booth full of bracelets and I was immediately drawn to one but kept looking at others and the lady and her daughter explained to me that you’re supposed to pick the one you’re immediately drawn to because theres a reason I’m drawn to it she then lifted up the box the bracelet was on and there was a card, mine read “Blue Goldstone – Opalite – Swarovski. Stone of ambition/builds energy/courage/positive attitude. Increases drive/confidence/helps reduce stomach tension/benefits arthritic conditions. Helpful to bones/ painful joints/circulation. Considered an all-around healing stone/helps combat fatigue. It also purifies the blood/kidneys. Useful in improving communication on all levels. Alleviates depression promotes relaxation. Master healer.


I love it! Its beautiful and it has the Philly “Love” charm on it and a sun and moon toggle clasp. Its very pretty and I love that it called to me and it has everything I need. I am wearing that now as well.


I then got a fist sized chunk of Citrine that vibrated energy when i held my hand over it so I had to get it its sitting next to me on my desk right now. Citrine is said to cleanse the aura and promote a happy disposition. It helps you overcome intellectual and emotional issues. It also has a positive influence on relationships, and helping perceive obstacles and their solution in an intelligent and optimistic manner.


Citrine relates to the 3rd chakra which is all about self-esteem, personal power and abundance. Basically being able to trust yourself making it possible to exercise your personal power in a responsible way and make good decisions. In turn, those decisions may lead to an abundance including but not limited to money. It can also help fight depression and mood swings because of the effect it has on mental clarity.



All in all it was an exciting day and I’m still riding the high from all of the clarity I got from the day. I have all my special goodies from the day too that will last me forever (except the sugar scrub but now I know how to make it) and I have a clear mind and I feel better about life and I feel wonderful.





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Totems and Methods of Usage For Meditation

September 22, 2014, 12:50 AM


By: J Nighteagle



Totems can be used for meditation; one method of utilizing spirit guides or totems are to notice the creatures that enter your life or spirit path (we have many throughout our lives) and the message they bring in relation to you current life focus to assist, guide, and teach in an effort to live life happy and content.


We can utilize animal guides to guide us out of a subject that the answer to may elude us or boggle us. There is no power in the animal itself but in its meaning to you and, how you use the insight. Some times if we step away a bit, we can gain more insight into ourselves, and our environment; which is alive and possess meaning and solution. In prayer we think deeply and gain meaning through deep thought and intention; this is similar to utilizing totems.


A quiet place conducive to meditation no distractions or noise; and we do not force guidance, we ask and must follow the meaning, or determine that this is not for us and move on; never the less the major message is to respect ourselves, others, and mother nature.


If you would like more information on some aspect of fallowing spirit guides, or animal guides several sources can be found on the internet or you local book store.


Live Well…


Careers of The Zodiac– Virgo

August 23, 2014, 11:49 AM


By: Erin



As we reach the sixth position on the Zodiac chart we reach the sign that possesses a lot of wisdom with Virgo. Virgo, or the virgin as they are symbolized because of their modesty and patience are very respected individuals. This is a sign that has very many different traits and I feel that the careers they would find happiness and find the most success in would definitely be broken down by where within the sign they were born; the decans of Virgo.


What I mean is that there are strengths and weaknesses to Virgo, just like any other sign the difference is that with Virgo’s it seems like it is not as scattered and can be pinpointed by what kind of Virgo you are. For example anyone born between August 23 – September 2 tend to be more on the flamboyant side, very artistic and creative. Those born between September 3 – 12 are usually perfectionists and tend to be overcritical of themselves when it comes to getting things done to their own standards. Finally, September 13 – 22 are the health conscious people and the natural healers of the bunch.


All Virgo’s possess the same general traits; they’re hard working, orderly, sensible and very careful when it comes to money. They’re very successful people.



1. For those Virgo’s born in the first decan and tend to be more creative and bold would be great in the arts. This is a wide field, yes, and that this side of Virgo needs- freedom to explore their creative side. These people have a unique way of looking at things and are very deep thinkers which leads me to believe they would make excellent writers.


This could be novels, journalism, anything along those lines. Another choice for this side of Virgo would be designer or craftsman because it’s behind the scenes while showcasing your handy work for the world to admire. Again, putting the strengths of unique thinking, diligence, and over-all intense attention to small details that most people wouldn’t even think of would make them very successful in these fields. It’s those little bits of detail that make the art a masterpiece.



2. If you find yourself to be more of the super organized perfectionist side of Virgo (usually the second decan), a job that would give you just enough responsibility without overwhelming you would be an executive assistant. This part of Virgo shines when it comes to organization, planning, solving problems and sorting out details. They are good at taking orders from higher level people and like to have some sort of direction and then take full command from there.


Scheduling, bookkeeping, money management, etc. might sound like mundane tasks to the everyday person but for Virgo’s these are things they are good at and enjoy doing. It gives them self-worth and they are very successful in fields like public relations, financial advisor, or human resources.



Let me pause before rounding out with the last of career paths by saying that one of the best qualities of Virgo’s is their genuine need and want to help others. They are always willing to help out a friend in need or help raise awareness for a good cause. This is a sign that does not do well in leadership rolls but they are fully aware of that and they make up for it in small ways by word of mouth when it comes to important issues.



3. As stated above Virgo’s have great hearts in that they care for people’s well-being and they are born with the want to nurture, teach, and help things and people alike grow. This is especially true for the late Virgo’s. They are often very health conscious people as well and care a lot about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. When you mix these traits and the fact that they are very analytical, intelligent and patient these Virgo’s would be very successful and happy in the healthcare field.


Doctor, nurse, nutritionist, holistic, etc… The need to feel like someone is being healed because of Virgo is all that matters to them. This is a ever-expanding field especially with holistic centers and different treatments being offered. As a Virgo choosing a career in this field doesn’t limit you to just one area. Virgo’s love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature; incorporate that into this field… teach a yoga class or Reiki healing out in a beautiful area. Help find natural remedies for common ailments.



Virgo, there are so many possibilities out there for you. The world is yours for the taking.




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By: Rockey Sheen



In this competitive world, most of the people are facing some serious consequences regarding their stressful daily life. It can easily be assumed that people have to undergo severe taxing situations while completing their daily work. At that point of time, people need to find some ways for making their mind calm. In that case, meditation can be considered as one of the easiest way to calm their senses. Therefore, they need to know some techniques of meditation for beginners in order to keep their mind in the right track.


Whenever the mind goes through some stressful situations, it is evident that it will stop working in the same fashion which it could in a relaxed situation. Therefore, this stressful mind will definitely make some effect on your daily life. Gradually, the social as well as your professional life will be hampered due to the amount of stress on your mind. In addition to that, it is also to be noted that this situation will definitely reduce your performance on the next day. Thus, you may have to think of some process in order to calm your senses. In that case, you may opt for some techniques of meditation for beginners to make a better situation for your mind.


Here you will know about some techniques of meditation for beginners in order to make your mind work in a better fashion. Among various meditation techniques, these below described methods can be considered easy. Therefore, the beginners hardly face any complications while practicing these techniques.


Breathing Technique:

In this method, you have to find a quiet place to begin the meditation process. Then you have to sit straight keeping your spinal cord erect. Afterwards, you need to breathe in and breathe out slowly. While you are breathing, you need to count the complete breathing cycle. In that manner, you have to complete the process for hundredth time. In that way, you will be able to calm your senses through this basic technique of meditation for beginners.


Flame Meditation:

This procedure is considered to be very effective among the various methods of meditation for beginners. Here, one has to look straight at the burning flame in a constant manner. In that way, your mind will feel the calmness of that burning flame. This method is also very helpful for increasing the concentration of your mind.




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The Power of Meditation Unveiled

June 26, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Reed Monde



Meditation is definitely an art that can help in all kinds of healing, however, is ignored by just about everyone. It is very good for the body, thoughts, and nature, as it enhances the energy levels of the person. It’s believed that individuals with high power rarely drop sick. Illness causing microorganisms have a hard time living in an appearance that vibrates upon higher wavelengths.


Though it is actually proven which meditation will work for healing, the numbers of people really meditate? Although some people don’t have confidence in it, other medications are just too laid back and believe it is time consuming. They are saying that they can’t focus their brains on one factor, which is why they can’t meditate. This is really a normal factor and it will take a moment before they are able to start concentrating.


Simple tips about meditation:


Be sure you find a peaceful area within your house. If you live along with kids, inform them that you don’t desire to be disturbed just for 10 minutes. By doing this you can make certain you can have a couple of minutes to yourself. 10 minutes may be the minimum; it is advisable to do it not less than half an hour. Switch off your cell phone and alarm clocks or other electronics for that period. You need to be really relaxed; along with a loud sound can split your hypnotic trance which is not great for your mind in addition to body.


Should you meditate throughout the evening, you need to turn off the actual lights, and when you reflect during the day, you are able to pull on the shades. When it’s dark, particular glands in your body tend to be more active, that let you unwind and achieve higher awareness levels.


Take a seat on the ground having a mat as well as cross your own legs. If you cannot sit on the floor, you can even take a seat on a seat. It is very important for you to be comfy. You will not have the ability to focus in the event that all your muscle tissue isn’t calm.


Inhale using your nose as well as hold this in. Take a deep inhale. Now breathe out it using your mouth. Replicate it for some times until your inhaling and exhaling becomes regular.


At this moment, the mind should begin becoming obvious. However, should you hear sounds in your mind; you should keep with the breathing. If your thoughts are running haywire, attempt to think about your own existence, the actual universe, and just how insignificant things are.


Be tranquil, calm, as well as non-judgmental. When your thoughts are calm, you’ll find peace inside your heart. This particular state is going to be similar to the condition when you go to sleep. But you will not be sleeping- you’ll be inside a subconscious condition.


Nature is a healer by itself. It provides remedy for all conditions. All you need to perform is to assist nature assist you to. Meditate frequently and you’ll have the difference in certain days. However keep in mind that it requires some time for that effects to begin showing. Reflect regularly not less than two months before you decide to expect to see a few noticeable distinctions.



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Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify PsychicsForetell.

What Is Reiki?

June 12, 2013, 1:10 AM


By: Awareness Institute



The other day I was pondering the most ‘healing’ people I had ever met and I was wondering what it was that made being in their presence such a balm. There was Sister Mary Malone, the charge nurse on a children’s ward, another nurse – a gorgeous Creole woman who called everyone ‘honey chile’, the Dalai lama and a few others. What they all have in common is that being with them you feel totally safe – no matter what, that everything’s ok. They generate a feeling of spaciousness, warmth and nurturing – that I could be anyone or thing and their love and compassion would never waiver for an instant; that they can see all of me and it is just fine. Where everything, no matter how frightening can just Be and people can trust themselves and their feelings more. They reflect back, not just the parts of my being that I reveal, or my pain and my stories, but All of me. In such spaciousness much is possible; there is a lot of freedom to move. We don’t need to hold onto our beliefs so tightly or our fears and anxieties or insist we are right. All too often we just focus on the bits we don’t like of our being. They offer a gift of whole self. These people teach me the value of simply ‘being with’ someone. That nothing really needs to be done except seeing the person for who they really are and acknowledge our common humanity. magine the relief and freedom at being with someone who’s not judging us in any way, not making assumptions, not wanting anything.



These people inspire me because they are so ‘real’. They seem to see the Truth of reality not just our facades and ojections. Their heart seems constantly open and not ‘pulling back’ or dodging issues. It’s the withdrawing or not seeing of all that people are, of limiting them with our perception that reinforces pain. Our attitude and presence is often more important than the modality we practise.



I was 20 when I met Sr Mary back in the mid 80’s. She inspired me and triggered off years of question asking: how can one stay in an open hearted space without being overwhelmed by the suffering and pain of others? What is ‘helping’ and is what I’m doing actually ‘helping’? In 1991 I found my way to a Reiki workshop and felt that I had touched a way that could help me find some answers to those questions.


Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. The word Reiki in Japanese simply means Universal or all pervading nature or ‘God’ force (Rei). ‘Ki’ represents the chi, prana or personal energy/vitality of the body.



In simple terms it means the merging of spirit with matter, the manifestation of spirit in physical form. Reiki as a practice and philosophy was created by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan. Combining different teachings and spiritual practices, Usui wanted people to be able to connect more with our true nature – that luminous being, the clear light nature of mind; to be able to acknowledge our Unity with all and deepen our connection with life. He wished for all beings to be happy and that people could be motivated by compassion to help reduce suffering for self and others. Mikao Usui wanted his teachings to be available for everyone and easily accessible, not limited to one particular spiritual tradition.



Although there is a Buddhist basis to much of the Reiki philosophy, Mikao Usui drew upon his martial arts background (he was born into the Samurai class), as well as upon Shintoism, Buddhism and Shugendo, which is an amalgamation of ascetic aspects of Buddhism, shamanism and Shintoism. (refer to Frans and Bronwen Steine’s book ‘The Japanese Art of Reiki’ for more details) The aim of Reiki practice is to break down our old patterns of being and perceiving, to clear our obscurations to recognising the true nature of our being and that of the world around us. It is also an invitation for us to understand that healing need not be an externalised process we receive from a practitioner but that one that lies within all of us. The only ‘prerequisites’ for practising Reiki are a body, an intent and choosing to practice being within a heart space.



Reiki is a way of connecting with the wisdom of the body. Reiki energy doesn’t ‘cure’, in and of itself but supports the body’s inherent vitality and healing capability. The energy always flows to the cause. Often people will say ‘oh I can feel the energy in my knee’, when my hands are on their head or elsewhere. As practitioners we need to leave our expectations and assumptions at the door. It is not up to us to decide what needs to be ‘done’ for or to a body. We don’t need to direct the energy flow. I leave that up to the person’s being, and focus on being as present as possible and centered in a heart space. As we ‘be with’ a person and acknowledge them as whole, just as they are, much can shift. The most profound gift we can offer anyone is to be fully present with them, to see them as greater than their issues and diagnoses. In this way we are not reinforcing a person’s perceptions and projections. Such neutrality allows an opportunity to shift many things. It is only our perception that creates limitations.



The role of intention, motivation and focus is very important. They are the guiding force of how we connect with another being, how we perceive them, the rapport we develop and enables us to ‘listen’ to their being, wholeheartedly. Every thought we have is generating pattern that is emitted into the world. Everything we do, every breath and thought has impact – and collective impact. We are accountable for what we’re choosing to communicate to another being. I like to think of practising Reiki not as ‘doing’ another modality but as a space of Being. As such, it enables us to develop further awareness of unconditional love and compassion. You don’t ‘do’ love, you are love. Unconditional love has no object. Such a space creates a profound invitation for us to recognise more of who we really are, the Truth of our Being and this allows the potential for much movement and change.



Energy is continually flowing through us, through our subtle anatomy, our meridians, through every atom of our being. Matter is composed of light and sound. All we are is energy, in constant vibration. With Reiki we are starting to work with frequency a little more consciously. Reiki is ‘taught’ by a series of attunements. These attunements don’t give us anything new or different but support an increased awareness of ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings. They provide an invitation for the heart chakra to open more, allowing the heart to be a balancing point of the body. This encourages our development of compassion and love and our ability to acknowledge the Oneness of being. The attunement process is not a magical ‘gift’ or makes a teacher ‘special’ in any way. All it is, is a reminder of who we really are.



As we start to shift our focus from the ways we separate ourselves from other people and experiences, then automatically there is a greater flow of energy through our being. We are already connected, already at One with all, the only thing that alters is our awareness of it. This is the gift of the Reiki attunement. I think of it like a tool or a vehicle to enable us to get from A to B, to go from dualistic awareness and the way we clutch onto some things and reject others, to a space of recognising that there is nothing that we are not, that all exists in Unity. Meditation techniques and other spiritual practices are also just as effective.


I think the reason why Reiki is so incredibly popular is because of the ease at which we can start to experience these insights.



As we still ourselves and bring our focus to connecting with the heart, energy flows through the practitioners’ body, ‘topping them up’ then radiating through the auric field, through the hands and other chakras. Reiki practitioners usually say that they feel less tired when working and more energised at the end of the day. This is because energy is continually flowing through us. We are not using our own ‘reserves’. Reiki can be of assistance in many ways for clients, animals, or plants. People commonly say that they’ve never felt so relaxed (many fall asleep) or it’s the first time they’ve been without pain (or in less pain) in ages. Reiki can be useful for some people in supporting pain relief.



Working with Reiki is a spiritual practice, not just something I ‘do’ when clients come in. It is something I can practice throughout my day, a state of mindfulness. It is so easy to sit on my hill and meditate and feel virtuous, it’s another to get off my cushion and act within this state; when stressed, with clients, when cleaning my teeth, driving. When we are centered in the heart and choosing to Act from within this space it impacts on our whole environment and all within it. I like to do ‘community service’ work by walking down the street or in Coles in this space. My intention is that it be an offering to be of benefit in any way, for anyone. Practicing Reiki supports the development of us learning to be kinder, more loving, generous and hopefully wise. To understand that we are not all separate but exist in Unity. As my own heart gradually chinks open a little further then I recognise the levels to which all beings experience pain and suffering in their lives. All that any of us really wants is to be happy. Reiki promotes alleviation of suffering not by addressing a ‘problem’ or by a ‘fix it’ approach, but by inviting us to recognise the True nature of reality, that we are all, always whole and don’t actually need to be ‘healed’. As we can acknowledge more that we really are then our perception can start shifting and our reactions and judgements. This has a flow on effect through our physical body.



Working in this Reiki ‘space’ of openheartedness enables me to practice being more present with other people in a genuine and more neutral way. Often we ‘pull back’ from the pain of others, out of our own vulnerability and fear of overwhelm. For me Reiki is about developing a fearless heart; a heart that doesn’t close down in any circumstances, so that I can be with anyone without withdrawing or going into judgements and reactions. Reiki teaches me how much support is available moment to moment. It’s never just ‘me’ but me plus all that is available. As I connect with this space it provides an invitation for others to tap into it as well. It’s a process of self empowerment. As you radiate joy and love it enables others to connect with their own joy, clarity, and love. For me, Reiki is Coming Home.



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