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Our Missing DNA

October 9, 2016, 5:48 PM


By: Alex



I had a very interesting conversation with Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, the other day. I have known for a while that I had a past life as an E.T., and that we were brought here from other planets. I also know that the ET’s are monitoring our race and have periodically given us “software updates” in various ways and that these “updates” have been the catalyst for some of our greatest achievements.


I believe that we as a race are genetically flawed and that these flaws were a large part of the cause for the violence we are currently experiencing. I suspect that those genetic flaws in our DNA were due to not having enough alien DNA in our makeup. I asked Kat how did that situation come about and how can that be corrected. Her answer will probably shock you.


First of all, resolving the problems we humans are currently experiencing on the planet (things like war, mainly) are foremost in our creator’s minds. The solution is fairly simple but will take a bit of background explanation in order to make sense.


The race of ET’s that created us is still monitoring us. They periodically return to our planet to check up on us and see how we’re doing. It should be no surprise that they’re largely disappointed.


Since the time of Jesus’ Crucifixion, the creator race has been less willing to come down here and risk showing themselves. We humans have become more violent and it’s too dangerous for them to be here. And for various reasons, they have been away. They’ve had other situations to deal with.


In the interim since the last “update” from the ET’s, humans have been busy doing what humans do best: Breeding. And the result, after a few thousand years is what Kat called “inbreeding.” However she meant that term in a somewhat different way than we humans normally use it.


Our genetic makeup is basically flawed because we have been breeding solely within our race, the human race. The result is that we as a race are “inbred.” What is needed is for the ET’s to come down here and breed with our race again, like they have done before.


Now that might sound outrageous to some people, but it’s been done before, and the plain and simple truth is that we desperately need what they have, meaning their knowledge and understanding, mainly since it is so much greater than ours.


I know that probably sounds presumptuous and like something out of a sci-fi movie, but if you look at our situation from a certain perspective, it is actually quite logical.


I asked Kat how long it would take to restore balance and bring us closer to our maker’s goals for our race. I was thinking in terms of a certain number of years, but Kat said that after about three generations of the ET’s breeding with our race again, we would be closer to the ideals that our makers had set for us. Three generations is about 75 years, so in the grand scheme of things that’s not really that long. The good news here is that there is still hope for salvaging our race.


However, that’s still not enough. We still have a lot to learn, and there are many things the ET’s still need to teach us. This additional knowledge would fill in the gaps and bring us closer to the goal of eliminating war and strife on the planet, and turn us into a much better species. For example, while we consider ourselves “advanced” (relative to the other animals), if we were to compare our technology to that of the ET’s, there would simply be no contest. Virtually all of our solutions to our problems are flawed, mainly because we don’t understand enough about things to do better.


Now all this is not meant to simply dump the blame on the ET’s for abandoning us and allowing our race to get so far out of whack. While we are to a great extent, their experiment that got out of control, we still each have the responsibility to act ethically and from a sound moral foundation.


But it is still very useful to be able to understand that our problems as a race are not entirely of our own making, and to be able to understand the whole situation from a larger perspective. The ET’s haven’t given up on us yet, so there is still hope that our situation can improve enormously. How amazing it would be to be a part of all that!




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Future Trends

September 28, 2015, 9:18 AM


By: Alex



At the moment we are in Mercury Retrograde. This started on September 17 and will last until October 9. When Mercury goes retrograde, its apparent forward motion (relative to the Earth) seems to stop. When this happens, astrologically, it usually causes problems with electronics and communication, among other things. There have already been some moderately severe space weather events that have interfered with high frequency radio communications, such as the high A-Indexes we have had recently (45 and above).


I have also noticed that at drive-up windows at fast food restaurants that my order gets taken wrong, and I was even shortchanged once. It’s a good idea to pay attention to details at this time, especially when dealing with other people. There can be mechanical problems also. I got the oil changed in the car about a day before Mercury went retro, and there was a problem with it. I had to take the car back the next day and get them to fix their mistake.


This Mercury Retrograde has barely even started and both Cat and I are feeling it very strongly. Everything seems slow. I keep wondering how much more difficult it is for people who are more impatient than I am. In addition, I usually find it difficult to think well during these periods. (It’s been a bit of a struggle to write this blog.) It’s easy to forget things, and things that one would normally say just don’t get said. I have to make an effort at these times to express myself clearly and unambiguously.


When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that anything you start during this time may have to be rechecked or redone. It’s not a good time for signing legal documents or contracts unless those things have been in process for a while.


In the last month I’ve been getting some impressions about the future. Actually these have been coming to me for over 20 years. I kept hearing the theme song from “Terminator 2.” It has always made me quite emotional, and I used to think that it was because I had gone to a Nazi death camp (Dachau) in a previous life. But recently I have realized, with Kat’s help (she’s a psychic with Fortell), that these songs are about the future. I have written previously of my belief that there will be an Ice Age in the future. However, I have realized lately that this will be preceded by some kind of large explosion that will wipe out a lot of mankind. I don’t know if it’s a nuclear explosion but it could be. It’s more likely some kind of sunrelated event, like a huge coronal mass ejection. I have read that they can push the magnetic field down towards the earth if they are strong enough. I kept seeing a huge fireball in the sky, but am not sure of its origin. It might even be from an asteroid that grazes the Earth’s atmosphere, like the Tunguska Event of June 30th, 1908 in Siberia, which flattened 770 square miles of forest.


In revisiting the dream I had in 1993 about the coming Ice Age, I realized there was an aspect of it that I had glossed over. In the dream it was so hot that there was no ocean left. So now I am wondering if there won’t be some kind of extreme heat event (like a drought) before the Ice Age hits. In fact I have often thought that the climate might do a flip-flop, and go from being really hot and dry to all of a sudden going into an Ice Age. I know this is probably difficult to understand, because there is so much talk about Global Warming. But I think this may have happened before and that perhaps the Mayans knew this was coming when they made their calendar end in 2012.


The climate, which we assume is stable, periodically changes. It came to me some years ago that the climate is a series of quasi-static equilibrium states. They appear to be stable depending on what time scale you use to examine them. But they can, and do, change, and we don’t know why. The good news is that it seems that the Ice Age won’t get here for another 15 or 20 years or so. That’s the impression I have lately, and Kat agrees. So we may have a long time to go before everything changes. I can only hope that a lot of good comes out of this. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s what I have to believe. Whatever happens, it will be a pivotal event for our race – of that I am sure.

Dark Moon

June 1, 2015, 6:59 AM


By: J Nighteagle




Does the brighter light provide more energy to our intentions and desires? Does illumination equal energy? Perhaps not. Illumination allows for clarity of our desires, but the energy to make desires reality is the energy of the dark moon. Darkness conjures up childhood fears. It is someone hiding in the bed room closet. Things that are hidden or invisible feel scary. The people of the past did not fear the dark. They understood the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. They knew the secrets of the dark moons power.


By choosing to work with the Moon just past the nadir of its dark phase, workers of intentions and all sorts of prayers can use the growing energy to assist themselves. Like a musical crescendo, as the light builds desires will be thrust into the universe for all the gods to hear. Dark is a perfect beginning. It is empty and full of potential. In life if something is to be created, a space must first exist for desires to enter. When there is no light, a tremendous amount of space remains that can be filled with desire and love. Light is seen more clearly in the darkness.


The light of the stars is brightest during the dark moon. With a light sky the stars are hardly visible. Aided by the energy of the dark moon and the power of all the stars intentions can be extremely successful. Beginning a new project or coming up with a way to solve a problem required motivation and energy from with in that can not be seen. In the same way when the moon is dark internal energy starts to build before the first silver of light can be seen. By tapping into the energies of the dark moon and see how its power can nourish your personal work and intentions.




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Naming the Moons

January 21, 2015, 4:17 AM


By: J Nighteagle




Long before Sun deities were worshiped, the Moon in all her forms and phases was deified. The Full Moon each month marks the culmination of an energy cycle. Human emotions, plant and animal life, weather and tides are directly affected by lunar rhythms. Old World Pagans and Early Native Americans gave each Full Moon a name. In both cultures art, legends and poetry identified important events in each passing cycle.


The Full Moon always takes place in the sign opposite the Suns sign, symbolizing polarity and balance. During the course of the common calendar year thirteen Full Moons arise. The mystique surrounding the number thirteen further hints at the special magic of Moon lore. I suggest that you meditate on these seasonal messages as you contemplate the beauty and wonder of the Full Moon throughout the year:


Ex; The Full Moon with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini occurs between November 22 and December 21.   Pagan Oak Moon = Amidst holiday revelry a Yule log is set aflame to celebrate warmth and light. Oak is preferred because it burns long and was originally sacred to Jove. The oak is also honored for its noble form and endurance in the face of icy blasts.


Native American Moon of the Blizzards = Good judgment, discretion, knowledge of ones self and circumstances are especially important. It’s a competitive time with survival as a  goal.


Ex :The Full Moon with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer occurs between December 22 and January 19.         Pagan Wolf Moon = The fierce, hungry wolf wanders and forages now. The hunt goes on during the bleakest nights.


Native American Moon of Cleansing; Renewal, nature rests, guarding what has been gained. During winters sleep, vital energy is replenished and cherished.


Messages From the Universe

September 25, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Alex



In the last few months I have noticed something I’ve never noticed before. There have been times when it seemed as if the Universe was trying to tell me something.


The first time it happened, I had just gotten off work and was at a gas station filling up the car. The guy next to me had trouble starting his car and asked me for a boost. While this was happening I noticed something  strange but at the time I really felt like nobody was listening to me.


When I asked one of Foretell’s psychics about it I said “Is the Universe trying to tell me that there are some people who are actually listening to me?” I phrased this question this way because it seemed the most logical, plausible answer that I could think of. The psychic said yes. After that I had to let go of the idea that nobody was listening to me because obviously that was not the case.


It seemed pretty clear to me, by whatever mechanism you want to ascribe to it, that the Universe does at times send us messages. I personally think this guy was sent to me to tell me, through his actions, what I needed to hear: there are people listening to you. It was up to me to figure out what was actually happening. I was fortunate to have access to a psychic who could verify it.


Another similar incident happened tonight, but in a different way. I work as a security guard at a remote location. Last week we had a lot of rain. So much in fact that last week I was not able to get to the site for two days because the access road was flooded. One night I stood at the top of a hill nearby and saw a lake where a road should be. It was disconcerting to say the least.


Tonight it started raining a few hours into my shift. Normally, rain does not concern me much. For some reason tonight the rain scared me so much that I left the site three times to check on the access road and make sure that I could get through when it was time to go home.


Eventually I realized that I was going to be able to go home when the time came and that I could stop worrying about it.


Later on, it occurred to me that the rain might be sending us a message. When I asked one of Foretell’s psychics about it she said “Prepare for the worst.” I already have a few ideas about what that could mean, so it’s not really like it’s anything new. But it was the urgency behind it that got me. I just thought we would have more time.


However you interpret it, the Universe is telling us things. It’s up to us to listen.



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The Soul of a Planet

March 18, 2013, 12:00 AM


By: Alex


I was wondering about something this morning and decided to ask one of Foretell’s psychics
about it. I have to warn you though, that the things I tend to wonder about are not the kinds of things most other people wonder about. That often gets me into some strange territory. I talked to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, with these questions in mind.


It occurred to me that if I have a soul, is it possible that a planet also would have one? Years ago
I had heard of something called the “Gaia” theory, which basically says that the Earth is alive. And if the Earth is alive, what about the other planets?


Kat said that yes, planets do have an “essence” that is alive. I asked her about Mars because that
is a planet that a lot of people are interested in and which appears to be dead. She said Mars was


Mars had life on it millions, maybe billions of years ago. I know this because I had a past life
there during that time. I had always assumed that when Mars lost its atmosphere that the planet
basically died. However, if it’s just resting, then maybe at some future point it could have life on it again. How interesting.


Kat said all the other planets also each had an “essence”. That made me wonder whether the
planets all have different personalities… But that’s getting into another subject. I asked her whether everything in the universe had a “spirit” – by that I meant inanimate objects. She said yes. I didn’t go any further since I was tired and I thought that was quite enough to think about for a while.


When you ask an open question with an open mind, what comes up as an answer frequently
challenges your previously held ideas about things. This can be quite a shock. A good psychic can help you work through your own denial and difficulties in accepting the truth.


This might sound strange, but ignorance ultimately can be quite exciting. It means that we still
have a lot to learn about the things that we take for granted. We don’t have to go spend millions of dollars trying to explore outer space, or the bottom of the ocean to find mysteries to explore because they are literally inside us and all around us.


Just think of the things that you have always wondered about, or something that bothers you.
“What about THIS?” And off you’ll go to make your own discoveries.


In my case there are several large questions that people typically ask that I think I am beginning
to understand the answers to. I say “beginning” because while the answers I have gotten seem rather complete, eventually you want to know more – and there always seems to be “more” to know.


Understanding, like everything else in life, is a process. We have to first of all realize our own
ignorance. Then we have to ask the right questions to move beyond our ignorance. “Well if that’s not true, then what is the truth?” And we have to be willing to wait for the answers. That opens the door to new revelations. These things form the foundation of other things that come later.


True knowledge is a process that begins with acknowledging one’s own shortcomings and
limitations. As that happens, the door opens to learning and understanding more of “how things really are”. I can tell you from experience that this is a pretty awe inspiring process and one that Foretell’s psychics have helped me with immeasurably.

Mercury Retrograde

March 3, 2013, 9:57 AM


By: Ann



Mercury Retrograde. What is it and what is it about? A lot of people don’t even know the meaning, let alone its existence. What is so significant about this phenomenon that has people acting strangely or occurrences happening without any rhyme or reason to it?



Since the first Retrograde of the year falls into the Water signs, they rule the hidden elements within your life, the feelings, the intuitive connection with the Divine and your life purpose.



Mercury retrogrades have a cycle in which the Retrogrades have an exactness of covering the same signs, the same degrees and approximately on the same calendar days. This exactness is seldom thought about Mercury Retrograde, with the seemingly chaotic and confusing situations we experience during the Retrogrades. The exact Mercury retrogrades we will experience in 2013 were the exact same signs, same degrees and approximately the same calendar days of 1934. This cycle is seldom talked about in the astrology world, but is the cause of major course corrections for humanity. We can look back at history of 1934 to see the impact of Mercury retrogrades covering the same time frames, the same signs and the same degrees. We are coming to an important time as was experienced in 1934. Few people are old enough to recount the transition of that time, but it becomes history repeating itself to give us a chance to grow as humanity, as a society and to make a difference. The Planet of Mars also follows this same cycle and the sequence of Mars combining with Mercury’s influence of ideas and attitudes and Mars brings these ideas and attitudes into action. The phrase “thoughts become things” certainly brings home the combined energy of these two planetary connections.



Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Aries:



Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

If you’re considering some sort of financial move, you may want to hold off until you clear up communication problems surrounding the agreements that are involved. When Mercury travels retrograde through Aries and your 2nd House of Finances, it’s a tough time to know if you’ve covered all your bases — especially when you tend to see what you want to see rather than what’s really there. If you’re trying to make something go forward and it keeps getting stopped in its tracks, your very best instincts will tell you to wait. Listen to them. Mercury will come back to tickle your imagination during the first part of April. Keep yourself busy visualizing projects, and then arrange your finances when you’re clearer about what you really need, as well as what you can afford.



Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You might believe you’re ready to take on the world, but when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on March 12, you’ll have to be content taking a few steps forward and several back. After March 23, when Mercury backtracks into Pisces and your 12th House of Subconscious, go into the deepest state of self-reflection you know how to induce, and consider what your true motivations are. It’s easy to go through life being driven by your knee-jerk reactions, but there’s so much for you to reap when you move with more care and deliberation. This could be the opportunity you need to institute the practice of quiet meditation and keep it in your life for good. When one moves as fast as you do, it’s good to stop every now and then to make sure you’re flying like a rocket in the right direction.



As a newcomer into this realm of understanding human behavior through astrology, visions, dream interpretations, and past lives, I am beginning to have a new outlook on human behavior and what makes people ‘tick’. From a personal perspective, I have gotten to see and understand this phenomenon first hand within the last few weeks. Not knowing what was going on, a person that I have been somewhat talking with and seeing, suddenly, out of the blue, tells me that I have ‘too much drama in my life’ and he wanted no part of it. I can honestly say it was a complete and total shock. No indications had been forthcoming so this was a HUGE surprise since I hadn’t heard from him in almost three months. After he had his ‘emotional outburst’, a week later, he’s not only fine, but calling and wanting to talk to me like we are old friends. He sounds normal, but talk about an emotional roller coaster ride. As the parent of a female Aries, I have seen the opposite. She is more focused and calmer than ever before, and we have had more conversations that had not led into disagreements based on misunderstanding the other person somewhere in the conversation.



As we start on the downside ‘peak’ of this first Retrograde of the year, it is amazing to see how things tie in together and how people are not only affected, but how they respond to different types of undercurrents or circumstances through these natural phases throughout the year. It will be interesting to see how the year progresses with the remaining two Retrogrades and how people react and learn from them.



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The effects of Mercury Retrograde.

March 21, 2012, 12:00 AM


By: Lulu Gleason

What exactly is Mercury retrograde? What does it mean when someone comments that we are in one when something goes wrong? How does this affect things around me? Apparently, Mercury retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards like an optical illusion.

To most astrologers, Mercury is the planet most associated with communication, logical and rational thinking. So the idea is when Mercury is going forward so is most conversations, when in retrograde (backwards) communication tends to be a bit distorted. Generally we have about 3 retrograde periods through out the year. In 2012, the first one started on March 12, 2012 and will last until April 4th.

To an astrologer Mercury will be retrograding in Pisces. My sources indicate that this means during this retrograde we will see a lot more of Pisces style of confrontation in order to deal with past issues. What does this mean exactly? Well it means plenty of duplicity, speaking one’s mind before thinking, and an opportunity to learn how to be open and honest while also being diplomatic.

Just be careful you don’t put your foot into your mouth during this particular retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are as one astrologer put it the Murphy’s Law of the astrology world. The reasons why you see some people yell in discussions ‘its Mercury retrograde isn’t it?’ is because while in retrograde things such as communication, travel, and other issues go wrong.

This is a period where computers, phone lines, and anything that generally involves communication, or even traveling goes a bit crazy. It’s been suggested that prior to Mercury going retrograde to back up your computer files, start new projects, and make any type of important decisions that are necessary.

Now there are cases or people rather who have been born during a Mercury retrograde. If you were born during a retrograde period you have a tendency of being misunderstood. Many times people who were born during a non retrograde period find the ones that are born at the time of a retrograde a bit backwards.

Yet when a retrograde happens in Mercury the same ‘backwards’ thinkers seem able to handle everything perfectly fine. In fact, most times they seem to be a bit more understandable and more capable of getting ideas across.

People born during non retrograde periods tend to be more willing to hear what it is that the retrograde born people are talking about. I would suggest getting an astrology reading to find a more in depth understanding of your personality and how this Mercury retrograde could affect you.

I still had questions so I took my research to two psychic astrologers on I needed more insight from a professional astrologer to help me sort through all the information I had been gathering. I most of all wanted to find out how Mercury retrograde will affect everyone and if there were any tricks or suggestions in order to handle the effects.

Margie 7020 said that retrogrades in Mercury are the ‘astro clean up periods’. Giving a chance to finish up or handle old business, personal affairs, or anything else we’ve seemed to have started and then put aside. She said during a retrograde it is strongly advised to not move forward or make any type of finalizing decisions. Nevertheless, this time should be used to better organize existing areas of your life.

This is a time to clean up past issues so that when Mercury goes back to normal (in a forward motion) you can move forward successfully. Mercury retrograde isn’t something you should hide away from, but use to your advantage. Take the time to re-think, re-organize, and improve on existing qualities.

She also mentioned when things go wrong during a retrograde it’s the universe saying ‘hey pay attention to this because you’ve been putting it off lately and this is important’.

Shawna 7035 says that this is not a time to get married, or sign any important legal documents if possible. She mentions that during Mercury retrograde most people tend to miss fine details that are really important to the issues at hand.

Many issues that have been pushed off to the side will be shoved into the light during this retrograde sometimes in a very blunt not so nice way. Aries is a sign that is very straightforward and brutally honest at times. As Shawna said, Aries is looking for the spot light to call out many things that has or had been bothering it.

We should see a lot more people around the world bringing issues forward while in the retrograde. She also mentioned just as a side note that most people who are born during a retrograde have some past life issues that need to be taken care of in this life. I’m not sure exactly what she meant by that. To gain more insight I would suggest trying to get into contact with either her or another fully capable astrologer.

Insight into the retrograde has been an interesting and enlightening experience. I’ve already taken necessary steps in order to prepare myself for Mercury going retrograde. Hopefully the effect of this retrograde isn’t harsh on any of us. Moreover, remember use the many retrogrades to your advantage to help improve on existing situations by growing and maintaining organization within your own lives.

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The Vernal Equinox.

March 18, 2012, 12:00 AM


By: Elly

This year, spring starts on March 20, 2012, at 1:14 A.M. (EST) in the Northern Hemisphere. In Latin equinox means “equal night.” This refers to the fact that we have an almost even 12 hours of day and night during the Equinox.

This year the 20th falls on a Tuesday, take advantage of the extra light and take a walk in a park after work, or play outside with the kids, if you have them. The Earth’s axis won’t point toward or away from the sun on this day, which is why we get the nearly equal day and night.

In the southern hemisphere, they will be celebrating their autumnal equinox while we welcome in springs warmer weather and outdoor activities. This day also heralds the coming of spring holidays such as Passover and Easter.

The Equinox can also be a good time to figure out just where due east and west are. When the sun sets on the day of the equinox keep an eye on the horizon and note any landmarks there, this is due west. If you turn 180 degrees from this spot, that will be due east.

After the sunset, why not stick around and enjoy the crisp spring air, and do some stargazing with your loved ones?

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Double Dark Moon.

July 3, 2011, 9:27 AM


By: Lulu Gleason

Double Dark Moons are pretty uncommon which happens when two New Moons are in one month. Like the month of July 2011 we will have a new moon on the first and then another on the 30th. The next double new moon phase will not happen until January 2014. New Moons signify a time of darkness that last roughly 1-3 days before the new crescent of the moon.

This should not be confused with a Blue Moon. The blue moon is when you have two full moons in one month. The Dark moon is just a new moon, according to scientists. It’s when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and seems to disappear. This phenomena lasts anywhere from 1-3 days depending and usually isn’t that significant.

From many psychic viewpoints, a dark moon is in many ways is the most powerful time psychically on a personal level. It’s a time when we as individuals can plunder our deepest self, feel the longing in our souls and it gives us the chance to hear what messages our psychic energy is telling us. A Dark Moon has been linked to the analogy of ‘a dormant seed under the winter snow’.

This moon phase makes us feel tired or in need of solitude which is great for making space within ourselves as well as exploring your spirit. With the Dark moon we should be preparing for a ‘new beginning’ with the start of the crescent. Many psychics, astrologers, and Neo-pagan practitioners say that dark Moons are the part of the cycle where nature reminds us that there is death and then a rebirth of new.

Some psychics say that during a dark Moon, we are able to open doors in to the past and we are more prepared to clean them up so that we can grow spiritually. The moon has been linked many times with emotions and with this Dark moon in July, the intuitive psychic self will get the chance to take over since emotions will be ‘covered’.

In many cultures the dark Moon was a time for women folk to gather and draw wisdom from there psychic energy. In one article, I came across there were women who would join for the dark moon. Through their monthly cycles, these women were able to connect on a psychic level so that energy could be obtained and maintained through rituals.

By synching their cycles (which has been noted when woman live in close quarters) they were able to share visions, receive divine messages, and open up their spirituality to a higher knowledge. Many goddesses were connected with dark Moons. The most famous one is Hecate and in some cases, Lilith and Kali as well.

Hecate is the goddess of dreams, night, cross roads, ghosts, magic and much more. She also protects the realm that is between the conscious self (the real world) and the world of spiritual realms. In many ways, Hecate is considered the Lady Pluto in some Wiccan or Neo-pagan societies.

An interesting fact: Scorpio is the ruler of death and rebirth and the ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto. Pluto is also associated with the underworld and the Greek God Hades. Lilith, also known as Adam’s first wife in Jewish Mythology was also celebrated during the dark moon. She has become a significant influence among wiccans and feminist along with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Although there are several sources stating the usage of Kali and Lilith is a ‘cultural appropriation’ of the actual goddesses. There are many different rituals for the dark Moon, some I found to be frightening, and then some I thought were very interesting ways to enlighten one’s spiritual side. Personally, you won’t see me practicing anything in the dark. I’ll leave that up the Neo-pagans.

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